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Do Popsockets Actually Stick Well To Silicone Cases?

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Skye Rhodes

Do pop sockets stick to silicone cases?

Yes, they do, and if you just heard about it for the first time, then you might want to know that a pop socket is a plastic circular disk that sticks on the back of an electronic accessory such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Popsockets have an adhesive gel that enables them to stick firmly on your phone case, and it’s strong enough so you need not worry about it falling off while you’re on the go.

Mostly, people have been told that pop sockets don’t stick well on silicone cases which isn’t the case most times, however, there might be a few which do not stick and will need different techniques for it to stick.

In this article, we will explore how to use pop sockets, the effective nature of pop sockets, their efficiency, and the satisfaction they give to the buyer.

We will also discover how to re-use pop sockets, and how to remove them, in case you do not need them anymore or if you are bored with their current position.

Popsockets come in many different designs, thus you can always choose one that meets your preference, and we’ll also be answering the question: “do pop sockets stick to silicone cases?”

Table of Contents

How To Use Popsockets

1. Purchase a pop socket from a trusted shop or website

There are different ranges of designs and colors from which you can pick a pop socket, however, you can also come up with your own design when making an order.

To order, you can visit this link.

2. Decide on where to attach the pop socket

Before removing the adhesive covering of the pop socket, try and attach it on the spot on which you’ve chosen, and if that position isn’t well balanced when placed on your table, then you’ll have to change the position.

Also, another thing to watch out for is how comfortable it is when you hold the phone.

If it’s a small phone, then you can place it at the central point of the phone or slightly near the bottom, and of course, don’t forget to test-run the position, lest you stick the pop socket in the wrong position.

If it’s a tablet, then you can use two pop sockets, each slightly above the center to ensure that the phone is balanced if placed on a table when watching a movie or even when you’re playing a game.

Moreover, it can also be used to store your headphones.

3. Peel off the sticker on the adhesive surface

Clean the case carefully with an alcohol pad on the area you intend to place your pop socket, and once you are ready, remove the sticker from the back, also remove the adhesive gel and covering before applying the pop socket on your phone.

Popsockets have many uses overall, and they make it easier to do things with your smartphone or tablet.

Advantages Of Popsockets

1. It offers a better grip

It acts as an additional grip, which is useful for larger smartphones.

If you regularly drop your phone, then pop sockets will help you hold your phone, moreover, the only thing you’ll have to do is to wrap the Top Pop in between your two fingers and you can walk around stress-free.

It helps you comfortably hold larger phones, it makes it appear to be floating in your hand and your camera is always ready to take a selfie.

2. Popsocket helps to take a perfect picture

Taking a picture with a phone that has a pop socket is great because it makes it a lot easy to hold your phone with one hand, which allows you to easily and effortlessly reach the shutter button.

You are free enough to get the best shot from any angle of your choice, and you need not fumble around to find the most flattering shot.

3. You can use it as a stand to pop up your smartphone

If you have attached two pop sockets on your tablet, then it’s easier to place it on your table in any vertical position of your choice while watching a video or playing a game on your tablet without struggling.

However, if there’s just one pop socket attached to the phone, it can still work if it’s centered and strong enough to support your phone.

You can also use the multi-purpose mount on your car to hang your phone vertically, this allows you to use your phone without a struggle while driving around and you need not take it out of your pocket every time you receive a phone call.

4. Hold your wired earbuds

Two pop sockets attached to your phone help to wrap your earbuds when not in use.

Not every person likes to use headphones to listen to music when moving around, and pop sockets help you reduce the time wasted to untangle your wired earbuds every time you pick them from your pocket.

5. They are effective

Popsockets have an expandable nature that meets the users’ preference because you only need to pop it twice for it to expand completely.

6. They are efficient

They require little or minimal effort to use since all you do is to wrap your fingers between the knob and you’re good to go.

7. They satisfy the user

Since there are a variety of designs to choose from when buying or ordering a pop socket, the user will always purchase the one that meets their requirements.

Problems Which Popsockets Solve

The importance of any product is reflected in the design because the design influences how a product can be used.

Most times, people are told that pop sockets do not stick to silicone cases, however, this is not always the case with most pop sockets.

I had bought a tablet that had a silicone case and bought a pop socket as well because the tablet was too big to carry around without a purse, and I really do not fancy walking about with a purse.

