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10 Best Silicone Prep Bowls & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

The silicone prep bowls have all these features and you’ll be amazed how they can take your cooking process to a whole different level. 

If you’re keen on cooking, you probably find yourself in a lack of prep bowls all the time and you try to find something that’s long-lasting, but at the same time easy to use and to maintain in a good condition as well. 

Since cooking can be pretty messy and mostly it requires a lot of ingredients, that means that most of the time you require a lot of prep bowls even for only one meal. 

That’s why it’s essential to have prep bowls that will work well with every ingredient, will be easy to store without taking too much space in the cupboards, and will be dishwasher-friendly.

Nowadays, most of the people who love cooking are going for bowls made of silicone simply because it makes cooking more joyful and less stressful. 

If you’re thinking of switching to silicone prep bowls, this article can help you decide which ones are the best and most chosen this year. 

Of course, there is a vast number of options and, understandably, you may find yourself questioning over and over again what will work the best for you.

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10 Best Silicone Prep Bowls Reviewed

Below are the 10 best silicone prep bowls that you might want to check out.

1. Wilton Stylish Silicone Prep Bowl Set

Wilton Stylish Silicone Prep Bowl Set, 3-Piece
  • The beautiful design makes this prep bowl set a great starter or start-over set
  • Flexible and sturdy silicone in 3 sizes for measuring and prepping
  • Measurement guides inside each bowl for full and half measurements - small bowl measures 1/4 and 1/8 cups; medium...
  • Includes: 3 silicone bowls
  • Dishwasher safe

Those who enjoy cooking, also enjoy having cooking tools which aren’t boring and look nice. 

The Wilton’s set of stylish prep bowls is the perfect fit for people who pay attention to details and like to have colorful cooking tools to brighten their kitchen. 

Firstly, the great design of these bowls will give you a great start in your cooking and even give your kitchen counter a new look. 

Secondly, these cute bowls can be used for different purposes and they’re great for slippery fingers, so you don’t have to worry about spilling half of the ingredients and making a mess out of the kitchen. 

This set includes three bowls in three different sizes suitable for both measuring and prepping. 

The flexible and sturdy silicone makes the usage quite easy with different kinds of ingredients, i.e. they work well both with liquids and solid ingredients. 

The measurement units are marked inside each bowl, so you don’t have to use any other tool for measuring while cooking, which makes the following of recipes a real “piece of cake”. 

Another great thing about these prep bowls is that they’re safe to be washed in the dishwasher, which will make the cleaning process more convenient. 

On top of everything, these cute little bowls come at an affordable price, meaning that you can buy your kitchen something nice for only a few bucks. 

These stylish prep bowls are the real game-changer in the kitchen, so you definitely won’t regret buying this beautiful set. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful design 
  • Convenient for different ingredients 
  • Different sizes 
  • Affordable price
  • Dishwasher-friendly 

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2. Trudeau Silicone Pinch Bowls

Trudeau Silicone, Set of 4 Pinch Bowls, 3-1/2 by 3-1/2, Multicolor (0990059)
  • Set of 4 pinch bowls by Trudeau
  • Made of silicone
  • Flexible bowls for easy pouring
  • Each pinch bowl has a 1/2-cup / 125-ml capacity
  • Ideal for condiments or ingredients

This set of silicone pinch bowls by Trudeau are perfect for those who want to put a little color in their kitchen. 

Trudeau Silicone Pinch Bowls is a great choice for all the foodies who like distinctiveness and originality in their households. 

This set of four colorful bowls provides you with flexibility for easy pouring and convenience during the cooking process. 

Each bowl has a capacity of ½ cup or 125ml. 

You can use them with wet or dry ingredients, meaning that they’ll work well in every dish prep. 

They’re perfect when it comes to measuring, but they’re also a tool you can use for mixing or melting ingredients. 

These features will enable you to experiment with ingredients a little bit, which is the favorite thing of every cook. 

The inside of the bowls is made of a glossy-mirrored surface, while the outside has a matte finish which provides easy gripping, so you won’t be bothered by pouring out the ingredients anymore. 

Another great thing is that you can safely wash them in a dishwasher and not worry about them getting destroyed. 

So, if you want to make your cooking exciting and easy, you can do that with the Trudeau Silicone Bowls. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Colorful design 
  • The flexibility of the silicone 
  • Easy-grip 
  • Easy clean 
  • Inexpensive 

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3. iSi Basics Quart Flexible Silicone Mixing Bowl Set

iSi Basics Basics Flexible Silicone Pinch Bowls, 2 Ounce, Red, White, Green, Yellow
  • Set of 4 assorted color silicone pinch bowls; pinch-to-pour rim makes these useful in the kitchen
  • 2-ounce pinch bowls are perfect for keeping spices, oils, and other ingredients at the ready
  • Curved lip eliminates drips
  • 4 assorted colors; red, wasabi green, yellow and white
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe; heat resistant to 490 degrees F

This is the number one choice by the cooks and foodies around the world and there are several reasons for that. 

