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How To Clean A Silicone Pipe In 10 Simple Steps

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Skye Rhodes

Often it can be problematic when it comes to how to clean a silicone pipe.

Standard cleaning of your silicone pipes is a significant piece of thinking about your items.

Routine cleaning draws out the life of your silicone and keeps up with ideal execution.

So here you can take a look at making cleaning simple with our all regular, plant-based silicone cleaner.

The following is a bit by bit control on the most proficient method to utilize the cleaner best.

Table of Contents

How To Clean A Silicone Pipe In 10 Simple Steps

Silicone bongs are extremely popular these days and this article will teach you how to clean them in 10 simple steps.

It is because of their sturdiness, reasonableness, adaptability, and assortment of styles and lively tones.

How Would You Clean A Silicone Bong?

There are numerous approaches to answer how to clean a silicone bong!

Some are like how to clean a weed pipe, yet others are one of a kind to silicone.

Bong cleaning is fundamental to take advantage of your toking meetings.

The cycle for how to best clean a bong is generally straightforward.

Utilizing a dissolvable and rough material, even the most developed of grimes, can be eliminated.

There are numerous items out there showcased legitimately on the best way to clean a silicone pipe.

However, the best strategy keeps being a coarse grain salt joined with isopropyl liquor.

This technique won’t confer any undesirable flavors on your water line, which might be unsafe to breathe in.

The cleaner the Isopropyl liquor, the more viable it will separate pitches.

Cleaner Isopropyl liquor will abandon zero oil follows.

While most locally acquired iso liquor will finish out around 91%.

Keep your silicone attached glass clean for the best flavor and ideal execution.

To Keep In Mind

Research how to wipe gum out of a glass bowl if your silicone pipe accompanies a glass bowl.

It is because the strategies aren’t generally exchangeable.

Continuously ensure you flush your lines altogether in the wake of cleaning with liquor, vinegar, weed pipe cleaners.

You would not prefer to breathe in or ingest these synthetic compounds or have your hits tasting vinegar.

When you’re confident, you’ve entirely flushed everything, spread it out to dry, let the water dissipate away.

What Are Silicone Pipes?

This blog has been to a great extent zeroed in on glass lines and Silicone Pipes.

Therefore, you’re presumably pondering, shouldn’t something be said about silicone?

No panic, we’ll spread silicone pipes, which are an undeniably well-known choice for those searching for trustworthy pieces.

One of the focal points of silicone pipes is versatility.

Silicone lines and pipes are strong, making them great smoking gadgets for the clumsy.

Since silicone isn’t straightforward, it is considerably more impervious to resinous stores and unattractive tar.

This permits clients to go for longer timeframes between cleanings.

Even though you will most likely be unable to see gum and grime these gadgets require care and upkeep.

To protect the new kinds of your homegrown mixes or the flavor of your concentrates, you will need to keep them fresh and clean.

Silicone, similar to glass, will be powerless to form and microorganisms whenever left uncleaned.


For the simple upkeep of how to clean a silicone pipe, it’s essential to do some light cleaning after each use.

We would suggest discharging the water from your silicone water line or sidecar rig after each use.

This will keep stale tastes from upsetting the terpene kinds of your concentrates or homegrown mixes.

Making even this straightforward stride will forestall the development of lake rubbish, microscopic organisms.

Also a wide range of other stuff you would prefer not to breathe in into your lungs.

Another bit of support you ought to perform after each use is freeing from the trash from your bowl or quartz banger.

You can utilize a cotton fabric or wet towel to delicately scour away any residual plant material or resinous issue deserted.

These fundamental advances will keep your silicone water line or apparatus tasting and performing extraordinarily.

At the point when you have to perform further cleaning, you can follow the beneath method.

Keeping Your Silicone Pipe Clean

To reduce your cleaning sum, you can find a way to ensure that your silicone pipe remains clean.

A smidgen of avoidance will balance a portion of the tremendous measures of development.

This may broaden the measurement of time between cleans.

