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10 Best Ceramic Travel Mug Silicone Lids Rated and Reviewed

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Skye Rhodes

If you often start your day with a cup of coffee or tea, then you’ll need a ceramic travel mug silicone lid.

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide while over 2.16 billion cups of tea are consumed daily, and of course, that means that more and more disposable plastic cups are being thrown out to the landfills.

By using your own coffee/tea mug, you will not only save the world from more plastic waste, but it will save you money because making or brewing your own tea or coffee is more profitable than buying outside.

A study by shows that you can save USD 1150 a year by brewing your own tea or coffee – didn’t see that coming, right?

Many coffee and tea lovers use their own traveling mugs but often revert to buying disposable coffee cups once they lose their mug’s lid, hence why this article is important.

A spilled coffee cup can ruin one’s whole day and instead of throwing out the cup, you can always purchase a spill-proof lid instead.

We have listed the best 10 reusable silicone mug lids below for you, especially if you want to contribute to a better pollution-free environment.

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10 Best Ceramic Travel Mug Silicone Lids Reviewed

Finally, let’s take a look at the list!

1. KSENDALO Reusable Travel Mug Lid

Coffee Mug Lids, KSENDALO Thicker Eco Reusable Silicone Travel Mug Lids(3.15"Inner...
  • Environmental Coffee Lids: Food Grade Silicone material in lovely color for your happy coffee/drinkng time, healthy...
  • LID SIZE: Idea for 12Oz/16Oz Starbucks COFFEE MUG LID, and besides the cups with Out Diameter 3.15~3.54inch with...
  • Embossed warning info " CAUTION CONTENTS HOT" & logo "KSENDALO",easy to use and clean, Dishwahser Safe
  • Modern Coffee Beaker lid with drinking hole and air intake.With just elasticity is always perfect fit and therefore...
  • 100% quality guarantee, check the cup size before you try & no-hassle free-replacement guarantee, more colors...

KSENDALO Reusable Travel Mug Lid is a perfect choice for anyone looking for stylish lids but at an affordable price.

This thick reusable silicone travel mug lid has 7 pieces per set, each set has 6 different colors, and these colors are blue, black, orange, green, purple, gray, and yellow.

All these colors are bright and expressive, and the colors do not fade because the lids are made of colored silicone, unlike other cheap lids whose colors are painted on them.

Moreover, the use of colored silicone is more beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

However, you can also purchase the whole set in just one color, but isn’t it more fun to grab a different color mug lid each morning?

The silicone material used is a food-grade material that has also been approved by the FDA, and it can be used for both hot or cold beverages because it can withstand extremely hot temperatures as well as cold temperatures.

These durable lids can be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher, however, this doesn’t reduce their lifespan.

Furthermore, this multi-color choice product is definitely fashionable and you can always change the color of your lid to match your mood!

This lid also has a drinking hole that can be used when you want to sip on your drink with a straw, or as an air hole that allows a smooth liquid flow.

These lids are airtight, spill-proof, and stylish, hence this is a product that you won’t regret buying.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 7 in a pack
  • Multi-colored
  • Airtight and spill-proof
  • Affordable

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2. Ecotop Go Topper

Ecotop To-go Topper - Turn coffee mug into a travel mug (Black)
  • Microwavable and dishwasher safe (Leave lid open when microwaving to prevent pressure buildup)
  • Easy to install, simply press Ecotop down onto your container for a firm fit
  • Fits most standard 3" diameter containers
  • Made in USA
  • Wash before first time use!!

Ecotop Go Topper is a perfect choice for those who love coffee or tea mugs with a simple design, this product can turn any ceramic mug into a travel mug.

If you’re in a hurry and need to take your half-finished cup of coffee with you, then this is the product you need to make that happen.

With four colors to choose from, this product is an eye-catching and useful tool for anybody who loves drinking coffee or tea, moreover, this lid ensures that your favorite home mug is always with you while you’re on the go.

This is the chance to turn that one favorite ceramic mug with a personalized photo or a quote that we love into a traveling mug, this will also save you money because you wouldn’t have to buy a new traveling mug every time you need to travel.

This lid is the most convenient mug lid because it’s safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave and to use this lid, you just have to press it down on the top of your mug or tumbler and it will stay in place.

The lid is designed in a way that it snugly fits the mug with its two suction ridges which act as airtight seals, this fitting prevents your cup’s content from spilling in your car or on you.

This lid fits most standard mugs with a diameter of 3 inches, and it’s available in aqua, black, light green, and red colors.

