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10 Best Silicone Rubber Heaters & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Do you need silicone rubber heaters which can cope with the elevating temperature in whatever sector you are working on?

No wonder, when you’re an industrialist or just an ordinary person working at home, choosing the right product for heating applications can be nerve-wracking, mostly when you need to get the perfect fit for cooling purposes.

When choosing a heating product for the applications that have to go through heating, one should consider things like resistance, flexibility, size, temperature limitations, environmental limitations, and other properties like chemistry, corrosion, and oxidizer exposure.

Calm down, all these things are under the coverage of silicone rubber heaters.

That’s why industrialists and people working from home are now switching to this flexible heating source.

Regardless of whatever work environment you’re in, or whatever criteria you have, these thin, flexible heating solutions seem appropriate.

These innovations are famous for uniform and rapid heat transmission for various industries, starting from food to aerospace.

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10 Best Silicone Rubber Heaters Reviewed

Below is the list of the best silicone rubber heaters products.

1. ABN Silicone Heating Pad 120V - 2 x 5 Inch Universal Engine Heater Car Oil Pan Heater Pad, 50W

ABN Silicone Heating Pad 120V - 2 x 5 Inch Universal Engine Heater Car Oil Pan Heater Pad, 50W...
  • [Warm your Engine Quickly] On cold winter days, ensure your engine and transmissions fluids are circulating...
  • [Improve Oil Flow] When plugged in, the engine block warmer oil pan heat pad continuously and evenly heats any...
  • [Fit Your Application] 2 by 5-inch (5.1 x 12.7cm) silicone car engine heater pad is rated at 120 volts and produces...
  • [Easy to Install] Designed to mount on your engine oil reservoir, fuel tank, transmission pan, and more; Clean...
  • [Built to Last] Silicone coating resists oil, acid, and water, and adds strength and longevity to these large under...

Let’s start with the best of them all.

The ABN Silicone heating pad is rightfully famous for its properties of warming car engines quickly and effectively.

This ability of the product further ensures the proper function of your engines as well as transmission fluids.

Your worries about oil flow can leave your head entirely once you start using the 2 by 5 inches car engine heater having 120 V and 50 W capacity.

When you plug the heater to any metal surface, it starts showing its magic by continuous and even heating, which in return works for lubrication and full-on efficiency.

On top of that, it also reduces wear and tear, resulting in a longer life span of engines.

The application is effortless to install and goes well with the engine oil reservoir, fuel tank, transmission pan, and many more metal appliances.

Additionally, its long-lasting property will undoubtedly win your heart.

Nonetheless, this appliance is only suitable for metal surfaces, and the use of an external thermostat is advisable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Warms engines fast
  • Great for the improvement of oil flow
  • No rocket-science for installation
  • Longer lifespan 

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2. Kat's 24150 150 Watt 4

Kat's 24150 150 Watt 4"x 5" Engine Oil Pan Heater
  • Silicone covered for oil and acid resistance
  • Universal applications
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Use as an oil or transmission pan heater
  • Order New Number 24150X

And, this one here is the customer’s favorite.

Kat’s 24150 eliminates your car’s problems when it hesitates to start during the cold chilly weather.

The very-easy-to-install property does not take too much of your time, and in no time, increases the temperature whenever needed.

The product’s manufacture works in such a way that there is no chance of it being affected when it comes in contact with oil and acid.

The good thing is that Kat’s 24150 is in full control of temperature, making it thermostatically controllable.

This product primarily works for vehicles and is perfectly great to use during the early mornings of winter.

Get this for your car, and don’t get in trouble with getting late to work or school.

Besides the car appliances, you can use Kat’s silicone heater for your satellite dish as well.

The heater works well with almost anything that goes on the households, from cars to satellite dishes and wood splitters.

Moreover, the thermostat control gives relief from the need to get a separate temperature controller saving you a considerable amount.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy and fast to mount
  • Default temperature control property
  • Applicable for personal use, especially vehicle specific
  • Works effectively during the snowy season
  • Time-saving

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3. QWORK 55 Gallon Metal Drum Heater

QWORK Drum Heater Barrel Band for 55 Gallon Metal Oil Drum, 1200 Watt 120 Volt Grease Keg Heater,...
  • Adjustable Thermostat: The heater is controlled by an adjustable thermostat with a temperature adjustment range of...
  • Resilient Spring: Fits most 55 gallon drums, Resilient springs are used to hold the silicon heater around drums of...
  • High thermal efficiency: The internal heating body is made of nickel-chromium alloy wire, the ultra-thin flat plate...
  • Specification: 5 inch width, 68.5 inch Length. Package includes 1 set drum heater.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Enjoy a smooth & frustration free experience with our 100% Satisfied Service in one Month.