To keep up your water line’s shimmering finish in the middle of heavy cleans, you can do the accompanying:

  • Use refined water to fill your silicone pipe
  • Change water after each meeting
  • Only keep water in your silicone pipe when being used
  • Rinse your silicone pipe and down stem with heated water after each utilization

The process to Clean your Silicone Pipe

Cleaning a silicone water line or apparatus is practically indistinguishable from cleaning a glass silicone pipe.

The entirety of the essential parts is equivalent.

You will need a dissolvable joined with an exfoliant to clean away any clingy gums or deposits that may give negative flavors.

Eliminating any pieces that are not fixed to the silicone pipe is a significant advance to maintain a coincidental breakage.

Endless dishes and stems have been crushed through senseless incidents.

Such as endeavoring to spill water out of the silicone pipe while the branch is still inside.

This can be dodged by keeping these more modest pieces isolated.

Spot these things in isolated, sealable plastic sacks to clean them.

It would help if you cleaned these things independently from your silicone pipe.

We suggest utilizing separate bags for everything, as the little pieces could break or chip if they knock one another.

These things will follow a similar cleaning system as sketched out here, just in more modest packs for supervision.

Empty Water

The water channels the smoke in your silicone pipe, and it can add grime and sustain organisms and microorganisms.

Therefore, you should discharge your water after every meeting or precisely toward the day’s end.

By changing the water routinely, you would be astonished how much cleaner your water line will remain.

Also how much better the flavor will be every meeting.

Try not to sit tight for the silicone pipe water to get malodorous and change the tone!


A decent wash is an extraordinary method to begin cleaning your silicone pipe.

So, if the silicone pipe is just gently grimy, this might be all the cleaning it requires.

We suggest utilizing purified water for the last wash.

In any case, the faucet water is commonly sufficient for the underlying wash as the Isopropyl liquor will clean any substances.

Fill your silicone pipe with warm water.

You can use tenderly warmth purified water in a pot on the oven or utilize the sultriest water your tap gives.

At that point, cautiously foment your water line or glass pipe as much as possible.

It would help if you were cautious here because dangerous hands can lose a silicone pipe rapidly.

This should eliminate a portion of the gum and stores, and any buildup abandoned from filthy water.

Your silicone pipe is presently prepared for deep cleaning with Isopropyl liquor.

Shake It But Don’t Break It

Presently it’s an exfoliant something to do.

While being mindful so as not to drop your valuable glass, shake away the grime.

Contingent upon the measure of development in your silicone pipe, this could take some time.

Be patient, and don’t hesitate to offer your arms a reprieve on the off chance that they can’t deal with it.

On the off chance that after 10-15mins of incredible shaking, there is still grime.

Therefore, we suggest letting the Iso splash for a couple of hours to expedite.

Last Rinse

At this point, your water line or glass line ought to be as perfect as the day you got it.

Is it accurate to say that you aren’t pleased?

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to wash away your cleaning arrangement and set up your silicone pipe for use.

We would prescribe eliminating whatever obstacle you used to shield the come from spilling.

Void your mix of rock salt and isopropyl liquor into the sink.

This is the place purified water will genuinely prove to be useful.

Its overall absence of foreign substances will shield your glass from getting overcast.

Faucet water may be utilized.

However, you should hit your silicone pipe with a cotton wipe or dab rag to give it a clean once dried.

Step 1: Dishwasher

We’ve seen stoner after stoner asking, “is silicone dishwasher safe?”

Not just is silicone totally dishwasher safe, yet your silicone bong is likewise dishwasher safe.

Truth is stranger than fiction; you can place the entire bong in the dishwasher!

Without a doubt, the least complicated approach to clean your bong is dismantling it and putting all the pieces in the dishwasher.

Allow that hot water and cleanser to do something unique and clean whatever silicone bongs you have at home.

You go with this strategy, you may find that you need a bong brush silicone pipe cleaner or another sort of pot pipe cleaner.

To help sort out some way to get tar out of a bong or how to unclog a bong.

