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10 Best Silicone Phone Cases & Their Reviews For 2021

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Why should you buy a silicone phone case?

Because it has all of the features you want in a phone case including durability and aesthetics, moreover they also offer protection against falls, thus when your phone falls, you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting ruined – a silicone phone case will cushion the effect of the fall.

Silicone is a polymer that is usually colorless consists of oils or rubber-like materials, and over the years, silicone has been used to make a variety of products including phone cases.

Silicone cases may protect phones from short-distance falls while the texture minimizes sliding because of their fragile layer of silicone.

Like every other type of phone case, silicone phone cases have their pros and cons, and these shall be discussed in this article.

These phone cases come in various designs, colors, and features, plus there’s a phone case for every and any kind of budget or phone.

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10 Best Silicone Phone Cases Reviewed

Here are 10 of the best silicone phone cases available in today’s market.

1. Anuck iPhone SE 2021 Non-Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Case

iPhone 8 Plus Case, iPhone 7 Plus Case, Anuck Soft Silicone Gel Rubber Bumper Case Microfiber Lining...
  • COMPATIBILITY - Shock proof phone case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch (2016 release) & iPhone 8 Plus 5.5 inch...
  • SLIM & PROTECTIVE: Fits snugly and provide a good amount of protection without adding bulk, super protective...
  • ANTI-SLIP TEXTURE: Made of high quality rubber silicone material, which prevents your phone slipping out of your...
  • SCREEN & BACK PROTECTION: Featuring sufficient raised edges to lift screen and camera off flat surface to protect...
  • FITTING - Fits perfectly with iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus with precise cutouts for all buttons and ports, unlike other...

Anuck is a brand that greatly values its customers, hence they focus on providing high-quality products that meet the needs of their customers.

Their products are also available at affordable rates, and this is why many clients prefer buying them, however, this non-liquid silicone gel rubber case was designed to be used for iPhone 7 and 8.

It has simple, stylish, and functional features that give your phone a great appearance.

You can tell how well a product performs by checking out the reviews from previous customers, and this product has lots of positive reviews from users who purchased it online.

It’s a shockproof, simple, and clean design that supports wireless charging, thus with this case, you can use any wireless charger to boost your battery when necessary.

The case fits perfectly well on many phones and its silicone layer helps to protect the phone against scratches, bumps, or falls, moreover, it also doesn’t make your phone feel heavier.

Its rubber silicone material is of high quality, thus, it’s soft to touch and guarantees a good grip that prevents it from sliding, and unlike other cases, this case prevents your phone from falling easily.

It’s raised sufficiently on the edges to protect both the front and back camera from scratches and cracks, moreover, the inner part of the case has a soft microfiber material that helps protect the back of your phone.

This case is designed to fit the specified phone with specific cutouts for all ports and buttons.

Unlike some cases that do not fit correctly with the phone’s size, this case is unique and it fits perfectly depending on the size of your phone.

Just like all products in the market have some special benefits and advantages, this product also offers its own special benefits.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a simple design
  • Compatible with many phones
  • Anti-slid texture
  • Fullscreen, camera, and back protection
  • It perfectly fits all phones

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2. Otofly iPhone Xs Liquid Silicone Gel Case

OTOFLY Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Full Body Protection Shockproof Case for iPhone Xs/iPhone...
  • 【Upgraded New Design for iPhone X / XS】-This newly released iPhone case is compatible with iPhone series of...
  • 【Superior Quality & Durable Liquid Silicone】- This simple and flexible iPhone X/XS case is made from superior...
  • 【Full Body Protection for Screen & Camera】- The soft liquid silicone iPhone X/XS case features 360° full body...
  • 【Ultra Slim Fit for A Better Soft Handle Feel】- The upgraded iPhone X/XS case offers better soft handle feeling...
  • 【100% Customers Satisfaction Guaranteed】— We're aiming to provide each customer with the highest standard of...

Otofly is one of the new internet brands dedicated to providing high-quality digital products to its customers, moreover, they consider customer satisfaction as their greatest encouragement to do better.

The best way to get customers’ attention is to offer them a product that meets their needs, customers go for these products, and this is why Otofly uses this strategy to retain and gain more customers.

