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How Long Do Silicone Rings Last? | Best Silicone Reviews

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Skye Rhodes

Everyone already knows that silicone rings are durable, but just how long do silicone rings last?

Do they last for a lifetime since they are meant to be an emblem of endless love, commitment, and faithfulness to couples, or do they last for a couple of years?

Needless to say, a ring is an object that is used as a seal for a lifetime commitment by most couples when getting married and for centuries, people have been using traditional metal ring bands like gold, silver, and platinum.

However, most people find it difficult to wear these metal rings all the time.

This is because the traditional metal rings pose a threat to the ring finger when worn by people who have an active lifestyle or job like gym workers, firefighters, mechanics, or electricians.

That notwithstanding, metal rings are less comfortable to wear and expensive to replace when you lose them.

Silicone rings have therefore become an incredible alternative to metal rings since they’re well suited for the daily rigors of an active lifestyle, and the question “how long do silicone rings last?” will be answered pretty soon.

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Silicone Rings VS Traditional Metal Band Rings

When people realize just how comfortable silicone rings are, it becomes much more difficult to continue using traditional metal band rings.

And that’s why we’re starting by looking at some of the benefits of silicone rings.


Getting an exquisite symbolic seal for your marriage at a very cheap price is one of the best bargains you can ever make.

While the traditional metal wedding rings can cost as much as thousands of dollars, you can get an elegant silicone ring for a price tag that’s way less than that.

Moreover, you can easily buy a package of these rings with different features, colors, and designs.

This not only provides you with an array of options, but it also assures you that your rings will serve you for a longer period while still wearing them anywhere and of course, anytime.


One of the reasons why married couples don’t wear their traditional metal rings consistently is that they are not comfortable having them on day-in-day-out.

Some end up with swollen fingers and even abandon their rings completely.

And though metal rings are glamorous, classic, and can be very durable, they are not enjoyable or comfortable.

Silicone rings, on the other hand, are made of a flexible material, hence they are much more comfortable and accommodating on your finger.

You can wear them all whole day long whether at the gym, in the kitchen, or when you’re working in a garden.

Their flexibility gives you some level of comfortability in such a way that you can easily forget that you have your ring on.


Those who live an active lifestyle or whose hands are actively working with work tools are at risk of having their rings put undue pressure on their fingers, and this can be very painful.

Unfortunately, traditional metal rings won’t give in or break when subjected to very high temperatures, this leaves your finger at risk of ring avulsion injuries which can be very severe.

Silicone rings on the other hand, though they are tough are designed to break away when under extreme pressure to keep your finger safe.

They, therefore, provide you with a blend of long service in their unique tough nature but also safety by breaking when they need to.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Silicone Wedding Ring

As obvious as it might seem that silicone rings are the best option for those who are active every day, picking a good ring may not be that easy.

You can easily make the wrong choice which might become a nightmare for you.

So before you resent having ever gone for a silicone ring, it’s important to consider the following questions about silicone rings below.

Will It Deform?

As mentioned earlier, silicone rings are meant to be flexible enough to provide you with the comfort that traditional metal rings do not easily offer.

Therefore, a good silicone ring will be stretchy but will always maintain its original shape and form, however, there are some brands of silicone rings that aren’t original and might be too stretchy – these rings gradually lose their shape in no time.

You should therefore make wise and informed choices on which silicone ring to buy and where you should buy them from.

If you have no idea about what the best brands are, then don’t worry because we will explore some of the best options in a short while.

What About Ring Irritation?

Most people complain of ring irritation as one of the reasons they stop wearing their rings.

Similarly, some people are more sensitive to metal jewelry such that when they wear their ring, their fingers change colors or even develop blisters.

Luckily, silicone rings are generally hypoallergenic, meaning they’re unlikely to cause an allergic reaction unlike traditional metal rings like gold which contain nickel – which is fairly allergic.

Certainly, silicone rings are the best choice for those who are not allergic to silicone, moreover, silicone allergies are very rare.

That said, not all silicone rings are made with pure or high-quality silicone material.

Some of them can be mixed with other elements leading to more skin sensitivity issues.

It suffices then to say that it’s important to buy your silicone ring from trusted vendors, with whom you’re guaranteed that your ring is of high-quality and also hypoallergenic.

Do Silicone Rings Stink?