This is an extraordinary technique to use for how to clean a bong without liquor, not that that is an awful choice!

Indeed, it’s next on our rundown.

Plant material can be one of the more challenging components to clean from your silicone pipe.

Debris and other natural material can get into the segments of your silicone pipe.

So, it may be shrouded in layers of tar, which will solidify its setup.

The utilization of an exfoliant applies a sandpaper-like grinding to eliminate these set-in particles.

A dish cleanser can be utilized to clean a silicone pipe when there’s no other option.

Anyway, it will take longer than different strategies.


  • Dismantle your water line and void the water.
  • At that point, apply a liberal measure of dish cleanser to your water line, and add sizzling water.
  • Permit to douse for 24 hours; you may then utilize a mix of rock salt, dish cleanser, and boiling water.

Step 2: Alcohol

Liquor is one of the most well-known strategies individuals use to clean a weed line of any sort.

Alcohol is a generally successful strategy for cleaning silicone bongs and glass bongs.

The liquor strategy is straightforward and successful.

You should dismantle your bong and lower each piece in a compartment of liquor.

You can utilize either cold or warm isopropyl liquor of 70% fixation or higher.

However, the warmth will accelerate the cycle.

Leave the bong lowered in the alcohol for at any rate a couple of hours, if not overnight.

Whenever it’s finished drenching, wash all the bits of your bong with water to guarantee you get every single smidgen of liquor out of your piece.

Enthusiasts utilize isopropyl liquor for its static nature.

This is dissolvable amazing at eliminating gum and gunk from your silicone Pipe.

But also, it has properties that make it an ideal pair for glass.

It ingests any abundance of dampness, reducing the opportunity that your water line may create destructive microorganisms or shapes.

It additionally vanishes rapidly, so there won’t wait for cleaning materials on your silicone pipe.

Step 3: Rock Salt

The purpose behind this has to do with the sub-atomic nature of salt itself.

Sodium chloride, the salt compound, disintegrates in water promptly.

This dissolvability is incredibly evident when utilizing more modest grain salts.

They will break up totally, eliminating the exfoliant from the condition.

Course salts and rock salts can battle this.

Essentially of their relative size, they are much slower to disintegrate.

This considers more expulsion of grime from your silicone pipe before the salt is broken up.

To help eliminate grime and clean your glass, an exfoliant ought to be an aspect of your Silicone Pipe cleaning routine.

The rough idea will likewise give you the actual real effort to wipe out challenging to arrive at regions.

For example, the joints where your glass parts meet and things like percolators and debris catchers.

While there are quite a few exfoliants one could utilize, coarse stone salt is favored for its effective expulsion of sticky substances.

The more uncivilized the salt, the better.

This will eliminate even the most humid of buildups.

The Best Way To Clean A Silicone Pipe

  • Empty any residual water from your Silicone Pipe
  • Rinse to eliminate any bigger flotsam and jetsam or buildup from old water
  • Add Isopropyl liquor
  • Add Salt
  • Cover the stem and container of your Silicone Pipe
  • Shake energetically (yet cautiously)
  • Rinse with water

Step 4: Freezing

The significant advantage of utilizing a silicone bong versus glass is that the freezing technique.

It is undeniably more compelling and simpler to achieve in light of the silicone’s adaptability.

Here are some instructions on how to clean silicone pipes with the freezing method.

Essentially toss your silicone pipe in the cooler for a couple of hours, letting all the gunk get great and solidified on the sides.

Since silicone bongs are adaptable, you can twist and control them to constrain the gunk out when you take your bong out.

This strategy’s main disadvantage is that it is anything but an exceptionally successful approach to sort out a way to get the smell out of silicone.

It’s a compelling approach to clear out all the pitch.

Sometimes you will experience difficulty getting everything out of your line.

It can be especially troublesome if it’s been crusted on for some time, especially in the silicone downstream.

So, we suggest putting resources into a more pleasant, locally acquired pot pipe cleaner, as 420 bong cleaner or orange chronic bong cleaner.

