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10 Best Silicone Chess Pieces & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

If you need chess pieces that are durable, sturdy yet lightweight, then you should go with silicone chess pieces.

Playing a game of chess is always an exhilarating experience, however, it can bit a tad annoying if your pieces aren’t sturdy enough, and thus, they keep falling.

But, if you have the right chess pieces on the right board as well, then you don’t have to worry about that or the wind blowing away all of your chess pieces just when you’re about to yell checkmate!

Therefore, when buying a set, you must pick the right board and pieces, watch out for features like weight, durability, washability, and portability.

Silicone chess pieces, unlike wooden or metal chess pieces, are known to be durable and easy to wash, if need be, and many of them come with boards that are usually easy to fold up or roll up thus, you can comfortably walk around with your chess set.

Of course, the best pieces aren’t just durable, they must be able to stay firmly on the board and should not tip over.

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10 Best Silicone Chess Pieces Reviewed

Here’s a list of the 10 best silicone chess pieces available online.

1. The House of Staunton Inc. Silicone Tournament Chess Set

The House of Staunton, Inc. Regulation Silicone (Rubber) Tournament Chess Pieces - Half Set - 3.75"...
  • Affordable & High Quality Silicone Chess Pieces - Ideal for Individuals, Schools, Chess Clubs and Tournament Play!
  • Virtually Indestructible, Has a Nice Weight, and Designed With Serious Play in Mind! Exceeds All US Chess...
  • Perfect for Chess Players of all Ages and all Skill Levels
  • Includes One Army of Chess Pieces - 17 Chess Pieces, including 1 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)
  • Manufactured Exclusively by the United States Chess Federation (USCF)

If you’re looking for quality, then go for this House of Staunton’s chess pieces, these pieces are the right match for schools, individuals, and tournaments, why?

Because this set is affordable and almost indestructible, which means it can serve you for a long time, and if you have kids around, you have no need worrying about them ruining your chess set.

This set has 17 chess pieces and one extra free queen, just in case your queen gets missing, and if you accidentally drop the pieces in a messy or dusty place, you can easily wipe off the stain or dust and continue playing.

This set is perfect for everyone, regardless of your skills or age – it’s perfect for play for both young and old, or for both rookies and pro, therefore, this product lives up to the game’s expectation of bringing people together.

These chess pieces have an elastic look that makes it feel like a pencil eraser, and this is quite fascinating to kids, hence heightens their desire to play the game.

The weight of the pieces is also perfect, they are neither too heavy nor too light, moreover, this set also meets the requirements of the US Chess Federation and FIDE – it checks all boxes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s durable
  • Great for players of all ages and skills
  • Comfortable weight
  • A product of the United States Chess Federation
  • Comes with an extra queen

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2. Wholesale Silicone Chess Set

Wholesale Chess Silicone Chess Set (Silicone Board, Silicone Chess Pieces, Drawstring Bag) (Green)
  • Silicone chess pieces with 3.5" king and extra queens
  • Silicone chess board with 2.25" squares
  • Cloth drawstring bag holds boards and pieces
  • Board can be folded, rolled, or stuffed in the bag

This chess set is all thing good and beautiful, it gives you extra value for your money and comes with a 3.5” king and extra queens.

The whole set is about 1.25 lbs, and every single thing about this product is made of silicone, i.e the board and chess pieces are all made of silicone, thus its quality is unmatched!

Wholesale chess says the board for this set is one of their unusual chess boards, the board has a smooth and rubbery feel, plus it’s also quite flexible.

To avoid creating a mess or worse, losing your pieces, this set comes with a soft woven durable drawstring bag, this bag comfortably holds the pieces and the board intact, however, you will need to either roll up or fold the board first.

Hence with this drawstring bag that stays shut, you can comfortably carry your game along, especially when you’re traveling, because this bag will only take a tiny bit of space in your traveling bag.

No more worrying about not having extra space to keep your game.

Also, you shouldn’t be scared of your kids messing up the pieces or even breaking them, because the pieces were designed to be unbreakable.

You can also wash them if they are just too messy to play with – they are waterproof so water won’t ruin them.

Although this silicone chess set is a wonderful set to own, it, however, the board may usually have a slight bend but this doesn’t affect the quality of your play, and as for tournament regulations, this set meets all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with extra queens
  • Can be cleaned effortlessly and is durable
  • The board is easy to fold
  • No liquid can penetrate the pieces
  • Has a bag that can hold both the pieces and the board
  • Meets tournament standards

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3. Silicone Chess Set Combo

Silicone Chess Set Combo
  • Solid silicone chess pieces: Complete 32 pieces set + extra Queens
  • Premium silicone chess board (2 1/4" square) with clear notation and no curling
  • Full Color 15 page Chess4Life Chess Rules and tactics guide included with order
  • Chess House offers easy piece replacements

If you desire a quiet game of chess, then you should get this silicone chess set, because you won’t have to endure the clicking and clacking when you move your pieces on the board.