One of the main complaints that people give about their experience with silicone rings is that it leaves an unpleasant odor on your finger.

The fact is that silicone rings are made of rubber, which also has many benefits over metal, but one of its drawbacks is that it doesn’t give your finger room to breathe.

Therefore, when you are sweaty, the area of your skin in contact with the ring will give off an unpleasant smell.

While one of the best ways to deal with that odor is to clean your ring regularly, purchasing a silicone ring with grooves on its inner part allows for better airflow, and this reduces the amount of sweat trapped under your ring, hence preventing the foul smell.

Their Cheap Price

Silicon rings are among the few items you can own that are cheap but highly valuable.

While we’ve seen that they cost just a fraction of what the traditional metal rings cost, their cheap price cannot be equated to mean that they’re not durable or classic, or perhaps that they’re of low-quality.

That’s far from the truth as we have seen that they can last a lifetime.

Additionally, there are a variety of classic options to pick from with different designs, colors, and shapes.

How Long Do Silicone Rings Last?

This is one of the great contentions when people talk about silicone rings.

Most people dismiss their durability on the basis that they’re not metallic, are cheap, and are designed to be worn every other time under any circumstances, hence losing their value easily.

But before you conclude, it’s important to examine their durability based on the following factors:

1. The Silicone Ring Material

Silicone rings are designed by professionals using a medical-grade rubber, which makes them very flexible and more durable than people would expect.

With their design, they can withstand high or low temperatures within the range of -175 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without melting, deforming, or experiencing any change in their property.

This means that people in professions such as fire-fighters can comfortably wear these rings while on duty.

2. Their Breakability

Silicone rings are designed to withstand a lot of pressure that can be experienced by gym workers, people working in construction, or gardeners while they are on duty.

A silicone ring doesn’t just break easily, it breaks on purpose, for instance, if it gets stuck somewhere and your finger is under threat, it will give way so that your finger doesn’t get injured.

3. Can Be Used In Different Scenarios

As we have already stated before, you can wear your silicone ring day-in-day-out and you don’t have to remove it while doing certain rigorous tasks.

Unlike traditional metal rings which you have to remove before engaging in a rigorous task, silicone rings can be used for any and every kind of task – this doesn’t reduce their lifespan.

Moreover, rather than putting unnecessary pressure on your finger which might cause ring avulsion, the silicone ring breaks instead.

10 Of The Best Silicone Ring Brands And Their Reviews

For most people who are still confused about which silicone ring to buy, here’s a list of the 10 best options that are pocket-friendly.

1. Enso Silicone Rings

Enso rings are largely considered the best among silicone rings.

This is because they have an elegant design, these products are made of medical-grade silicone which is infused with actual precious metal to yield desirable properties.

Thus, their end product is a perfect imitation of the classic traditional metal ring to an extent, and most people can’t differentiate them from the actual metal rings.

They are flexible and comfortable to wear, with their groove design which provides a cool breathable space and makes them look stylish and modern.

Also, they are durable and come with a lifetime warranty offer which is just but the icing on the cake.

Enso silicone rings come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, thus the buyer has an unlimited amount of options to pick from, moreover, these rings are also unisex, hence a perfect choice for a matching pair of rings.

2. ROQ Silicone Rings

For either gender, ROQ Silicone rings are an amazing choice.

They’re classic (though not as much as Enso rings) yet incredibly when cheap compared to an Enso ring.

You can buy a pack of 7 ROQ rings at a cheaper price than you would a single Enso silicone ring, they are, therefore, one of the best budget rings available for you.

Besides, they are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and texture – has the most unique designs!

They are also highly hypoallergenic, which means that they can be worn by almost everyone including those people who are highly sensitive to jewelry.

3. Groove Life Silicone Ring

Groove Life rings are excellently designed, and this makes it one of the outstanding silicone rings in the market.

The rings are a reflection of what the Groove Life Company believes in; to be outstanding through exceptional customer service and the production of excellent products and services.

The rings have a classic outlook with an eye-catching pattern.

The brand blends its design with copper metal to make it look realistic like other regular metallic rings, however, it does not mimic the natural metal as well as the Enso silicone ring.

Groove Life rings are comfortable with an etched groove design on the inside that allows free circulation of air and space for moisture to get out.

Also, they offer the best premium rings and provide a lifetime warranty regardless of what happens to your ring.

