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How To Clean A Silicone Baking Mat For A Brand New Look

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Skye Rhodes

If you love cooking, then probably you might need to know how to clean a silicone baking mat.

It is a standard tool in most kitchens.

For those who love baking, preparing your favorite recipes, silicone mats usually come in handy.

When using a silicone mat, you will reduce waste, and when storing it, it is straightforward.

Considering everything that you can do with these mats, cleaning them is especially important.

There are different ways of cleaning a silicone mat and it depends on the amount of dirt or grease that has accumulated on it.

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How To Clean A Silicone Baking Mat For A Brand New Look

Here are a few methods that you can follow to ensure that your silicone mat is sparkling clean.

Step 1: To Soak It

When you have finished baking your favorite chicken, turkey, or cookies, you might have realized that there are dirt and oil on your silicone mat.

This is very normal, and you should not worry about how to remove them.

Once you have your silicone mat from the oven or microwave, make sure that it cools off before soaking it in warm water.

Make sure you have enough water on your sink, and once your silicone mat has cooled off, you can soak them in hot water for 15 minutes.

Soaking your mat in warm water will ensure that dirt is loosened and make it ready for the next step.

If your mat had some pieces of cookie or bread crumbles, after soaking it, all that will have disappeared, but that does not mean your mat is clean.

Ensure that it soaks well for 15 minutes.

As we all know that soaking something in the water for some time will help loosen the dirt particles, and the same applies to silicone mats.

If you have just finished baking your cake or cookies, you will notice that there are tiny crumbs on the silicone mat.

If you soak the mat immediately in hot water, the mat’s molecules will loosen and make it easy for you to scrub the dirt off.

Remember to soak your mat immediately after using it to help break down the dirt pieces and make cleaning easy.

Step 2: Use Lemon Juice

If you want to get rid of the oil and dirt on your silicone mat, you will need to use lemon, which is a natural stain remover.

Lemons are natural cleaners especially when it comes to cleaning kitchen utensils, can remove stains on mats.

Lemons are the most effective and powerful stain removers, and it is a constituent when it comes to washing dishes.

Apart from using soap, detergents, and bars, you can use lemon to clean your baking mat.

Start by soaking your mats in hot water, do not be afraid.

Hot water will not damage your mat in any way.

Wear your kitchen gloves when you are cleaning your silicone mats.

Make sure that you sink it for 10 minutes before squeezing lemon juice into the water.

Take two or three pieces of lemons and cut them in half.

Squeeze all the juice from the lemons, then leave the water to soak for another ten minutes.

Start scrubbing the soaked silicone mats when they are still underwater using a sponge.

Scrub thoroughly all the oils and dirt that were stuck on the mat until it goes back to its new state.

Rinse the mat with warm water to remove all the lemon juice, wipe it using a clean towel then place the mats out in the drying rack.

If you feel that your silicone mat is not as clean as you want, you can repeat the whole process.

Step 3: Use Dishwasher

Another method that you can use to clean your silicone mat is using the dishwasher.

If you do not have the time to wait for your mat to soak for a few minutes, you have the option of using a dishwasher machine.

This method has been tested and proven to work when it comes to stain removal on silicone mats.

Some stains that are usually on baking mats are very stubborn and scrubbing them off using your bare hands might be challenging.

That is why you need the help of a washing machine.

It not only removes the stains but will make your silicone mat look new again and ready for the next meal.

Start by rolling all the dirty silicone mats and arrange them carefully on the dishwasher machine’s top rack.

If you have other dishes that need to be clean, you can arrange them with the mats as well to save you time.

Start the usual dishwashing process, and once you finish, you will see the oil and dirt that was stuck on the mat have gone.

If you feel that they are not as clean as you expect, you can repeat the process.

Clean them again, and your baking silicone mat will look new again.

Place them on the drying rack for some minutes, and your mats will be clean and sparkling.

For those who don’t own a dishwasher, they are available at affordable prices but that should not stop you from having a clean mat.

Step 4: Use Baking Soda

The use of baking soda is another method that you can use to clean off grease and oils from your silicone mats.

Baking soda works like magic when is used in cleaning.

You can buy baking soda in your local store if you do not have one at home, but it is generally available in many households.

Start by soaking the dirty baking mats in water for three to five minutes just to remove the pieces of crumbs that may have stuck onto the mat.

Rinse off the water and start sprinkling baking soda on the wet mat.

Ensure that you have your kitchen gloves on when doing all this.

Continue sprinkling the powder until a paste-like substance forms on the mat.

Make sure that the paste fills all corners of the mat, especially the dirty and oily areas.

Once you have spread it well, leave the silicone mat for 15 to 20 minutes without disturbing it.

After that time, you can go back and rinse the mat using hot water.

Gently pour hot water on the mat, and you will realize that all the stains will have been wiped off, and your mat will be dirt-free.

After rinsing and you are sure there is no baking soda left, you can wipe the mat using a kitchen towel and dry it.

You are free to repeat the whole process if needed.

Step 5: Use The Oven

When it comes to how to clean your silicone baking mat, you can use an oven to remove the stubborn stains.

It is another method that really works, and it cleans using heat.

For those who have baking mats, it means that you have a microwave or an oven.

But the oven is the best when it comes to removing grease and oil on silicone mats.

Start by placing the dirty silicone mats in an oven, 350 degrees, and leaving it for ten to fifteen minutes.

Remove the mats from the oven after those minutes and place them in hot water.

You can do this in your sink or in a basin, whichever works well for you.