Firstly, the flexibility of the silicone of which these bowls are made makes the bowls quite useful and easy to use in the kitchen. 

Secondly, they come in a set of four and each bowl is in a different color, meaning that not only your cooking will get on a new level, but also your kitchen will get a new design and refreshment. 

iSi Bowls are great for keeping oils, spices or any other ingredients prepped for any meal you want to cook. 

Another amazing feature is that all of the bowls come with a lid, which will enable you to prep or your ingredients even days before cooking and be sure that they’ll be fresh when you get to it. 

Also, the lids enable you to use the bowls to store some leftovers or some snacks and keep them fresh. 

What is more, you can use the iSi Bowls in a microwave because they are heat resistant up to 490°F, and this makes the baking process easier and faster for sure. 

The process of pinching-to-pouring is quite easy and the curved lip at the top of the bowls prevents dripping. 

The cleaning of the bowls is also pretty easy since you have the option to just put them in the dishwasher and get the kitchen clean in a few minutes. 

You can expect to use them for a long time since the good quality of the silicone makes the bowls quite resistant and durable. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good for both solid or liquid ingredients 
  • Durable 
  • Come with lids 
  • Prevent drips
  • Microwave and dishwasher-friendly 

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4. Le Creuset Silicone Prep Bowls

Le Creuset FA205-17 t Silicone Prep Bowls, 1/4c, 1/3c, 1/2c & 1 cup, Caribbean
550 Reviews
Le Creuset FA205-17 t Silicone Prep Bowls, 1/4c, 1/3c, 1/2c & 1 cup, Caribbean
  • This set of 4 fine grade silicone bowls is perfect to measure and stage ingredients. Flexible bowls pinch together...
  • Made from stain-resistant, non-abrasive Silicone
  • Resists odor and flavor absorption; great for everything from staging to serving

Le Creuset Silicone Bowls are some of the best bowls for measuring and prepping ingredients and they also come with a great look. 

The sophisticated, silicone design of these bowls will make your kitchen look great, but at the same time provide you ease in your cooking process. 

They’re greatly flexible which makes the pinching quite easy and you don’t have to worry about dripping and making a mess. 

The silicone of which they’re made is non-abrasive and resistant to stains, so you can be sure that you can clean them easily and keep them good as new all the time. 

Also, they’re resistant to odor, which means that they’ll never absorb the smell of flavors and you don’t have to use special aromatic soaps while washing them.

Even though they’re made of silicone they still feel and look very strong. 

The set is made of four bowls in different sizes and the bottom of each of them can be used for measuring. 

This measuring feature is especially helpful when it comes to baking since you’ll have the ingredients pre-measured and you’ll prevent their over-mixing. 

Also, this set can be quite useful, if you love to cook with your kids. 

They’re unbreakable, which means that children can work well with them and you don’t have to worry about your “helpers” getting hurt. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good for measuring and prepping 
  • Resistant to stains 
  • Resistant to odors
  • Four different sizes 
  • Nice design 

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5. Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls, Set of 4
  • Silicone construction
  • Red, green, blue, and yellow
  • Dishwasher safe

Are you in need of something cute, small and convenient, that’ll improve your cooking routine and make it easier? 

Norpro knows exactly what cooking fans need and they’ve invented these mini pinch bowls just for your taste. 

These tiny bowls are the things that your kitchen misses and they’ll take your cooking process to a new, exciting level. 

The Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls are excellent for chopped herbs, sauces, and different kinds of condiments. 

You can use them for holding the ingredients in the process of cooking, but also for serving them in small portions. 

The set includes four miniature bowls made of flexible silicone which come in four different colors. 

The flexible silicone is strong and it’ll prevent losing the shape of the bowls, but it’ll also prevent absorbing odors of the food flavors. 

You can use these tiny bowls in a microwave since they’re resistant to heat up to 500°F/ 260°C.

The smooth surface allows the washing of these bowls to be very easy with only water and soap, but also you can just use the dishwasher for this purpose since they are dishwasher-friendly. 

So, if you require something tiny, but useful in your kitchen, these Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch would be the perfect choice for you. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Strong silicone that prevents losing shape
  • Not taking too much space
  • Odor resistant 
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe 
  • FDA approved

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6. Kingro 20-Pack Mini Silicone Pinch Bowls

Kingro 20-Pack Mini Silicone Pinch Bowls, 1.75 Ounce Prep & Serve Bowls for Condiments, Dips,...
  • Made from food-grade silicone, BPA free. The pinch bowls will not stain or absorb flavors or odors.
  • Reuseable, flexible, easy pouring when squeeze, stackable for compact storage. Microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe,...
  • Ideal for serving condiments or mixing spices, holding chopped herbs, peppercorns, sauces, baking ingredients,...
  • It can also be used as snack bowl, egg poacher. Some ingenious person used them for mix resin and arcylic paints,...
  • Set of 20 mini prep bowls, 10 colors, measures 2.75”Dia. x 1.25”H, 1.75 oz capacity. Mix or match to make a...