Otofly is known to value its customer’s personal data and does not share with the third party, and this same policy is shared with its top-selling site.

This brand has received a great global rating and review on online shopping and social media platforms, and these particular case of theirs is designed specifically for iPhone X and XS.

It’s greatly compatible and fits the intended iPhone with specific cutouts for all ports and buttons, the soft liquid silicone layer offers protection for both the screen and camera.

It has raised edges and the inner microfiber cushion boosts its protective feature.

This upgraded iPhone case has an ultra-slim fit with a better soft handle which makes it exceptional, it has several other features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly compatible with many phones
  • Eco-friendly hence it can be called a green product
  • Offers maximum phone protection

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3. Ouxul Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Case

OuXul Case for iPhone X/iPhone Xs case Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Phone Case,iPhone X/iPhone Xs 5.8...
  • FULL BODY PROTECTION: OUXUL phone case for iPhone X / iPhone XS offers comprehensive protection for your precious...
  • COLORFUL LIQUID SILICONE CASE: This soft case for iPhone is made of high-quality silicone, featuring durability,...
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS: Our slim silicone gel case is perfectly compatible with iPhone X / iPhone XS and it fits snugly...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Any dust or dirt on the liquid silicone case can be wiped off easily with damp rags. Our cell phone...
  • OUXUL'S AFTER-SERVICE:Become our customer and enjoy free 365-day return and exchange.24-hour customer support...

Ouxul is the leading manufacturer of iPhone accessories, and its main goal is to deliver premium products and excellent services to its customers.

The main focus is on reliable accessories that offer full device protection every time.

Ouxul is marketed by its logo as a ‘miraculous’ phone case, it’s highly ranked for its simple, elegant, and stylish products.

Moreover, the Ouxul cases are usually available in many different colors, thus allowing the customer to make a choice that reflects their taste and personality.

This case is usually designed for iPhone X or iPhone XS.

When installing, place the upper part of your phone into the case and then press the lower part using your thumb, but when removing the case, remember to remove from the lower part using your thumb and not your fingernails.

It’s made of high-quality silicone material, thus it’s durable, tough, smooth, and smooth, plus this particular phone case is available in 20 different colors – definitely enough options to pick from.

It offers the phone full protection due to its raised edges that help protect the screen and camera, however, its inner microfiber cushion helps to protect the back.

This silicone gel case is compatible with iPhone X or iPhone XS since it supports wireless charging, and it also ensures responsive touch and access.

It’s easy to wipe off any dirt or dust on this silicone gel case even with a damp cloth, unlike many other phone cases which are usually harder to clean.

Ouxul provides after-sale services in case of any mishap, and below are some of the features that make it highly marketable on shopping platforms and other social media platforms.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Full phone protection
  • Highly compatible
  • It offers after-sale services

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4. DTTO iPhone SE 2021 Silicone Case

DTTO for iPhone SE Case 2020/2022, iPhone 7 8 Silicone Phone Case, [Romance Series] Shockproof Phone...
  • 【Compatibility】Durable Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone 7 8 SE 2020/2022, 4.7 inch, Offering Smooth and...
  • 【Hybrid Protection】Triple Layer Design Offers Hybrid Protection While Keeps Slim-fit Profile, Support Wireless...
  • 【Honeycomb Cushion】Release 80% More Heat than Microfiber Cases, Extend Your iPhone Lifespan.
  • 【Enhanced Raised Lips】to Protect iPhone Screen and Camera from Scratching and Dropping. Precise Cutouts for...
  • 【Lifetime Warranty 】DTTO Offers Lifetime Free Replacement for Your iPhone 7 8 SE 2020/2022 Silicone Case(Needs...

This silicone phone case is designed for iPhone 7 and 8, and it’s also referred to as the romance series.

The DTTO case though new is now somewhat popular, especially among iPhone users due to durability, you can use the case for a long while, and it will still be as good as new!

The case is great in offering camera and screen protection, especially during accidents, thus with this case, your phone won’t easily crack after a fall, and this is why many customers love it.

This liquid silicone case is durable and offers a soft skin grip, hence you can use it for a long time without reducing its quality.