4. QALO Silicone Rings

QALO Silicone Rings, especially those designed for men are rated almost as high as the Enso Silicone Rings because of their durability and versatility.

The ring has a proven record of withstanding tough situations without breaking.

On the other hand, the QALO silicone ring for women is eye-catching with its elegant beauty and simplicity.

They have a wide variety of colors and designs, moreover, you can even customize your ring with personalized engraved text.

They’re made of the best silicone material which explains their durability and the fact that they can get through extremely rough conditions.

Every QALO ring comes with a one time warranty which can be processed anytime from when the ring is bought and for any reason that befits the warranty.

5. SafeRingz Metallic Silicon Rings

SafeRingz is called metallic because the rings have a metallic finishing which makes them similar to regular metal rings.

They provide an option for custom engraving so that you can make it unique with your initials, your partner’s, or some other inscription that you may want.

They’re also made of quality medical-grade silicone, therefore, making them heat-resistant, non-conductive, and biocompatible.

SafeRingz comes in three different widths: a 3mm “stackable”, 6 mm ‘’Original’’, and 9 mm “Titan” width, this allows you to mix and match your rings in a way that complements the collection that you already have.

However, their metallic integration design isn’t as realistic as Enso rings.

Besides, every SafeRingz ring comes with the inscription “YESJ” on its inner circle, this inscription means “YES Jesus” and some people find this to be a put-off.

6. Thunderfit Silicone Rings

Thunderfit Silicone Rings are a simple brand of rings that have a shiny diamond pattern, which makes them different from others.

They’re cheap, nice-looking and are perfect to wear daily.

They are available in a variety of colors, hence you have tons of options to pick from.

Thunderfit is a stretch-to-fit ring with a flexibility that makes it easy for those with swelling problems to wear, however, it’s meant for everyone.

7. Enso Stackable Rings

These rings are different from the other Enso rings, they are best suited for those who like to customize and mix a taste of different colors at a go into a pattern of their choice.

Since a single Enso ring in this collection is very sleek, it makes it easier to have a stack of about 3 of them when worn together in a mix of colors.

Each of the Enso stackable rings comes with a lifetime warranty and an easy exchange for ring sizing.

8. Kauai Silicone Ring

Kauai silicone rings have an amazing scrollwork design that makes them unique.

They are durable, safe, and comfortable to wear in any situation whether you’re weightlifting, hiking, camping, on duty in the military, or any other rigorous work.

The ring is built with the safest silicone material, Kauai rings also have a variety of colors and designs for both men and women.

They can withstand extreme temperatures (but has a limit of 400 degrees Celsius) without melting or losing their original size and shape.

Amazingly, they also come with a lifetime warranty!

9. HonorGear Silicone Ring

HonorGear silicone rings have a lightweight, non-intrusive design, which makes them plain and simple for those who admire classic rings but do not want colorful or fanciful designs.

The ring doesn’t have any rough edges which makes it very comfortable to wear all day long, and it also comes in a variety of colors ranging from black, red, blue, grey, silver purple, and the likes.

This silicone ring is water-proof but allows sufficient air circulation to keep moisture at bay, also, it’s made of a special non-toxic silicone material.

The ring comes with a lifetime warranty and a full money-back guarantee if the ring does not satisfy you!

10. BULZi Silicone Ring

BULZi Rings are outstanding when compared to the others mentioned so far because of the extra comfort they offer.

They have Cush Dome bevels that offer cool, dry, and breathable airflow channels, which are proven to offer a massaging effect on your fingers.

These bevels are designed to tactically ensure that the entire inner part of the ring is directly not in contact with your finger, hence it offers free air circulation and prevents any skin irritation.

Final Thoughts

Silicone rings are still relatively new in the market, hence why many are still skeptical about them.

However, this is fast changing because those who use them have completely embraced their uniqueness and unmatched value, features, and quality.

As we have seen, with a silicone ring, you can comfortably carry on with your day-to-day hand-work without worrying about finger injuries, burns, irritations, or even losing your expensive ring.

These among many other concerns have been dealt with by these comfortable, flexible, affordable, safe, and elegant silicone rings that are readily available.

So, how long do silicone rings last?

For as long as you want them to, these rings can last a lifetime if you want them to – just be careful not to lose them!

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