This is a set of 20 miniature silicone prep bowls that definitely prove handy in your kitchen, but also introduce some colorfulness to your kitchenware. 

Even though some people may hate cooking or preparing food, these bowls are here to make this process more interesting and exciting. 

The Kingro miniature bowls are made of strong silicone that will prevent absorbing odors and food flavors, but also make the gripping easier, so you won’t worry too much about bowls slipping your fingers anymore. 

The bowls are reusable, flexible, and very convenient for storing since they don’t take too much space in your cupboards. 

They’re easily washed with warm water and some detergent, but using the dishwasher is also possible. 

You can freely use these bowls in the microwave or even the freezer and be sure that their form will be kept in the same condition as before. 

Kingro Mini Silicone Bowls can be used for serving or mixing different kinds of ingredients since they’re suitable for both solid or liquid ones. 

These tiny, cute bowls can also be useful for serving snacks, and some artists even use them for mixing colors. 

The bowls come in ten different colors – some of them plain, others colorful, so you’ll absolutely have fun using them.

As previously mentioned, their usage is quite wide and helpful, so buying this set of prep bowls definitely won’t be a mistake. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Not absorbing food odors 
  • Easily washed 
  • Microwave and freezer-friendly 
  • Not taking too much storage space 
  • Inexpensive 

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7. Norpro 3-Piece Silicone Bowl Set

Norpro 3 Piece Silicone Bowl Set, Red, 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.2 inches, As Shown
  • The small holds 1-quart, medium holds 1-1/2-quart and large holds 2-quart
  • The bowls are stable and firm, but flexible enough that they make pouring of ingredients easy
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe and heat resistant upto 500F/260c
  • Easy pour and clean with smooth interior
  • Great for pouring into stand mixer while mixing and cake molds

This is an amazing set containing three bowls of beautiful red color that will look great in your kitchen. 

The bowls are in three different sizes-small, medium, and large, i.e. one holding 1-quart, the second 1-½ quarts, and the last 2-quarts. 

The silicone of which they’re made provide flexibility, stability, and firmness. 

You can be sure that the bowls won’t lose their shape over time and they’ll make the pouring process very easy and neat. 

The surface on the inside is smooth which will assure easy hands-on cleaning, but you can always use the dishwasher since they’re structured for it as well. 

If you love baking, especially cakes, the Norpro Silicone Bowls would be quite useful to you since they make mixing of cake molds surprisingly easy. 

Besides using them for prepping food, you can also use them to heat ingredients in the microwave. 

The bowls are heat resistant which means that the silicone won’t be damaged and the food will keep the full quality. 

Another use of these bowls would be to freeze ingredients and food – they’re perfectly safe to be used in the freezer. 

The Norpro Silicone Bowls keep the customers happy and satisfied, so if you decide to try them, you won’t regret it. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful color and design 
  • Firm and flexible 
  • Good for cake molds 
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe 
  • Stable and easy to grip 

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8. ForPro Silicone Mixing Bowl

ForPro Silicone Mixing Bowl, Black, Flexible, Odorless, for Mixing Facials, Massage, Body & Other...
  • Mixing Bowl: ForPro Mixing Bowl is ideal for mixing facials, massage, body, and other products
  • Silicone Mixing Bowl: Our mixing bowl is made of silicone that does not interact with ingredients making it 100%...
  • Mask Mixing Bowl: The mixing bowl features a measuring guide on the inside of the bowl for maximum convenience
  • Black Mixing Bowl: The bowl also has a ring at the bottom that offers stability while use
  • Silicone Bowl: Mixing Bowl is machine washable and very easy-to-clean. Size: 8 ounces, Color: Black

The ForPro Silicone Mixing Bowl is a bowl for those who enjoy sophisticated designs with dark colors. 

This bowl is made of silicone which doesn’t interact with other ingredients, making the bowl 100% safe for mixing different kinds of products. 

On the smooth surface on the inside of the bowl, there are measure units that make the measuring quite easy. 

The ring at the bottom of the bowl provides stability and the fine silicone enables easy gripping, so your ingredients will be secure with each grip. 

The distinguishing feature of the ForPro Bowl is the black color of it, which makes the design even more attractive. 

The smooth, inside surface enables easy washing and cleaning, and the strong silicone prevents the absorbing of odors and smells of ingredients. 

