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How To Shrink Silicone Bracelets | 10 Easy Step Guide

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Skye Rhodes

Silicone bracelets come in a few sizes and you have to know how to shrink silicone bracelets easily.

They are simple, fun, and easy to wear but how to shrink silicone bracelets?

Most commonly they’re used to show off one’s style or a favorite logo or to support a particular cause.

If you have just bought a super cute silicone bracelet, but it’s too loose and you still want to wear it.

You don’t need to worry; there are a couple of ways through which you can make it smaller/adjustable to your wrist size.

But you need to be careful while making adjustments, as you have to stretch it while wearing it.

Table of Contents

10 Easy Step Guide On How To Shrink Silicone Bracelets

Let’s find out the ways that you can adapt how to shrink your silicone bracelet.

Step 1: Measure Your Bracelet and Wrist

No matter which methods you are going to use for shrinking/shortening your bracelet, you need to have an exact measured value of the bracelet and your wrist.

Therefore, first, you have to measure your wrist with a measuring tape and note down the value in centimeters or inches.

Note down the exact value you get and jot it down on paper.

There should be a difference of an inch between your wrist and the bracelet.

Be careful while doing it, your bracelet size must be an inch larger than your wrist.

For example, if your wrist size is 5.5 inches, then the bracelet should be 6.5 inches so that it can easily adjust your wrist.

You need to remember that to put it on your wrist, you need to pull it so there should be an inch’s difference between a silicone bracelet and your wrist.

It should be loose enough so you could easily put it on and take it off.

Step 2: Cut Your Bracelet

Lay the wristband and measuring tape next to each other and stamp your ideal length.

Lay the two pieces next to each other on the head of a bit of paper.

Make a little blemish on the paper where the inch-estimation of your wrist is.

Include 1 inch (2.5 cm) to that and make a second blemish on the paper—that is the place you’ll have to cut the bracelet.

In case you’re stressed over the armband being excessively close, just include 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) or 3⁄4 inch (1.9 cm) to the estimation.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to shorten your bracelet is to cut it with the help of scissors.

So after you have measured your bracelet and wrist and jotted down the value.

Prepare to cut it with scissors.

Pick a sharp scissor so it can cut smoothly without leaving any curves or uneven edges.

Avoid dull scissors which are used for daily purposes, sharp scissors used for cutting fabric and hairs are a good choice for this.

Knives should not be used either as they won’t be able to cut the silicone material efficiently.

You need to be very careful while cutting it.

Step 3: Be Careful Not to Cut Logos and Designs

Since you realize how long the wristband ought to be, get the armband and position your finger on that point so you realize where to cut.

Put the edge of the scissors directly close to your fingernail denoting the point and cut off the abundance material.

Make it a solitary, clean-slice so you won’t need to manage to stick a bent or spiky edge.

Logos and designs that a bracelet contains should not be carelessly removed while you are cutting it.

Logos are the actual beauty of your silicone bracelet.

Therefore, be cautious of any brand logo or design marked on the bracelet to not take a break in it.

If you mistakenly cut from the part where the logo is present, then the whole look of the bracelet is ruined.

Since you realize how long the wristband ought to be, get the armband and position your finger on that point so you realize where to cut.

Put the cutting edge of the scissors directly close to your fingernail denoting the point and clip off the overabundance material.

Make it a solitary, clean-slice so you won’t need to manage to stick a bent or rugged edge.

After cutting the bracelet, use fine-textured rubber glue to stick the edges together and press them firmly.

Step 4: After Applying Glue, Leave It For at Least 24 Hours

Once you are done with the cutting and gluing part, hold the edges together for a few minutes with your hands.

The idea of doing this is to set the glued edges without leaving any air or space between them.

Plus, regular school glue or paper glue should not be used.

As ordinary glue, is not going to work to stick silicone rubber together.

A good textured rubber glue or rubber cement should be bought for this purpose.

Cautiously adjust the cut edges and push them together for a decent 2 minutes.

The thought is to set the paste without letting any pockets of air get between the 2 edges of the wristband.

That way, it remains together longer.

It’s alright in the event that you see a stick crush out from between the pieces—it’ll dry clear.

Moreover, let the bracelet stay for at least more than 12 hours.

Though it’s not necessary, it’s better to let it dry completely so it can reach its full strength before you try it on your wrist.

Step 5: Drying Precautions

Spot the armband in a warm, sufficiently bright zone and hang tight for it to dry totally before you attempt to put it on.

A windowsill is a decent spot to put it on the grounds that the more warmth and light it gets.

The quicker it will dry, and the sooner you’ll get the chance to wear your custom-fitted armband.