This affordable lid is convenient, durable, and stylish, and you’d definitely love it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fits any standard 3 inches diameter mug
  • There are four colors to choose from
  • Microwavable and dishwasher-safe
  • This can turn any ordinary mug into a travel mug
  • Affordable

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3. KSENDALO Reusable Eco-Friendly Silicone 5 Pieces set

Coffee Mug Lids(3.15"Inner Diameter,3.43"Outer Diameter), KSENDALO Thicker Eco Reusable Silicone...
  • Environmental Coffee Lids: Food Grade Silicone material in lovely color for your happy coffee/drinkng time, healthy...
  • LID SIZE: Idea for 12Oz/16Oz Starbucks COFFEE MUG LID, and besides the cups with Out Diameter 3.15~3.54inch with...
  • Embossed warning info " CAUTION CONTENTS HOT" & logo "KSENDALO",easy to use and clean, Dishwahser Safe
  • Modern Coffee Beaker lid with drinking hole and air intake.With just elasticity is always perfect fit and therefore...
  • 100% quality guarantee, check the cup size before you try & no-hassle free-replacement guarantee, more colors...

KSENDALO Reusable Eco-friendly Silicone Set has five lids, it’s a fine choice for those who are looking for basic and simple lids of good quality.

KSENDALO is becoming a popular brand of choice among customers, and this set which comes with 5 pieces of lids is a fast-selling product of theirs.

Similar to the first two products, this lid is also made with food-grade non-toxic silicone material which was also approved by the FDA, hence it can be used with any hot or cold beverage.

This lid is available in black, gray, orange, pink, white, or as a set of 5 multi-colored lids, hence you can pick any color scheme of your choice, however, we strongly recommend you go with the multi-colored set, why?

Because having some color in your life can your gloomy mood, just like a caffeine fix.

This lid is ideal for 12 Oz or 16 Oz mug, and this can also be used as a lid for your Starbucks cups, as well as, your ceramic travel mugs, moreover, this lid also has a drinking hole that doubles as an air vent.

The lid’s design makes it easier to have your hot beverage while you’re on the go, while the food-grade silicone ensures that there is no weird chemical taste that can be toxic.

This product is worth every cent you’ll spend on it, you never have to worry about losing your mug lid, and even if you do, you have five more lids with you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has 5 pieces in a pack
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Airtight and spillproof
  • Made with high-quality and non-toxic silicone
  • Can be used with your Starbucks coffee cups

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4. COSMOS Silicone Mug Cover

COSMOS Pack of 6 Anti-Dust Spill Proof Soft Silicone Replacement Coffee Mug Lids Cover, Cup Lid...
  • - Replacement lids for suitable for ceramic, glass, plastic, paper or any other material cups.
  • Cup covers keep the dust, pet hair and dander out of drinks.
  • The hole on top allows user for convenient drink when travelling.
  • Fit the container mouth with outer diameter among 88mm~90mm (about 3.45″~3.55″). Please check the lids size...
  • Material: Soft silicone. Each pack with 6 Pcs in assorted colors.

COSMOS Silicone Mug Cover is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a durable and reliable mug lid.

This product has 6 anti-dust and spill-proof lid covers which can be used with ceramic travel mugs, as well as glass and plastic mugs or cups, moreover, these lids fit cups whose outer diameter are about 88 mm to 90 mm (3.45 to 3.55 inches).

This product is slightly similar to the KSENDALO silicone lid, however, this is a completely different lid made by a different manufacturer.

This affordable product is available in a wide range of colors, and they include light green, red, yellow, brown, purple, and blue.

This lid also has a drinking hole that doubles as an air hole, and the inner side of the lid has two silicone rims that prevent any leakages and gives spill-proof protection to your mug.

Choosing the best fit for your mug is not an issue anymore because this lid will fit your mug tightly and snugly since its size is compatible with the many mugs.

The lids are quite flexible despite being thick, and these are highly durable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 6 in a pack
  • It’s anti-dust and spill-proof
  • 6 different colors are available
  • Can serve as a lid to different mugs, including those made from a different material
  • Durable

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5. C & Berg Spill Proof Lid

20 / 10 OZ - 4 Yeti Lids 20 oz Replacement Lid - 3.3 Inch Diameter -Spill Proof Yeti Replacement...
  • 🚱 SPILL PROOF: With our pack of 4 Yeti tumbler lid, spilling is not an option. Created with a sliding mechanism,...
  • ✅ EASY TO FIT: If you are apprehensive that this 3.3-inch diameter yeti lid will fit perfectly to your Pack of 4,...
  • 🌡️ MAINTAINS TEMPERATURE: Enjoy your favorite beverage, hot or cold, with airtight Yeti 20oz tumbler lid that...
  • 💯 SUPERIOR QUALITY: To be used for a long time, our Yeti top replacement lids made with top-notch materials and...
  • ✨ EASY TO CLEAN: The yeti rambler lid is dishwasher-safe; the slider can be opened & closed so that you can clean...

C & Berg Spill Proof Lid is the solution if you’re looking for a product with the highest quality in the market.

