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How To Make A Silicone Mask Tutorial | 10 Simple Steps

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Skye Rhodes

Ever wondered how to make a silicone mask at home?

There are a lot of types of silicone masks and they include the full head mask, simple face mask, Halloween masks, etc.

These masks are made from silicone liquid and easy to wear and look nice. 

These silicone masks can be used on various occasions like Halloween, for movies, VFX work, etc.

For making masks you need basic work like sculpting, mold, casting. 

After following all the instructions you can make masks in your home.

These steps are simple and easy to understand.

Table of Contents

How To Make A Silicone Mask Tutorial

  • Deciding the character
  • Making a humanoid
  • Making silicone mixture
  • Apply silicone mixture part 1
  • Apply silicone mixture part 2
  • Detailing the mask
  • Demolding the mask
  • Fitting the mask

Deciding the character

So what is the best way on how to make a silicone mask?

The first step in making a silicone mask is to decide your character.

In this step, think about the character for whom you are making a mask.

For example, if you are making a mask for Halloween the character should look horror-like.

Deciding the character is not so difficult as you can take inspiration from movies where these types of masks are used.

Silicone mask-making classes are also available if you are professionally making masks.

You can use various websites for deciding the character of your mask.

The character of your mask should be simple and easy to make. 

If you are yet to get the idea of the type of mask to make, you can easily simplify your face for making silicone masks.

Another thing that you should consider is the size of the mask.

The size of the mask should fit your face perfectly, with holes for the eyes and nose.

Making of Humanoid

Making a humanoid is a difficult process.

This process involves the use of clay and plaster.

In making the humanoid, you need some extra time so you can set up the clay.

The humanoid should be positioned in such a way that you can easily apply the mixture in your mold.

You can also use molds for making masks.

You can buy a mold for mask making, depending upon the size that you are looking for making your masks.

In making a humanoid, this humanoid must be the base of the silicone mask as that makes it fit properly based on your face size.

How to make a mold

Making a mold for a silicone mask comes with important steps to follow.

The first thing in making this mold is to decide the character and size of the mold.

The mask structure is based upon this mold so make this according to size so that it fits well.

For measuring size you can draw a face on the paper according to mask size.

For making mold you need some things like plaster and clay.

Making a mold is difficult but can be accomplished following some important steps.

Pottery plaster is usually used in making a mold.

Student clay is also used to line the outer lines of the mask so that the silicone mixture doesn’t come outside.

Making of silicone mixture 

There are a lot of brands making silicone gels and you can choose from any of them.

In this case, we consider plastic gel-00 both A and B and some silicone colors.

Colors are used to make the skin tones of the mask.

There are also a lot of brands making silicon colors you can buy from and use according to your needs.

When making the silicone mixture, you need a basket where you can mix up the silicon gels.

To make the silicone gel, you need both plastic gel-00 A, plastic gel-00 B bother mixture of the same quantity to add in a big basket or anything, etc. so that you can use these easily.

Secondly, you need to make colors.

You can choose colors according to your need and add them to your silicone mixture.

Ensure you make use of good quality colors so that your mask looks good.

You also need a moisturizer as it makes it easy to remove the silicone mask.

Apply silicone mixture part 1

This part is divided into two parts.

In the first part, you need to make a good mixture with the required colors and gently apply this mixture into the humid.

Please note that you don’t apply the cure to your eyes and nose so that it is easy to put on.

The first thing now is to moisturize inside the mold with a good amount of silicone mixture so that it is easy to remove later.

In applying this silicone mixture, there are certain things you need to note.

If your mixture is dripping out of the mold, you can cut out these drops because these make the mask ugly looking.

Apply a good thick layer of the silicone so it makes a good thick mask.

Apply silicone mixture part 2

After applying the first batch of this silicone mixture, you need to give some time for this mixture to set into the mold.

After the first batch of the mixture is dry, you need to prepare the mixture again. 

After preparing, you can now apply the mixture inside the mold.

In this part, apply a good amount of mixture in the mold so that the mask is good-looking.

If you are making this silicone mask for Halloween, you can add different colors to the mixture so that the final product looks scary.