The paste may feel dry yet disregard it—it won’t arrive at its original capacity for any event 24 hours after the application.

To accelerate the drying time, hit it with some hot air from a hairdryer for 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 6: You Can Also Boil Your Bracelet

Another method you can adopt to shrink or shorten your bracelet is to boil it.

You don’t need to worry about damaging your silicone bracelet as silicone is heat resistant material.

Boiling it won’t change its shape nor is it going to make it weak either.

The quality and strength of silicone material are going to remain the same even if you boil it for over a minute. 

First of all, fill a pot with water; it should be enough to cover the whole bracelet. 

You can use any type of everyday pot that you use for cooking or boiling food items.

Set the stove on a high flame and wait until the water starts boiling.

You can use any kind of saucepan for this purpose.

Place Your Bracelet into Boiling Water

Now comes the actual step, carefully put your bracelet into the boiling water with the help of a tong.

Let it stay in the hot water for about 15 to 20 seconds.

However, if the size of the bracelet is much larger than your wrist, you can leave it for more than 20 seconds.

The longer you keep your bracelet in the water, the more are the chances of it getting smaller.

Another precaution is to not drop your bracelet into the boiling water but carefully place it into the pot.

If you drop it, hot boiling water could splash upwards and burn your hand.

For your ease, I am going to describe the whole process in detail.

Use utensils to place the wristband in the water and check to 10 or 15.

In the case the armband is too enthusiastic about your wrist, it won’t damage to leave it in for 20 seconds.

The more you leave the armband in the water, the more it will contract.

Say “Mississippi” between each number so you’re considering near genuine seconds as could be expected under the circumstances.

Try not to drop the armband into the pot since bubbling water could sprinkle up and consume your hand.

Take It Out Of The Pot and Dry It Completely

Don’t try to pick the bracelet from the pot with your bare hands as hot boiling water might burn your hands.

Be careful to let your hand not touch the hot water.

You can use a tong for this purpose.

After fifteen seconds, you can pick it out of the water.

You can use a stopwatch to note the exact timings you place silicone bracelets in the water.

Otherwise, a regular clock can also help to check the time.

With the help of a tong, carefully lift the silicone bracelet out of the water and place it on a towel or a dry surface.

If you want you can squeeze it with a towel so it can dry faster.

Do not use a paper towel to dry your silicone bracelet, as fibers of the paper towel will come off on the bracelet.

Plus, do not use a hairdryer either, as I don’t personally find it suitable to dry a bracelet.

The saucepan you used for boiling the silicone bracelet should be carefully washed afterward.

Step 7: Try It On Your Wrist

Boiling your bracelet is one of the quickest methods to shrink your bracelet as it’s less time-consuming and easy.

Once your bracelet has cooled down and is easy to touch, put it on your wrist to see if it fits or not.

If it still feels large or loose on your wrist, you can again boil it for another 15 seconds.

You can continue repeating the boiling and drying procedure as many times as you want to get the required size.

In Case Of Over-Boiling The Bracelet

Don’t be anxious if you end up over-boiling your silicone bracelet.

It can happen with a lot of people, as some people tend to forget after putting something on the stove.

If you over boiled your silicone bracelet and it feels too tight on your wrist.

Because of boiling for a longer duration, silicone can end up shrinking too much hence making it smaller.

What you can do is to put it on a doorknob and stretch it with force.

There is no need to worry about breaking it as silicone is very strong.

Plus, another important thing to keep in mind is that boiling silicone bracelets cannot make them weaker.

Silicone is pretty heat-resistant and can keep its structure intact at a very high temperature. 

In the case that the armband winds up contracting excessively, stretch it with your hands or circle it on something sturdier (like a door handle) and stretch it.

Silicone is entirely solid, so don’t stress over breaking it.

The bubbling water doesn’t make the band more fragile on the grounds that silicone is heat-safe.

It can keep its structure in temperatures as high as 446°F (230°C).

Therefore, you can try the method without any worries about its breakage or becoming weaker. 

Step 8: Use Elastic To Adjust The Size

You can also use an elastic band to adjust the silicone bracelet.

We all have elastic bands in our home as it’s an ordinary item.

In case you don’t have it, you can buy it from a nearby store.

It’s a cheap product; you can get it for a few cents from any grocery store nearby.

To do that, tie the extra material of the silicone bracelet with an elastic band.

First, you need to take your bracelet into your hand and then pinch the extra rubber into your hand.

Be careful to not pinch too much material into your hand.

Be sure it’s proportionate to your wrist size.

Do it, until it starts to fit your wrist completely.