Step 5: Mouthwash

Mouthwash isn’t intended to clean your Silicone Pipe.

Any individual who’s ever utilized mouthwash without brushing can validate, it isn’t sufficiently able to separate plaque.

Even not to mention the sticky saps found in silicone pipes.

In case you’re attempting to conceal the smell, it won’t adequately do this either.

Attempting to conceal the smell of a filthy silicone pipe with the mint of mouthwash will aggravate the issue.

The ideal approach to dispose of silicone pipe smell is utilizing iso liquor and rock salt to eliminate all materials.

Step 6: Bleach Cleaning

While the dye is extraordinary for clothing and cleaning, we would not utilize it for cleaning a silicone pipe.

The weakened strain can purify your silicone pipe.

Notwithstanding, when appropriately weakened, it’s anything but an answer that can separate substantial tars.

We would not suggest uncovering your hands or your water line to undiluted fade.

Step 7: Vodka

Vodka is suggested for cleaning your silicone pipe.

Vodka is a great substance for mixed drinks and the enhanced alcohol favored by sororities over the US.

However, it is another substitute for isopropyl liquor.

Vodka is a subordinate of ethanol liquor, which isn’t as appropriate for cleaning applications.

Step 8: Vinegar

Much the same as with glass pipes, you can undoubtedly clean the bong with vinegar.

To sort out some way to clean a bong with vinegar, you should do precisely the same thing as you did with liquor, supplant the alcohol with vinegar.

This technique is substantially more powerful on the off chance that you add some heating soft drink to the blend.

The coarse surface of the preparing soft drink assists with scouring the bong’s sides.

Freeing them from all the sap solidified up—tips for how to clean a weed bowl when it’s silicone.

There are some things you should think about cleaning your silicone bong bowl before you begin.

Utilizing bubbling vinegar or bubbling water can be a compelling strategy, too.

However, we discover the bubbling cycle to be not wholly fundamental.

Different techniques are similarly as viable without gambling consumes or sitting around idly, making that additional stride.

Vinegar is a great substance to advance everyday cleaning for family applications.

Even though it will require some investment and exertion than isopropyl liquor, it tends to be utilized.

We would prescribe warming the vinegar to a hotter temperature to help eliminate a portion of the sap and gunk.

On the off chance of utilizing vinegar to clean a silicone pipe, make sure to use refined white vinegar and pair it with a coarse exfoliant.

Additionally, the smell will be very impactful and may abandon scents on your silicone pipe.

To fix this, thoroughly wash your silicone pipe in the wake of cleaning with vinegar.

Step 9: Nail Remover

It is claimed that CH3)2CO is a variety of isopropyl liquor, and it will advance the oxidation of glass.

Most nail shines are not 100% CH3)2CO and may desert fragrances and flavors which are not prescribed to breathe in.

Utilizing unadulterated isopropyl liquor will guarantee that the synthetic compounds will dissipate rapidly.

Therefore, escaping just clean glass without waiting for synthetics.

Step 10: Peroxide

Peroxide is extraordinary for emergency treatment applications and some light cleaning/purifying.

In any case, it’s anything but a superb best option for cleaning silicone Pipes.

While its disinfectant properties can eliminate a portion of the shape and microorganisms, it isn’t close to as incredible as isopropyl liquor.

Joining an exfoliant with hydrogen peroxide will make it moderately more powerful.

Nonetheless, this actually may not be sufficient to eliminate set-in sap and plant material.

The arrangement will likewise turn out to be less and less potent as it is presented to oxygen.

Final Thoughts

We hope this gave you an overview of how to clean a silicone pipe.

Cleaning your silicone line and attempting to sort out some way to get the smell out of silicone can be an endeavor without a doubt.

However, it’s additional tedious than anything.

Keeping your smoking lines clean by experiencing this cycle consistently is fundamental to keeping them decent.

Each strategy we listed above is as powerful as the other, so try to use them all and see which turns out best for you and your silicone pipes.

On the off chance that you discover one strategy to be more compelling than the others or the provisions simpler to get, stay with that.

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