The moves are noiseless because the pieces and board of this set are both made of smooth silicone, also, at 1.1 mm thick, the board folds quite well, and you can fit it into any space.

The set is available in blue, but if that’s not your preferred color, the manufacturer is willing to make your pieces green, black, brown, or red upon request.

The good news is that Chess House has tested the durability and quality of the pieces hence, you’re guaranteed that this set is truly durable and of high-quality.

This set also comes with a mesh bag, thus you can always see your pieces and keep track of them, moreover, this bag helps to prevent the unlikely incidence of losing a chess piece, because once you lose a chess piece, even if it’s just a pawn or a knight, then you’re already at a disadvantage!

But in the unlikely event that you do lose a piece, Chess House is willing to offer a replacement.

What’s more?

The makers of this set care about your skill and that’s why this set comes with a colored 15-page guide by Chess4Life to help you master the rules, and of course, improve your skills.

The guide is perfect for even those who have little or no knowledge of chess and the set is meant for those between 6 and 72 years old.

Pros & Benefits:

  • No clacking sounds as you move the pieces
  • Comes with a free guide
  • Replacement for lost pieces
  • Comes with a free mesh bag
  • Very durable

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4. Best Chess Set Ever

Best Chess Set Ever Triple Weighted Tournament Style Chess Set with Exclusive Chess Strategy Guide -...
  • INTRODUCING THE BEST CHESS SET EVER, a sleek and modern chess experience perfect for chess beginners and chess...
  • NEW TO THE GAME OF CHESS? Our exclusive strategy guide covers all the basics plus winning tactics for advanced...
  • READY FOR THE RUSH OF A CHESS TOURNAMENT? The Best Chess Set Ever includes only chess tournament grade components....
  • LOOKING FOR A CHESS SET THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ENJOY? The Best Chess Set Ever brings more fun to the table with bonus...
  • EXPERIENCE THE BEST CHESS SET EVER FOR YOURSELF! You’ve got nothing to lose with our Above and Beyond 12-Month...

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Best Chess Set Ever is just for you.

It comes with a strategy guide for every player, therefore giving all an equal chance, and unlike most chess sets that have bags, this set comes with a portable modern game box.

If you want to stand out, then get this set that allows you to keep your pieces in a fancy box, the box can conveniently hold the modern silicone board and triple weighted Staunton chess pieces.

What sets this elite silicone board game apart is that it was created by competitive international chess, therefore, you can rest assured that the strategy guide is just what you need to hone your skills.

Best chess Ever left nothing to chance, and they have ensured that this set meets international standards.

The King stands at 3.75” tall, and all the pieces are triple weighted, meaning you can move them with ease and they’ll remain firmly in place – no tipping over plus you also get two extra queens.

Their silicone board also has notations, thus you new players can quickly learn the moves while they play, and the board is also quite easy to fold or roll-up.

Moreover, if the set proves to be different from the description, the makers are willing to offer a complete refund or replacement within a period of 12 months.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be used for years
  • Money-back guarantee or replacement
  • Free strategy guide to help you learn
  • It meets international standards
  • Comes with a fancy box

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5. WE Games Ultimate Compact Tournament Chess Set

WE Games Ultimate Compact Tournament Chess Set with Green Silicone Chess Board
  • Compact Tournament Chess set
  • Staunton Triple Weighted Chess Pieces with 3.75 in. King, includes Double Queens
  • Chess Pieces Weigh 2.2 Pounds
  • Non-Creasing, Stay-Flat Green Silicone Chess Mat
  • Black Canvas Zippered Pouch Holds Pieces and Silicone Chess Board – Measures 10 inches x 8 inches

And our fifth product is a special one from a company that has been making chess pieces since 1977 – you just can’t go wrong with this set.

This set features Staunton triple weighted pieces, the king is 3.75 inches tall, and to keep your items neat and safe, the set comes with a 9.57 inches wide and 8 inches tall zipper pouch.

The beauty of this WE Games set is its weighted pieces, which gives the much-needed stability when playing, the Staunton styled chess pieces are easy to tell apart because of their cream and black color with a slight satin finishing.

If you have a nine-year-old you want to keep preoccupied, then get this set, which they can use even when they’re older.

Also, the silicone board can be rolled up, folded, or laid out flat for a game without any permanent creases, and with algebraic notations, the board gives players a chance to learn and overcome any language barrier that might exist.

What’s more?