It usually comes with a honeycomb cushion that helps release 80% of heat from your phone, thus it extends the lifespan of your phone.

However, it has enhanced raised edges that help protect the screen and camera from scratches or cracks if it drops.

It’s designed with a triple layer of silicone, which offers hybrid protection and it also supports wireless charging.

DTTO gives a lifetime warranty for the SE 2021 silicone case, hence you can return it to the store if it doesn’t fit or meet your requirements.

Here are some of the features that make it stand out:

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • It has a honeycomb cushion
  • Screen and camera protection
  • It offers hybrid protection to your phone
  • Has a lifetime warranty

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5. K TOMOTO (2021) Slim Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Case

K TOMOTO Compatible with iPhone SE(3rd and 2nd gen)/8/7 Case (4.7"), [Drop Protection]...
  • [Compatible with iPhone SE(3rd and 2nd gen) and iPhone 8/7 (4.7")]: Precise cutouts for easy access to all ports....
  • [Full Body Protection]: Special Raised Bevel provides enough scratch protection for the sensitive camera lens and...
  • [Silky and Soft Touch]: The silky liquid silicone exterior cover could protect your phone from annoying scratches,...
  • [Nice Protection]: Special [Simple, Vibrant, and Stylish Design Intention]: Simple is Beautiful. More stylish...
  • [After-Sales Service]: Supports 1-year hassle-free replacement and lifetime support. Any defective for the phone...

K TOMOTO is known for its slogan ‘different life, the same wonderful’, and its silicone cases are specially designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

K TOMOTO is one of the youngest brands that hit the market with so much energy and positivity, they are also known to be open to suggestions, comments, and ideas from potential or prospective buyers.

This case guarantee customers value for money, hence, you won’t regret buying the case.

It offers full protection to the back and edges, and its raised edges help to protect the screen and camera from collision and scratches.

It’s highly compatible with iPhone 7 and 8, it supports wireless charging, so you can always boost your battery regardless of where or when.

The case has a soft anti-skid microfiber lining on the interior that protects the phone’s back from wearing out or scratching.

These cases are available in various elegant colors, therefore it gives your phone a stylish outlook.

The liquid silicone rubber used in making this case gives it a smooth silky texture, which is comfortable to touch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers full protection
  • High compatibility
  • Soft microfiber lining
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Smooth and comfortable texture

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6. Abitku Liquid Silicone Case

abitku Silicone Case for iPhone 11, Soft Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Shockproof Protective Case Cover...
  • [Compatible with iPhone 11] : ✅ The Slim iPhone 11 case perfectly fits iPhone 11 with precision cutouts for all...
  • [ iPhone 11 Case Full Protection ] : ✅Protection comes first. Third layer protection gives extra toughness yet...
  • [Elegant Style ]:✅ iPhone 11 Case 2019, thin and delicate, matte finish and pure colour. You can keep it on all...
  • [Screen and Camera Protection]: ✅Edge lip to protect your screen from directly contacting surfaces. Impact...
  • [Easy to Clean]:✅ iPhone 11 liquid silicone case is very easy to wipe off dust and dirt that keeps clean and dry...

Abitku believes in enhancing the customer experience with premium quality products and technology.

Abitku has quite a unique motto, which states, and I quote, “We believe innovation and excellence; timeless masterpiece is the epitome of quality, and we crave for perfection.”

This product is their latest model case type that is compatible with many types of phones, and that’s why it’s more popular among all smartphone users.

For individuals pursuing a simple lifestyle, this is the way to go because this case which is simple, stylish, and elegant gives your phone an appealing look.

It is made of premium liquid silicone, which makes the case soft to touch, however, the phone case also has a comfortable feeling and it’s anti-fingerprints as well.

This case will fit perfectly on your phone, and its edges are enhanced to protect the screen and camera from direct surface contact.

It’s easy to clean off any form of stain from the case, unlike some cases that cannot be cleaned easily once they trap dirt.