Hence, I bought the pop socket to prevent my tablet from occasionally falling off from my hand.

At first, it seemed difficult getting used to the fact that I now had something to assist me, but after some time, I got used to it and the feeling is awesome.

I no longer drop my phone and don’t have to carry a purse around, all I do is wrap my two fingers around the pop socket and walk around comfortably.

I didn’t have to change my phone to a smaller one either since I liked my tablet so much.

As for the silicone case on my phone, I loved the color and some features on it and didn’t want to buy another one, so once I bought the pop socket, I peeled off the adhesive covering and attached it to my phone.

It’s been several years now, and I’m still using the pop socket which is still as good as ever.

Can I Remove My Pop Top From My Old Base?

If you get bored of a certain position or realize you had attached your pop socket in an uncomfortable position, then you can remove it and reposition it in a more suitable position.

A pop socket comes in two parts: the base and the Pop Top.

The Pop-top comes out easily once you get bored by its look although it’s a bit tricky to remove the base, to effectively remove the base, ensure that you flatten out the pop socket, then pull it up carefully from the case.

But if you are unable to remove it, then you can slide a credit card under the pop socket and lift it slowly to separate the adhesive.

Can I Reuse A Popsocket?

The answer is yes, after removing the base of a Popsocket you gently clean the case using an alcohol base – where you will place the pop socket, then let it air dry for some time.

The adhesive gel might dry over time, and that’s why you should rinse it with warm water and let it air dry.

It should not dry for over ten minutes, after which you will stick the pop socket in the clean area and let it be for at least 24 hours before using it.

Are There Some Popsockets That Do Not Fit On Silicone Cases?

There are those which don’t stick, or they stick and after some time they come off.

In case it doesn’t stick, there is a special sticker you should put on your case first before attaching the pop socket, it adheres better to it, and after doing this, you can then stick the pop socket on the sticker – the sticker is bought separately.

However, some people opt to cut a hole in the case to attach the pop socket.

To do this, you need to be careful to avoid unwanted damage to the case, which is why it’s advisable to use a pencil to draw out the area you wish to attach the pop socket before you cut.

This way, the pop socket will be directly attached to the phone’s rear glass.

Installing A Popsocket Mount

Applying a pop socket is quite simple, especially if you know what to do, the following steps below are exactly how a pop socket is usually applied.

1. Buy a pop socket mount from the company’s website

Popsocket mounts can be applied on the car dashboard, they are found in the accessories section on the website, you can also purchase the pop socket designated for your car’s vent.

2. Peel down the adhesive surface with an alcohol pad

Make sure that the surface on which the mount is to be attached is properly cleaned, if it isn’t, then the mount might not stick well on the surface.

Use alcohol-based sanitizer on a clean piece of clothing and scrub gently – the surface will be dry in a short time and you’ll be ready to apply your pop socket mount.

3. Remove the covering over the adhesive on the back of the mount

Carefully, remove the protective sheet covering the adhesive on the mount pop socket.

Make sure you don’t touch the adhesive gel with your fingers, the pad is made with a very stronghold, and it’s difficult to remove if it comes in contact with skin.

4. Press the mount on the adhesion and let it rest for some time

Press the mount onto the surface on which you are fitting it, a pop socket mount can only be applied once so be sure it bonds well before use.

Popsocket Grips

In this century, the highest percentage of people in the world are using smartphones and with the increasing size of smartphones, it’s now difficult to use them with just one hand.

Every time you want to reach the other side of the cell phone or take a selfie, there is a likely possibility that your phone might come crashing down.

Popsocket grips have become more important than ever to keep your expensive electronic safe.

Most of the pop sockets and phone grips have a fairly low price and come in many colors, so you don’t have to limit yourself to only one type of holder.

Below, are a few of the best phone grips available on the market.

1. PopGrip AirPods Holder Phone Grip

It has a range of functions therefore, it’s an important addition to your mobile phone.

It has the normal holder which provides support, however, it also has a handy inbuilt AirPod holder that helps you find your AirPods.

It has an interchangeable design holder in which you can switch out the case and a different color will pop out, so you can choose the color which fits your phone best.

2. Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip

This is a good choice for those who love to take tons of selfies.

It has a multi-directional kickstand which helps you to see from any angle no matter what you are doing.

Moreover, it also has a metal construction which means it’s compatible with magnetic smartphone holders and has a strong adhesive on the back which assures its safety.