Next, you need to tie an elastic band around the pinched material of the silicone bracelet.

Once you have put the bracelet on your wrist, you can adjust it so that the elastic band is not visible.

The side of the silicone bracelet where you have tied the elastic band should not be put on the upper part of your arm as it would look odd and shabby.

Style it in a way that the elastic band is not visible, now you can flaunt your favorite bracelet.

Step 9: Simple Attachment Method 

There are always a couple of ways to get a task done.

To shrink your silicone bracelet, you can utilize various ways to match your size.

There is another simple yet effective method you can adopt to make your bracelet smaller.

For this technique, you need yarn and an embroidery needle.

First of all, thread a needle with yarn.

Then poke a hole through one end of your silicone bracelet, stretching it to the other, and pull the yarn through the hole in the bracelet.

To keep the strands firmly held together, measure and tie the knot.

You need to repeat this step about two to three times.

Secure your bracelet by firmly tying the strands of thread/yarn together.

After getting done with this method, try it on your wrist.

If it still feels loose, you can try some other method; i.e boiling the bracelet.

But to avoid any mishap, you must measure your wrist and bracelet in advance to get the required size.

Step 10: Try Jewelry Clasp Method

This method also requires a needle and a thread.

In addition to this, a jewelry piece like a jewelry clasp to hold the ends of the bracelet together.

First of all, poke a hole through one end of the bracelet to the other end.

Enclose the strands of the yarn with the help of a cord crimp which should be positioned near the end of the bracelet.

After doing this, place the bracelet on your wrist and secure it by attaching one clasp with the loop of the second clasp.

This technique is a bit tricky and time-consuming.

Some people would find it complicated so for them boiling the bracelet should be the first priority method.

Elastic or Silicone Wristbands

Silicone armbands or elastic wristbands have ascended in fame in the design world.

Giving a huge income stream to elastic gems producers and various silicone organizations.

Silicone elastic is an exceptionally flexible assembling material found in a wide scope of items.

Until it got valuable in design, its uses were essentially restricted to the mechanical domain.

Silicone elastic products are normal in recreational products and lately have indicated an expansion in beautiful elastic based extras.

Part of the allure of elastic wristbands, or “gel groups,” is their simplicity of customization.

The potential for armband plan alterations and a productive expense-to-value proportion made a blossoming specialty market.

 Custom Text and Colors 

A significant part of the elastic wristband’s notoriety originates from its ability to show messages and numerous individuals.

For example specially crafted silicone armbands or wristbands for a reason modified for a specific cause.

Wristband text can either be modified to fit an individual client’s interest or chosen from a variety of regular foreordained expressions.

These messages are accessible in an assortment of styles, including:

Debossed: This is the most regularly bought lettering design.

Debossed words are recessed into the silicone by means of an engraving mold.

Decorated: This style utilizes raised letters that project around 2 millimeters from the band’s surface.

It utilizes an embellishment cycle like that of debossing.

Shaded Debossed: Wristbands with debossed text can have hued downturns, making the lettering more obvious.

Screen Printed: Silk-screen printed armbands have text applied straightforwardly to the silicone’s surface.

The shade of the content is not quite the same as that of the band and can be imprinted on both within and outside of the wristband.

Further customization alternatives for armband configuration incorporate shading determination and example plan.

Though coloring is applied to pre-shaped silicone stock,  makers give a wide scope of various shading decisions.

These incorporate single-shading, multi-hued sectioned, and marbleized or “twirled” groups that join a few tones in an interlaced example.

Notwithstanding raising support, silicone wristbands can likewise be utilized for showcasing and brand-mindfulness procedures.

Numerous organizations disseminate limited time giveaways.

For example, things printed with their association’s logo so as to raise buyer acknowledgment and, eventually, support deals.

Utilizing this procedure with altered silicone wristbands can be a more financially savvy arrangement.

By outfitting the silicone armband pattern, organizations can utilize a generally economically successful procedure.

Final Thoughts

Silicone wristbands are a great method to help a reason, flaunt your logos, or simply add a fly of shading to your look.

They’re frequently mass-delivered and come in just a couple of sizes, therefore it is good to know how to shrink silicone bracelets.

To conclude, I would like to mention some additional tips to keep your bracelet clean and in new-like condition.

You can wash it with any liquid soap or gel with the help of a toothbrush If you want.

 Pay attention if you get some glue or cement on your hand, immediately remove it with a cotton pad dipped in nail polish remover.

Moreover, the above-mentioned methods are easy and effective and can be applied by anybody to shrink a silicone bracelet.

I am certain that these techniques would help you to make your favorite silicone bracelet smaller.


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