You can also use simple skin colors so they make looks real.

Detailing the mask

If you are making masks for Halloween you can make this mask look scary by adding details. 

You can use different elements to make this mask look great or even add make-up to give a nice final touch.

You can use details like skin lines, eye hair, and hair to look good.

For example, you can use colors and some other things to make this mask look different.

Making details is creative work so you can hire someone to help make this mask look great.

The step below is for those who are creative.

Those who can use their creativity to make the mask look stunning.

In movies, this type of work can be used with VFX technology, and making use of it gives a stunning look to the character.

Demolding the mask

After some time when the mixture is dry, you can unmold the mask.

You can use a knife to unmold. 

Demolding the mask carefully, you can use help from another person so that the mask removes out easily.

If you have applied a good moisturizer in the beginning, it will be easy to remove the mask from the mold.

Gently remove the mask from the mold and add some baby powder when you wear the mask.

Fitting the mask

The mask is removed from the mold and dried.

You can use these masks for various purposes like Halloween purposes and any other event like for some videos, VFX work, etc. 

In some movies, they also use these types of masks and make VFX so that they look very good.

You can gently put your make-up on your face, and gently press all the areas so the mask is in a good position and good looking.

After wearing the mask, you can also apply makeup so it looks more unique and different.

The Things You’ll Need To Make A Silicone Mask

Some basic things that you will need to make a silicone mask.

All these things are easily available in the online store.

If you can’t make the mold yourself you can buy the mask mold so that it saves your time.

There are latex masks that you can also choose for Halloween.

  • Silicone A and B
  • Silicone thickener
  • Silicone colors
  • Mixing buckets
  • Measuring cup
  • Paintbrushes

These are all normal things you need to make a silicone mask.

Silicone A and B

These are thick gels that are used for making a silicone mask.

This is silicone-based so there are a lot of brands, you can choose one of them for making a silicone mask.

For this, you can use Platsil gel-00 A and B and you can easily get them online.

Silicone thickener

This substance is used after applying silicone mixture A and B.

This is also what you can buy online easily.

Silicone colors

Silicone colors are used for making the mask look great. You can use different colors for making the mask-like skin color or other colors etc.

You can buy these colors online easily.

Mixing buckets

Mixing buckets are used to mix these silicon gels.

You can carefully put both of the mixtures in the bucket and gently mix them.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups are used for measuring the amount of silicone gels and silicone paint that you are using.

Things To Consider While Preparing Silicone Mask

While preparing the silicone mask there are certain things you can consider.

You can easily make a silicone mask right at home but there are some materials you should check out while setting up to make a mask.

Using good quality material

To make a silicone mask, you can choose from good quality material like silicone A and B, silicon 10, and silicone of other thickness.

All the materials are available online and you can check them out.

Good quality material is also needed for a good quality mask as it doesn’t harm your skin and has a longer life. 

Preparation of mask

There are a few things to consider while making the silicone mask.

Take different buckets for different mixtures like silicone mixture.

You can also help another person to prepare the mask.

Using good colors is one thing you should take note of.

Color choosing also depends on your requirements.

For example, if you are looking for Halloween, you can use colors like blue, dark brown, etc, and a combination of other colors so that this looks good and scary.

If you don’t want to add these bright colors, you can add some way darker colors also.

While preparing silicone masks, ensure you check out the holes for the eyes and nose as these are important because you can’t wear a mask without these.

While applying silicone mixture in the mold you can leave some holes for the nose, and ears and also for when you prepare the full head mask.

Wearing the mask

When your mask is prepared and fully dry you can use this mask, while wearing the mask, you can add some baby powder or moisturizer.

After applying baby powder to the inner section of the mask, you can then wear it, this is helpful for comfortable wearing and to pull out the mask.

Uses Of The Silicone Mask

The silicone mask is used in different ways; you can use this on Halloween or in movies.

There are some online pranks where you can use these masks.

Some scary movies used these types of masks.

In movies, the character also uses these types of masks because compared to the face make-up this mask fits well and is easy to do without worrying.

This mask is used for VFX also.