3. Spigen Ring Phone Grip

This can attach to all types of smartphones and it’s more durable.

4. Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder

This is a classy and affordable grip that keeps the phone from falling, it attaches to your phone using a powerful magnet and has a loop for your fingers.

5. Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder

It’s a great way to hold your phone in one hand however big it is.

It’s multifunctional, thus you can take selfies, text, watch videos, and generally operate your phone without the risk of it falling.

Types Of Popsockets

There are several different types of pop sockets and these classifications depend on a few factors, but the most important is their design.

Best Popsocket for Sports Fans

If you are a sports fan and mostly use your phone to catch live streams or match results, then use a pop socket to notify people around you not to bother you while watching a match.

Such pop sockets are those that usually have a football or soccer design on them.

Best Popsocket for Black Phones

Sometimes, you need a pop socket that stands out and though it isn’t too bright, it should be able to blend with the color of your phone.

For this, choose a pop socket with black and white circles.

Best Subtle Popsocket for White Phones

A white pop socket with polka dots and pastel-Esque colors are fashionable on a white background.

Best Popsocket for Fans of the Finer Things

A gem-encrusted pop socket is the best for those who want to reflect their classy and sophisticated nature through their phone accessories.

Best Popsockets for Animal Lovers

There are very many varieties of pop sockets with animal designs on them, so you need to choose one which fits well with your phone’s color and still stands out.

Best Popsocket for the Lovers of Animations

It’s quite good to have a cute design or pattern on your phone, and having a cute cartoon design will always help to brighten your mood.

How Many Times Can I Stick and Re-stick My Popsocket?

You can stick for over 100 times, all you do is rinse the sticky gel with warm water if it gets dirty and loses the strength of the adhesive sticker.

Let it dry for some time, but not for so long because it can lose its sticking power forever, moreover, pop socketsare made such that, they can expand and collapse over 1200 times.

Where Should I Position My Popsocket On My Phone?

You can place it anywhere of your choice but your choice should be a spot that is well balanced and comfortable when held.

Some people like two sockets on their cases – one near the top and the other on the bottom.

Others like one pop socket in the middle for a better grip while carrying around, or on the bottom to function as a stand, however, you can always reposition it anytime you feel like.

And if your accordion detaches from the base, then you shouldn’t worry so much because they are actually made to be detachable – this doesn’t mean it’s broken, and you can always fix it again.

My Popsocket Won’t Stick

The pop socket adhesive is made such that it sticks on most materials, but it might have trouble sticking on some surfaces such as silicone cases and waterproof coatings.

In this case, you can try sticking your pop socket directly to your phone to see whether the sticky gel will stick properly on your phone.

And if it still doesn’t stick well, then the problem might be with the gel, to fix this problem, you will need to rinse it with warm water before sticking it.

Can I Print Any Image on My Popsocket?

Yes, you can print nearly any type of image on your pop socket.

When making an order, you can customize the design of the pop socket and the kind of image you want to be printed on it, for example, animal pictures, cartoons, soccer balls, your name, and anything else of your choice.

Disadvantages Of Popsockets

  • They do not stick on all materials, they don’t stick on waterproof materials, and sometimes, they don’t stick on silicone cases
  • Your phone might fall off if the sticky gel becomes weak because this releases the pop socket
  • It will take some time to get used to the pop socket, it’s not something you get used to at once
  • They bring about social class biases since some people may feel left out if they can’t afford a certain fancy pop socket that they desire

Final Thoughts

Although there have been comments that pop sockets do not stick well on silicone cases, from my personal experience, I can boldly say that this isn’t always the case.

Based on all the facts from this article, pop sockets are the best option to use and it’s a lot cheaper to use them because they are reusable, but do pop sockets stick to silicone cases?

Yes, they do, and if your pop socket isn’t sticking well to your iPhone, Android, or Tablet’s silicone case, then use a sticking gel or just cut a hole on the surface so you can directly attach it to your phone.

Popsockets usually come with a strong adhesive gel, thus there’s no need to worry about your phone falling off from your pop socket.

Popsockets are efficient, effective, and satisfactory to users, especially because they make it easier for the user to use their phone.

They are durable and therefore easy to manage, and you can reposition them if you get bored with a certain position instead of buying a new one.

And don’t forget that there’s a pop socket out there for every budget.

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