This product is an amazing set with 4 spill-proof C & Berg branded silicone lids that fit cups or tumblers with a diameter of 3 inches, and it has a tight seal that prevents leaks.

With this lid, any hot or cold liquid will be contained without splashes and the product will prevent spills while driving or walking, moreover, the tight seals ensure that your cup of coffee or tea is kept warm for as long as possible.

It has a double ridges gasket as the seal, and it has an opening hole for a drinking straw or for sipping, which is airtight with a silicone locking system, hence you can conveniently drink from your cup.

Being the most professional looking lid on the list, the high quality of the lid is also incomparable, this isn’t just perfect for you, it can serve as an ideal gift for someone who’s just as busy like you!

C & Berg is a bit expensive compared to other reusable silicone lids, but it’s still a good deal when you take into account its many features.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect sealing techniques
  • Non-toxic
  • Better at heat retention
  • Made of high-quality material and it has a better finish

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. Silicone Stretch Lid

Orblue Silicone Stretch Lids, 6-Pack Small, 2.6 Inches (stretches to 3.5 inches)
  • 6-pack of Small,  2.6 inches (stretches to 3.5 inches). This set of silicone storage covers comes in 6-pack of...
  • Excellent alternative to plastic wrap.These silicone dish lids are environmentally-friendly, eliminating the need...
  • Handy. It's great to have these small silicone stretch lids  on hand when lids of glasses, cups or small bowls so...
  • Temperature resistant -40°F to 450°F. Silicone stretch-top lids are microwave-safe & heat-resistant to 450 f so...
  • At Orblue safety and sustainability are top priorities. Each silicone lid is safe for your household as well as for...

Silicone Stretch Lid is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a multipurpose and 100% spill-proof lid.

This lid is the most unique, yet most effective lid of them all, this multipurpose stretchable silicone lid perfectly seals shut any spillable container including your ceramic travel mug.

You can close your mug using this lid by just stretching the lid over the top, then secure it on all four sides of the cup, and even if you turn your mug upside down, it won’t spill or leak – it’s like the lid is glued to the top of the mug.

The diameter of the Orblue silicone lid is only 2.6 inches, but it can stretch to about 3.5 inches, and it can be used as a lid for many other containers as well.

There is a range of such stretchable silicone lids available in the market, which can be used to seal and close containers or bowls of different sizes, but this specific lid is specially made for small containers such as mugs, tumblers, and cups.

With 100% spill-proof feature, this lid can withstand extreme temperatures from -4 to 450 F, thus it’s safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

This Orblue Brand stretchable silicone lid keeps its content fresh and hot for a long while.

However, the best thing about this lid is that you can use it to store any leftover food in the refrigerator, heat it right away when you need it, and when you’re done, you can throw the lid in the dishwasher.

A package contains 6 stretchable lids which are basically indestructible and affordable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% leak-proof sealing
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Microwave, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher-safe
  • Only available in blue

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

7. Universal Go Coffee Cup Lid

Universal Go Coffee Cup Lid is the best choice for those who love style and comfort.

This universal silicone lid has three seals which ensure that the lid is tight and snug, it alsohas an air hole that allows the liquid to flow smoothly, and a pull tab to release the seal’s grip.

The conical taper matches the draft angle on most mugs and cups and the wide spout is designed to allow for a smooth flow of fluid.

This lid comes in five different colors, and these colors include the pacific (light blue), cappuccino (light brown), coral red, navy, and stone (light gray), which are all mute and pleasing colors.

The diameter of the lid is 3.25 inches and it’s designed to keep the beverage warm for 30 minutes or more.

This stylish lid is made with food-grade silicone rubber and it’s dishwasher-friendly as well, however, this lid also has a smooth finish which enhances the beauty of the lid.

It’s the perfect lid for your favorite travel mug, and given the positive feedback and reviews, the quality of this product is amazing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stylish
  • Designed to fit tightly and snugly
  • Keeps your beverage warm for a long while
  • Fits most of the mugs
  • Made of high-quality material

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8. Cindy & Will Watertight Lid Covers

Cindy & Will Watertight Lid Covers are ideal for those whose work involves a lot of travelings.

This product has six pieces of food-grade silicone lids which are dustproof, heat-resistant and reusable, hence they can be used in the microwave, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher.

The lids are available in bright and beautiful colors like light blue, light green, yellow, purple, hot pink, and light pink.

The lid has a tiny grip on the top, which can be used to pull the lid off, and the silicone lid can be used with many mugs because it has a dimension of 7.01 x 4.53 x 1.93 inches, which is considerably wide compared to other lids.

Due to its airtight and suction effect, it prevents any leaks or spills, hence it’s perfect to use on the go or at the office.