VFX technology is more advanced now so these masks are very helpful for use in movies.

Silicone Art

In today’s time, there are a lot of movies using these types of silicon masks in their movies.

This opens up new opportunities for employment as there are a lot of artists who work on this art.

Some people create extraordinary silicon masks based on their creativity.

In VFX, the mask needs more detailing for a specific character and make-up to help create a better-looking character for movies.

Nowadays 3d printing also uses making and selecting the character of these silicone masks.

In 3d printing, programs suggest the best character according to need and they make better silicone masks.

How To Make A Silicone Mask Tutorial 2

In the previous tutorial, we discussed basic silicone mask making, however, for that method, you need a humanoid.

Without a humanoid, mask making is not possible, and making a humanoid is a difficult process.

So in this tutorial, we are discussing steps on how to make a simple silicone mask without a humanoid.

In this process of making a silicone mask. you need plaster for making the structure hard, clay for setting up the mold, silicone mixture for the base of this mask, and lastly, alginate.

  • Project overview
  • Deciding your character
  • Create a character mold
  • Sculpting
  • Pour silicone mixture
  • Extract your mask

Project overview 

The process of silicone mask making is multi-step oriented.

There are a lot of things you need: bandages, clay, silicone mixture, etc.

First thing is to take all the necessary materials and create the mold of the character.

In this mold there are two sides: the first side is your character and the second side is your mask layout.

This is a multi process oriented project so it needs patience.

Moreso, it takes 2-3 days to construct this silicone mask.

Deciding your character

Deciding the character is the first step of creating the silicone mask.

Carefully decide the character because this character is the final layout of your mask so carefully and patiently sit on a chair and decide for whom you are making this silicon mask. 

In this step, you need to make a mold.

For creating mold you need to alginate and mix up as per the instructions given in the box.

Quickly apply this on the face of the character and keep eyes and nose holes clear.

Clearing all the holes is important because without that you cannot wear your mask.

Make your face quickly; you can also make use of cream of wheat.

After some time when mold is dry, you can use plaster bandages to make this hard.

Again keep all the holes clear.

Use these plaster bandages in a criss-cross pattern.

After some time these bandages get hard, after that you can unmold your character.

Step 2

After creating the first character you need to create the final part of the mold.

Fill any air holes in the mold.

You need to keep the surface flat.

You can definitely use woodblock and clay to set this with the character.

Use plaster to make this hard and retain this structure overnight and unmold this the next morning. 


This is the fun part; in this step, you can use clay to give this mask a better look.

It takes time, uses your imagination, and creates this mask for whatever purpose you are creating.

After sculpting your character, build a framework that is larger than what you have built.

After that use plaster and clay to face up on the board.

Fill all holes with clay and let it stay overnight until it becomes hard.

Pour the silicone

In this step, you need to make a silicone mixture.

Use some mixing buckets for mixing silicone mixture.

You can also use colors for making these masks look real, you can also add skin color so that this mask looks more real. 

Use silicon A and B other gels and pour all the silicone mixture into the mold.

Relax this mixture for some time and wait to set this up.

Extract your mask

After some hours of rest, it is time to uncast your character.

You can use a knife to remove this silicone mask. 

You can also remove unnecessary silicon parts to make this look good.

After carefully extracting the mask from the mold, the mask is now ready for use.

See that all holes are proper.

You can use these masks for any purpose you want.

After extracting the mask you can use make-up also to enhance your look.

Aside from these two methods, there are other methods for making silicone masks.

All depending upon material availability and your skills, you can make silicone masks from the comfort of your home.

Final Thoughts

Silicone masks are used for different purposes like for fun, Halloween and in movies, etc.

On how to make a silicone mask, it’s not difficult as you can make these types of masks at home with the necessary materials. 

There are silicone artists in movies who do great work or make silicone masks according to movie demand.

Making a silicone mask requires your imagination of what look you desire to get as end result.

You can use creativity and make this mask look good for whatever purpose you are looking for.

Nowadays after the covid-19 pandemic, there are some face masks that are made up of this silicone material.

These types of face masks are expensive but they are also good and can be found in some online stores.

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