You can easily wash it with water, but it’s safe to use it in the dishwasher as well. 

This bowl can be used for mixing food ingredients, both solid and liquid, but many customers have found it useful in mixing facial, massage, and body products. 

This nicely designed silicone bowl comes with a great price, so along with the helpful and flexible use, you get to save some money as well. 

If you’d like to have something that can be applied to multiple things, then the ForPro Bowl is the answer for you. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Nice, black design 
  • Stable and flexible 
  • Easily washed 
  • Good for mixing ingredients 
  • Can be used with different products 

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9. Jovilife Collapsible Silicone Bowl

Jovilife 2pack gift orange 71oz silicone Collapsible microwave Bowls 9cups rv camping bowl mixing...
  • ✔ 【Lightweight & Collapsible】:Unique silicone collapsible mixing bowl with no lid. Suitable for apartment...
  • ✔【Food-grade Material】: Jovilife folding bowl is made of 100% food-grade silicone, which is BPA free, Food...
  • ✔【Portable】 :This products take up very little room and easy to pack. if you like camping, this is very suit...
  • ✔【 handle and Non-slip Design】: You can hang up the bowl according by the Hollow handle.which will not occupy...
  • ✔【100% Guarantee】:If you have any problem of these Collapsible bowl , don't hesitate to contact with us. We...

This collapsible bowl is ideal for those who always have trouble finding space for new kitchenware or for those who like to take their bowls on their trips without using too much space in their bag. 

The bowl is really light and it has holes on the side handles which enables you to hang the bowl wherever you find it suitable to save some space. 

The Jovilife Bowl is made of food-grade silicone which is BPA free and makes the bowl 100% safe and non-toxic. 

It’s perfect for food prep, but also for storing fruit, vegetables, or some other snacks. 

You can even use it to store food in the freezer, without worrying about damaging the shape of the bowl. 

Also, you can use the bowl for mixing ingredients, since the silicone and its shape offer perfect stability. 

If you’re a fan of camping, the Jovilife Bowl would make your food preparations for camping significantly easier. 

You can also use the bowl to put and keep some snacks at home and the non-slip design at the bottom will prevent falling. 

If you’re tired of always trying to find more space for your kitchenware or you’re just fed up with carrying empty bowls in your bag back from work, then the Jovilife Collapsible Silicone Bowl is the answer for you. 

The product comes with a 100% guarantee, so if you encounter any problem with the bowl or you just don’t like it, you can contact the customer service at any time. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stable and flexible 
  • Non-slip design at the bottom 
  • Collapsible 
  • Saves space 
  • Easy to carry around 

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10. FancyFree Collapsible Silicone Bowl with Dust-Proof Lid

This collapsible and portable prep bowl is made of food-grade silicone which is BPA free and FDA approved. 

The silicone is strong and thick and it provides stability to the bowl when you use it. 

The amazing feature of this bowl is that it comes with a lid that is dust-proof and it can also be used as a chopping board since it’s greatly durable. 

It’s collapsible, so it saves a lot of space in your cupboards, but it’s also convenient for packing food for work or camping since you can easily carry it in your bag. 

Another great thing about the bowl is that with it you get a metal buckle, so you can just hang the bowl on your backpack, or somewhere on the wall in your kitchen. 

You can use the bowl to prep ingredients for cooking or just store any kind of food, both solid or liquid. 

You can also use the bowl to freeze food in it, since it’s freezer resistant, meaning that the shape won’t be damaged. 

It’s also perfect for heating food in the microwave because the bowl can resist heat up to 130°C. 

The maintenance of the bowl, i.e. cleaning it, it’s quite easy since you can do it both with soap and warm water or just put it in the dishwasher. 

The FancyFree Collapsible Silicone Bowl is a revolutionary product on the market and you surely won’t regret it, if you try it. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stable and flexible 
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Collapsible 
  • BPA-free and FDA-approved
  • Easy to carry around 

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Final Thoughts 

As you can see the choice is wide, but before deciding on something, you have to be sure that you won’t just waste your money. 

The silicone prep bowls are currently the most convenient products on the market that make your cooking process easier, preventing you from making a mess in the kitchen. 

As it could be seen from this article, these bowls can be used for various things and on different occasions, and most of them can be obtained for a little bit of money. 

It’s important to remember that you’re the one who needs things to get easier around the kitchen, not only for cooking but also for cleaning after it and storing the food. 

That’s why it’s essential to have the proper tools to achieve this goal and make your life and daily routines as easy as possible. 

It’s no secret that most of the foodies and cooking fans are now going for silicone instead of glass or plastic – firstly because of stability and easy usage, secondly because most of them are made of organic materials, and thirdly because they’re easy to store.

We all know that cooking can be quite messy, so the silicone bowls can come really handy when it comes to this and you need something which you can rely on. 

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