Abitku provides customers with a one-year warranty, hence you can return the case if it doesn’t meet your specifications, and here are some features that make these cases stand out:

Pros & Benefits:

  • These cases have elegance and style
  • High compatibility and soft texture
  • It has an enhanced protection

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7. KUMEEK iPhone Liquid Silicone Rubber Case (2021)

KUMEEK iPhone 6s Plus Case, iPhone 6 Plus Case, Liquid Silicone Rubber with Soft Microfiber Cloth...
  • Silicone case designed for iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6 Plus(5.5 inches).
  • Silky, soft-touch grip with liquid silicone rubber, provide both great feeling and protective,truly return to the...
  • Inner soft microfiber cloth cushion help protect your iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6 Plus from scratches and accidental...
  • Full protection design, 360° anti-scratches, 1mm lip prevent screen and camera from scratches, flexible press...
  • From KUMEEK to ensure maximum protection for the life of your iPhone 6s Plus /iPhone 6 Plus

Most of the customers who purchased this product are happy with it.

These cases last for a long time, and from customer reviews, you can use it until you feel the need to change the case due to monotony, but it won’t wear or tear.

This silicone case has a special design with a silicone material that has two layers which reinforces durability and makes it softer when held

The premium iPhone 6 silicone rubber case stands out and it makes the owner feel confident and classy, it’s easy to clean off stains on it just like most silicone cases, especially those stains that are easily trapped on the case.

Kumeek cases are designed to provide full protection to your phone against scratches, and the lips are enhanced to protect your screen and camera.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a soft-touch
  • It offers maximum phone protection

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8. Vooii iPhone SE Soft Silicone Gel Rubber Case

Vooii Compatible with iPhone SE3 Case, iPhone SE Case 2022/2020, iPhone 7/8 Case, [New...
  • All New Upgraded: Thickened and full-body protection design, the thickness of silicone is 1 mm thicker than other...
  • Premium Liquid Silicone: We used better silicone for the iPhone SE Case, although the cost increased by nearly 30%....
  • Soft Microfiber Lining: Soft and anti-scratch microfiber lining in the interior of the case,double the thickness...
  • Compatibility Upgrade: Upgraded to compatible with iPhone SE3, iPhone SE 2nd generation (2020)/iPhone 8/iPhone 7,...
  • Attentive service: Professional Vooii customer service will complete the warranty service and after-sales...

Vooii is committed to providing high standards services to its customers, this brand combines quality with realistic features and stylish designs that gives your phone an amazing appearance.

This silicone case is simple, but it provides great protection to your phone during accidents, and it has a thick design that offers full body protection – this thickness boosts bottom protection and shockproof performance.

These cases have a soft texture and anti-fingerprint feature with a matte finish which enhances the feminine look of your case – Vooii is quite exceptional when it comes to designing cases for women.

It has a soft anti-skid microfiber lining that protects the back of your phone even from cracking after it falls, the case is compatible with iPhone 7 and 8 with specific cutouts for all ports and buttons.

The case is easy to clean and it keeps your phone dry, especially during hot weather, it’s one of the new silicone cases in the market, and below, are its unique features:

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers full body protection
  • Has various feminine designs
  • Soft microfiber lining
  • High compatibility

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9. Jowhep Soft Silicone Case For iPhone 2021

Jowhep Case for iPhone SE 2022/2020/7/8 4.7" Soft Silicone Carton Design Cute Cover Fashion Funny...
  • [Perfect Fit] Using real iPhone SE 2nd/3rd generation 2022/2020/7/8 to fix position, the precious cut allows you...
  • [Full Protection] Higher edges design protects iPhone SE 2022/2020/7/8 camera from daily wear. 360° protection...
  • [Premium Material] Using environmental friendly material, this soft silicone iPhone SE 2022/2020/7/8 case brings...
  • [Eyes Catching Stylish] Special cute stylish make it unique with others. Wherever you go you will get lot of fun...
  • [More Durable] This iPhone SE 2022/2020/7/8 case is made of organic silicone material, not easy to tear and deform....

Jowhep brand is the latest brand to make cases with cartoon designs, and of course, customers love the uniqueness of the cases.

This case is specifically designed for iPhone 7, 8, and SE, it has a cute and funny design that makes it more preferable by teenage boys and girls.

This case has a perfect fit with precise cuts that allow free access to all buttons and ports, it’s also easy to fit or take off.