You can take this board to a tournament because it’s just the right size.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Zippered pouch to keep all your pieces together
  • Tournament-sized set
  • Silicone board that’s easy to fold and pack
  • Algebraic notations

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6. Chess Board Game for Kids Silicone Portable in Carrying Bag

Piyl Chess Set Board Game for Kids Silicone Portable in Carrying Bag Travel Chess Sets for Beginner...
  • SILICONE BOARD:Get your hands on this durable, 100% silicone board preferred by chess players...
  • HIGH QUALITY PIECES: Contains 32 tripled weighted black and white plastic pieces with a glossy chess...
  • EASY TO CARRY:Lightweight and folding board design makes it portable to carry around and easy to travel...
  • WE GAMES: Food grade silicon chess set is high quality materials can keep your children more healthy. It...
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:We offer 12-monthes Money-Back Service for any quality issues. Any dissatisfaction...

Now here’s a set that was made just for kids!


Because safety comes first, this set is made of food-grade silicone material, thus it’s safe to use by all, especially kids, and your child can conveniently carry it to school or enjoy a game with you at home.

It’s also the perfect set for chess club members in schools, and children as young as 24 months old can learn as well – they definitely aren’t left out on this set.

If you are stuck thinking of the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your child who enjoys playing chess, then this set is perfect and your child will truly be excited about it.

The board is 100% silicone, it’s lightweight, its king measures 2.75 inches in height and the total weight of the set is 1.2 lb.

Another handy feature of this set is that it comes with a bag that can carry the silicone mat and the timer during tournament days.

Last but not the least, the maker of this set offers a replacement if there’s any problem with your set – no questions asked.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made to be safe, especially for kids
  • Easy to carry around
  • A bag that holds the set, a timer, and a mat
  • 12-month money-back guarantee
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Custom made for children

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7. Idopuz - New Ultimate 3.75” King 20” Silicone Board

IDOPUZ 3.8" King 20" 100% Silicone Chess Board 22" Chess Bag 50 Games Scorebook & Pens -...
  • New Ultimate Chess Pieces X 1 UNIT | 1 .Size: King 3.8"tall, 1 7/8"base ,2 .Color: WHite/Black,3 .Complete set of...
  • 100% Silicone Standard Chess Board X 1 UNIT |Size: 20 inches with 2.25 inch squares ,2 .Color:White/Green,3....
  • Chess Pieces Drawstring Bag X 1 UNIT | 1 .Size: 9.5"x 7.5" ,2 .Color: Cream ,3 .Gross Weight: 340g/case ,4 .Quality...
  • A: Chess Pen X 4 UNITS |1 .Color:Black ,2 .Gross Weight:62g/case ,3 .Prossional Pen for chess move B: Chess...
  • IDOPUZ: Specilized in Manufacturing Professional Chess Equipments for Clubs ,Tournament ,Opens,Events & Promotion...

Idopuz prides itself as the maker of specialized chess equipment for clubs, tournaments, and other events, therefore, they promise to give you the best for your money.

The board is 100% silicone, thus it’s excellent for championships and learning, moreover, this set also comes with thoughtful gifts like pens and scorebooks.

This chess set by Idopuz comes with four chess pens and two scorebooks, thus if you are playing at home with your family or in a pro tournament, you can easily keep scores with your high-quality scorebooks whose thickness is unmatched.

If you’re worried about losing queens, then you shouldn’t because this set also comes with extra queen pieces, and that’s not all, it also has a leather drawstring bag that can hold everything included in this set.

And as for the chess pieces, they have a sturdy base and this prevents them from tipping over on the board.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for tournaments
  • Comes with pens and scorebooks
  • Leather drawstring bag that can hold all pieces
  • Comes with extra queens

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8. 100% Silicone Board 22” Chess Bag Tournament Chess Set

4-Queens 4" King Triple Weighted Staunton 20” 100% Silicone Board 22" Chess Bag Tournament Chess...
  • Chess Pieces X 1 UNIT | Size: King 4"tall ,1 7/8"Base Color: WHite/Black Complete set of 34 pieces with extra...
  • 100% Silicone Standard Chess Board X 1 UNIT |Size: 20 inches with 2.25 inch squares ,2 .Color:White/Green,3....
  • Classic Chess Bag X 1 UNIT | 1 .Size:55x11x11cm,2 .Color:Black,3 .Gross Weight: 250g/case,4 .It can be hold for...
  • Its Great Gifts: Christmas,saint valetine, beloved, friends, parents, daughter, girlfriend, birthday, mother's day,...
  • IDOPUZ: Specilized in Manufacturing Professional Chess Equipments for Clubs ,Tournament ,Opens,Events & Promotion...

Another awesome product by Idopuz!

This set has 34 pieces, all of which have a felt base, and the chess pieces are also triple weighted thus they meet the standards for tournaments.

Having triple weighted pieces means that the pieces will not easily slip off the board, especially when you’re about to win, and like most of the other sets, this set also comes with a bag that fits your pieces, board, scorebook, pen, and clock.