When you are cleaning your mats, always ensure that you wear your kitchen gloves to avoid any minor injuries.

Add soap water or any other detergent that you use to wash your utensils and let the silicone mats soak for five minutes.

If you realize that there are tiny stains on the mat, you can scrub them using a sponge.

After that, you can rinse the mats using hot water again.

Hot water tends to remove grease and oil that might not have been stubborn while scrubbing.

When you are sure that your mats are clean, you can dry them using a towel and then place them out to dry.

Repeat the method if required if you still have odor on the mat.

Step 6: Use Hot Water and Degreaser Soap

Hot water is amazingly effective when it comes to removing oils and dirt from your silicone mat.

This method is ideal for those who cannot afford to use other methods, and it is time-saving.

First, put on your kitchen gloves for a precaution, soak the mats in hot water for ten minutes, and use a washing detergent.

Do not ever use bleaching detergents when cleaning silicone mats.

Those detergents are extraordinarily strong, and some of them have acids and chemicals that might ruin your mat.

After soaking the mats, you can start by scrubbing them gently, making sure that you target all the dirty spots.

Soaking mats in hot water helps to loosen the oil and grease particles with help by adding grease removing the soap.

This method has been used for long before we even had dishwashers and ovens.

Rinse the well-cleaned mats using hot water and ensure that the mat is free of soap.

Wipe the mats using your kitchen towel, then hang them out in the sun for a few minutes.

If the sun is not out, just place them in a cool and dry place.

For those stains that do not get off in one wash, you can repeat the whole process.

Step 7: Use White Vinegar

Another method that has proved to work well when it comes to cleaning silicone mats is the use of white vinegar.

Most of the components that make our silicone mats are mainly oil and grease, which are difficult to remove.

You need to wear your gloves when cleaning your mats using vinegar.

Pour hot water into a basin, then add white vinegar.

Submerge the baking silicone mats, and sure they are fully covered by water.

Leave them to soak for 20 to 30 minutes before starting to scrub the dirty spots.

Add grease removing soap in the mixture and gently scrub off any dirt particles.

After that, you can rinse your mat using hot water and then wipe it using a towel.

If you find out that there are still more stains, you can repeat the process.

There is no problem if you mix vinegar with baking soda to form a paste you can apply on the mat.

Step 8: Use Non-Abrasive Sponge

After baking or even roasting your favorite meal, there comes the time to clean the dirty silicone mat.

Most of the stains are usually cookie crumbs, but the most common stains are oil and grease from chicken, etc.

Start by soaking it is not so hot water, then add grease removing soap to the water, and let it soak for 20 minutes.

The type of sponge that you use will determine how clean your mat will be.

Most people just use any sponge, but for cleaning your silicone mat, you need to use the non-abrasive sponge.

It is gentle on the mat and will get rid of all the dirt.

If you have been cleaning your mat and never get clean, the problem might be the type of sponge you are using.

These sponges can be found in your local store at a low price.

When washing, always be gentle when scrubbing, and you can rinse the mat with hot water two or three times.

Wipe using a kitchen towel, then leave it to dry.

You can repeat the process if you are not satisfied, but your mat should be clean in the first wash.

Step 9: Rinse Immediately after Use

A big problem that most people do after using silicone mats is leaving them to lay around days before cleaning them.

Silicone mats are soft and leaving them will absorb the oils and grease, and it will become hard to remove them.

So, if you want to reduce the stress of washing stains, why not wash your mat immediately after using it.

The mat is usually hot, which means the dirt molecules have not yet settled on the mat.

When the mat is still hot, you can easily use hot water and grease removing soaps, and it will be much easier.

When you leave the residue to settle, it will get inside the mat, and when it comes to cleaning, you will find it difficult.

Washing your silicone mat immediately will help improve the quality of your mat.

So, if you have been wondering why your mats still have stains, the problem might be you are leaving dirt, oil, and grease to soak.

Always act immediately to avoid future problems when it comes to cleaning your silicone mat.

Taking good care of your mat is your responsibility, and it will save you money and time in the long run.

How Do Silicone Mats Get Dirty?

Suppose you have used silicone mats before you will realize that they are with materials that are usually very non-sticky.

Understanding and getting to know the type of silicone mats to buy is very vital.

Most silicone mats are smooth to provide you with a non-stick baking surface for your food.

Most things that we bake are either oily or have cookie crumbles.

Those are the things that make your silicone mat dirty all the time.

If not cleaned, your silicone mat will turn dark and cannot be healthy for use again.

Always ensure that you clean them using the methods we have mentioned above.

Avoid wiping the mat using a dry towel and assume that it is clean.

For that reason, it is essential to take good care of your silicone mats so that they can be ready for use next time.

The methods we have given you are just steps you can use to get your mat to look new.

So it all depends on the type of food you decide to cook that will determine how clean or dirty your silicone mat will be.

But always remember that it is very important to have a clean mat every time you want to make your next meal.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to silicone baking mats, they are the best alternative to parchment paper.

Place the silicone mat into a baking surface, and you instantly have yourself a non-stick surface for roasting and baking.

But when you continuously use the silicone mats without cleaning them, the mat will get sticky.

Therefore, we have decided to give you some of the well-known methods on how to clean the silicone baking mats.

The number one method that most people have found to be amazingly effective is using an oven.

By just placing your silicone mat in an oven at 450 degrees, will work magic and will eliminate all the grease and oils.

To clean your dirty silicone mat, just follow the simple steps given in our article, and you will be ready to bake again.

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