Nevertheless, it offers 100% protection to your phone, due to its higher edges that protect the screen and camera from unnecessary damage.

Jowhep silicone case is made of a premium eco-friendly material with a waterproof outer surface that is anti-fingerprint.

Its cute, stylish, and unique design usually gets the attention of others and of course, it will fetch you a few funny compliments.

Jowhep silicone cases are more durable because they are made of an organic silicone material that’s resistant to tear and wear, it’s one of the most fashionable case designs on this list, here is a list of its benefits:

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a perfectly fitting design
  • It offers your phone protection against falls or scratches
  • It is made of premium silicone material
  • Stylish and eye-catching
  • Highly durable

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10. Cucell Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Case

Cucell Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini case 5.4 inch(2020),Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Full Body...
  • 【MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN】It has Three-layer Structure: Liquid Silicone, Hard PC cover, Microfiber Lining. It is...
  • 【CAMERA RING&SCREEN PROTECTION】It comes with a unique camera ring, 1mm above the camera. It can avoid stray...
  • 【ULTRA SMOOTH】It has Baby Skin-like texture with fingerprint proof feature, cover coating paint will not fade...
  • 【PERFECT FIT】It Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini 5.4"(2020) and support wireless charger function to use.
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】Cucell offers a lifetime warranty and customer service. Please feel free to reach out to us...

The Cucell silicone case is also new to the market and it’s designed specifically for iPhone 12.

These cases protect your phone fully even when it falls or when you get involved in an accident because it was designed to guarantee full phone protection.

It has 3 layers of silicone which makes it shockproof and drop-proof, and its raised edges also protect the screen and camera from any harm.

Also, this is the only case with a unique camera ring that protects the camera from stray light and improves the quality of your photos.

It has a special color design that makes it recognizable, and this also improves the sensitivity of the phone buttons.

Cucell cases come with a lifetime warranty, which is one reason many will most likely go for this product since they can always return it if it doesn’t meet their needs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The case offers full phone protection
  • It has a unique camera ring
  • Has a special design
  • It offers a lifetime warranty

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Advantages Of Using Silicone Cases

  • Silicone rubber is light, soft, and durable, therefore, cases made from this material have all these characteristics, moreover, silicone is very elastic compared to plastic or metal, therefore, silicone rubber cases can fit many phones without any struggle
  • Silicone rubber cases have minimal chances of sliding off because they have an excellent grip
  • Compared to cases made from metal, leather, plastic, or wood, silicone rubber cases are relatively cheaper and aren’t prone to scratches either
  • Silicone is a biodegradable material, this means that it’s eco-friendly, and there’s usually a very little amount of pollution during the production of these silicone rubber cases
  • Silicone covers and cases come in a variety of designs and colors
  • These cases are resistant to corrosive items like water, chemical, and fungus
  • Silicone cases can withstand very high temperatures and can’t be easily destroyed by fire

Factors To Watch Out For

  • Silicone rubber usually has static energy properties, thus it attracts dust and lint, and to prevent this, producers usually coat these cases with anti-static material
  • Over time, cheap silicone rubber cases tend to lose their shape
  • Silicone rubber cases are not highly recommended due to the overall phone’s health since silicone is a poor conductor of heat
  • These cases tend to be bigger than plastic cases, therefore, restricting most phone users
  • People using silicone rubber cases find it difficult to put their phones in the pocket due to their sticky texture
  • When silicone comes in contact with sharp objects, it is likely to get damaged, unlike plastic or metal, therefore it doesn’t guarantee 100 percent protection to your phone

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cases, users should look for a silicone phone case that will serve them for a longer period.

Cheap silicone cases usually have more cons than pros, however, the best way to go around this is to invest in affordable products from well-known brands.

You also want to go through the product’s description to be sure that the product is of good quality.

Silicone has a very soft texture and a good grip that prevents the phone from sliding, it’s also eco-friendly thus it’s less harmful during combustion.

One important thing to take note of when purchasing a silicone phone case is durability, always go for a product that will last for a long while.

All the products mentioned so far are available online, thus all you have to do is add the product to your virtual shopping cart.

You should always go for quality when buying any product; you should only settle for high-quality products!

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