However, this bag is made of strong high-quality material and it also comes with an easy zipper.

Not only is it a great board game for any day, but it’s also a wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or festive seasons, and even your 6 years old child can enjoy this game.

Idopuz takes pride in being an expert in making professional chess equipment, hence you can rest assured that this product is as good as they say.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Triple-weighted for a firm grip
  • Easy zipper bag
  • Great as gifts
  • Made by experts

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9. Best Chess Set Ever Xl - Extra Heavy Weighted Chess Pieces

Like its name suggests, this set features extra-heavy weighted chess pieces, because light pieces are likely to tip over, and chess players are likely to also go for weighted pieces.

This product also comes with extra queen pieces, leaving you with a total of 4 queens, all of which have a felt-base.

Best Chess Set Ever chess pieces also come with a modern silicone board and a strategy guide for beginners and advanced players, moreover, chess is all about the moves and a good chess player should know enough good tactics to win.

The strategy guide is a 32-page illustrated handbook for both kids and adults, the set also comes with a foldable board with algebraic notations which makes learning super easy.

This chess set was developed by international players and they’ve left nothing to chance with this product, hence they’ve ensured that the set meets all international standards and of course, they also have a replacement policy – if you’re dissatisfied with the pieces or board, then you can ask for a replacement.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quadruple weighted for a firm grip
  • Comes with a strategy guide
  • Meets international standards
  • Has a return policy

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Regulation Silicone Tournament Chess Set - Pieces Only

Regulation Silicone Tournament Chess Set - Pieces Only - 3.75" King - Black & White
  • Affordable & High Quality Silicone Chess Pieces - Ideal for Individuals, Schools, Chess Clubs and Tournament Play!
  • Virtually Indestructible, Has a Nice Weight, and Designed With Serious Play in Mind! Exceeds All US Chess...
  • Perfect for Chess Players of all Ages and all Skill Levels
  • Includes 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)
  • Manufactured Exclusively by the United States Chess Federation (USCF)

You can get yourself this Regulation Silicone Tournament Chess Set at an affordable price for all 34 chess pieces.

The set, manufactured exclusively by the United States Chess Federation, is not only limited to tournaments, but it’s also ideal for individuals and schools.

It’s made of silicone material thus the set is durable, and because comfort is also paramount during a chess game, the manufacturers have ensured that the pieces have just the right weight.

Everybody can share in the fun, even children as young as five months old!

This set is a good bet for pro players because it also exceeds the US Chess Federation and Fide requirements for use in tournaments.

The package comes with two additional queens, however, the only downside of this set is that it only contains pieces, and you’ll have to purchase a mat or board separately.

However, getting a mat or board is not so hard because there are many silicone boards available.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for children as young as five months old
  • Meet all tournaments guidelines
  • Has a comfortable weight
  • Exclusively manufactured by the United States Chess Federation

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

How To Take Care Of Your Chess Set

Because they come in different sizes and different materials, chess sets do not have a single standard technique on how they should be maintained.

Everyone wants their chess sets to last for years, regardless of whether they got it cheap or not, and caring for your set is even more important if, the chess set is for your child.

You surely can’t afford to go to the game store now and then to get a new set, right?

However, with these easy steps, you can enjoy your chess set for years.

Caring for Silicone

Does your chess set come with instructions on how to maintain it?

If it does, then you should stick to it, the manufacturer’s guide is always important and of course, correct.

However for silicone chess pieces or boards, you can easily wash them because they are crease-resistant and if you’re in a rush, then you can use wipes to get rid of the dirt or hair strands that might be stuck on your board or pieces.

Protect Your Wooden Chessmen

If you own a wooden chess set, then you should keep them away from too much heat or moisture, especially if you want them to last for years.

To give your chest pieces a proper shine, apply some wax and polish them when they are dry, so the next time you take them out to play, your pieces will be the envy of your opponent.

Remember, a small amount of wax will do the job.

Dos and Don’ts of Fiberglass

It’s less of a hassle to care for a fiberglass chess set, just keep them away from dust, and you’re good to go, however, if they get dirty, then all you need is a soft cloth to wipe them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re buying a game of chess for a family game night, a tournament, or to teach your child a few skills, then you’re surely spoilt for choice when it comes to silicone chess pieces.

When shopping, watch out for safety, if the set is meant for children, and another thing to watch out for is the weight of the pieces, the pieces should be firm lest they tip over during play.

Also, getting a set that comes with a bag is always a better bargain, this prevents your pieces from getting missing and makes it easier to carry around.

Of course, a product that provides extra key pieces is a better deal, and if the product comes with a refundment or replacement plan, then you should seriously consider getting it.

Silicone chess pieces are definitely a good idea if you want chess pieces, they are better off than wooden or plastic chess pieces.

There you have it, the best 10 chess pieces in the market that you can purchase.

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