It has a thick but flexible design which makes it quite durable – it will last for years.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 6 in a pack
  • Airtight
  • Colorful and stylish
  • Durable

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9. Butterfly Silicone Lid

Silicone Cup Lids - Creative Butterfly Mug Cover From ME.FAN - Anti-dust Airtight Seal Silicone...
  • COLOURFUL: 6 different color butterfly cup lids, butterfly is removable and you can DIY rematch them as you like.
  • HEALTHY MATERIALS: All Silicone Cup Lids are made of food grade silicone. No small, durable and reusable. Simply...
  • DIMENSION: 4.1 inch; TEMPERATURE: -40~480 F
  • EASY LIFE: Seals tight on all smooth, prevent from dust, airtight and leak proof, keep your coffee or tea hot.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 6 x silicone cup covers

Butterfly Silicone Lid is the best choice for those who love all things pretty!

This butterfly silicone lid is the prettiest lid cover we have seen so far, a pack of this contains 6 lids with bright colors like purple, pink, orange, yellow, light green, and light blue.

It has a removable silicone butterfly attached to the lid, which acts as a grip, you can change the color of the butterfly to one that meets your preference.

These lids are made of non-toxic food-grade silicone, and they can be used in the freezer or dishwasher, especially because they can withstand temperatures within the range of -40 to 480 F.

Similar to the Cindy & Will Watertight Lid Cover, this lid has an airtight and suctioning effect, which prevents spills and leaks.

Due to its size, it can fit many mugs perfectly, hence, this bright and colorful lid is the perfect accessory for your ceramic travel mug.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has an attractive design
  • Fits many mug sizes
  • Bright and colorful
  • Made with non-toxic food-grade silicone

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Seal Lids & Lid Caps 12 Pcs

GOLIKEE 8PCS Food Grade Silicone Cup Lids,4 Pcs Cute Anti-dust Mug Cover Airtight Seal Lid Cap & 4...
  • Material: Food-grade silicone,BPA free, Approved. Environment friendly safe,durable,reusable,non-toxic.
  • Perfect size: 8 silicone cup lids, 4pcs diameter of 11cm / 4.33 inch, 4pcs diameter of 6.5cm / 2.6in, suitable for...
  • Cold & Heat Resistant: Our silicone glass drink covers can handle the extreme temperature from -40~480 F(-40~230...
  • Colorful: 6 different colors of animal head cup cover, animal head is detachable, you can DIY re match them,...
  • Best Customer Service: If you have any question with our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us,we will...

Seal Lids & Lid Caps 12 Pcs product is ideal for all the thrifty moms out there or for anyone who loves a good deal.

The “Goyan” brand offers six silicone stretchable lids and 6 airtight seal lid caps at a giveaway price tag.

These lids are made of food-grade, BPA-free, reusable, and non-toxic material, and the lids can handle extreme temperatures from -40 to 480 F, hence they can be used in microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, or ovens.

Its airtight lids come with cute detachable animal figures on the top which serves as grips, and since these figures are detachable, you can remove them if you don’t fancy them.

Each airtight lid is of a different color plus they all have different animals: the yellow-colored lid has a panda, the pink-colored lid has a pink rabbit, the blue-colored lid has a blue elephant, the peach-colored lid has a monkey, while the brown-colored lid has a lion.

However, the stretchable covers are all blue and these colorful lids will surely lift your mood in no time.

Both the stretchable and airtight silicone lids ensure that your beverage is kept hot for a long time and that there are no spillovers or such accidents on your way.

The stretchable lid has a long silicone grip which makes it easier to remove because this lid seals too tightly.

Since the package has 12 lids, these lids can also be used as covers for other containers, or you can keep them as your backup lifesavers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has 12 lids
  • Colorful and cute designs
  • 100% spill-proof

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Why You Should Buy One Of These Products

There is a range of choices available for you but it depends on the type and size of your mug, also, the price of these products often reflects their quality, but all the options are quite affordable and worth the price.

These lids are not just cute, but they also keep your drink safe and hot.

However, you should make sure that you’re buying the right-sized lid for your mug, because just as the diameter varies from mug to mug, so does the lids.

Products featured here are multi-purpose affordable lids, as well as, stylish and expensive lids.

However, price alone can not determine the usefulness or quality of the product itself, hence it’s a wise decision to check user reviews and experience before making your purchase.

Choosing the right lid will save you from the hassle of cleaning up spilled liquids, and it keeps your coffee hot, besides no one can enjoy lukewarm coffee.

And remember, you can always customize the lid to match your personality.

Final Thoughts

From our research, all of these products were loved by those who purchased them.

The perfect ceramic travel mug silicone lid for you is one that fits perfectly with your mug, and then offers a whole lot of exciting features like those seen above.

They not only transform your favorite mugs into travel mugs, but they also keep your beverages either hot or cold.

Remember that each time you use your own reusable mug, you save a piece of this planet.

Do you know of any amazing silicone lid that’s not on this list?

If yes, then let us know in the comment section below.

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