The 1200 Watt, 120 Volt insulated heater is excellent for broad-scale purposes.

The QWORK heaters are especially suitable for heating the metal drums and preventing them from freezing during the chilly weather.

This standard heavy-duty heater is 1740 m in length and 125 mm in width and has a large fitting 55 gallons drum.

Not to mention, the adjustable thermostat in the heater has a vast range of temperatures, i.e., from 86°F to 302°F.

Customers appreciate the work for its long size and such a terrific adjustable temperature.

The silicone rubber heater’s adjustment with the drum is such that it doesn’t fall, but capture the drum’s diameter adequately with its tightness by the help of the spring used.

The high-quality material contents used in making the product don’t let the spring deform when the heating occurs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long and adjustable size
  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent materials used for the manufacture

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4. Signwise Silicone Rubber Heating Heater

Signswise 200x200mm 12v 150w Silicone Rubber Heating Heater for 3D Printer Heated Beds
24 Reviews
Signswise 200x200mm 12v 150w Silicone Rubber Heating Heater for 3D Printer Heated Beds
  • The silicone rubber heater can prevent condensation in motors or instrument cabinets
  • Applications for food service equipment, airplane engine heaters, aerospace industry, drums and other
  • Material Type:cuprum; Color :orange; Thermistor: 100K "3950"

This Signwise manufacture is perfect for those looking for an even distribution of heat in their application fast and easy.

Not to mention, these silicone rubber heaters perform for a wide range of application services, from food services to aerospace industry, drums, and others.

Well, well, it’s like, “One Stone Hitting Many Birds at Once”.

If you’re searching for a perfect heater to stop condensation in your motors or instrument cabinets, Signwise would be an ideal choice.

Its moisture-proof features with the inclusion of chemical resistance make it usable even on those snowy days.

Hell yeah, your worries of frozen car doors and a satellite dish on the roof won’t bother you much if you choose the Signwise Silicone Rubber Heating Heater.

On top of everything, what’s better than getting such an excellent performance without having to search for much.

Yes, the Signwise silicone heater is very popular in the silicone heater market.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Resistant to moisture and chemical
  • Attractive durability
  • Prevention from condensation
  • Usable for a wide variety of industry

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5. GAOHOU Hive Electric Heater Plate Beehive, Silicone Heating Heater Mat

GAOHOU Hive Electric Heater Plate Beehive,Silicone Heating Heater Mat/Pad,12V 12W Heating Baking...
  • 100% Brand new and High quality, Smart family tools,Made from soft and supple silicon rubber;Reduce energy costs...
  • Using the electric heating in the winter you can drastically reduces feed consumption
  • Material: silicon rubber;Size: approx. 10.4*12.2cm;Cord length: approx. 24cm;Max temperature: 60℃
  • 12V 12Watt Hive Electric Heater Plate For all kinds of automobile fuel tank, water tank, battery antifreeze heating...
  • Rapid heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, good toughness,Easy to use, safe, waterproof, long...

These products are 100% genuine high quality made from soft silicone rubber, and its specialty mostly covers the reduction of energy cost, very impressively.

This product is undoubtedly one of the greatest to use with less energy consumption and more cost reduction.

The GAOHOU product is so far the best silicone rubber heater if you’re a beekeeper.

Its rapid heating capacity and uniformity in temperature distribution make it one of the best choices for animal husbandry, especially for beekeeping.

The GAOHOU Silicone Heating Heater mat has 12V-12W heating, a baking capacity that helps save the honey by protecting the beekeeper’s beekeeping equipment.

The high-quality manufacture process used by GAOHOU has turned out to become impressive, resulting in an efficient silicone rubber heater with excellent toughness, all at a very reasonable price.

Even though you are not a beekeeper, you can make the most use of it in all kinds of automobile fuel tanks, water tanks, and battery anti-freezing heating insulation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Water-proof and durable
  • Great for use in winter to reduce feed consumption
  • Effective for reduction of energy costs for hive heating

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6. BiSupply Silicone Heater Pad

BISupply Silicone Heater Pad Drum Electric Heat Wrap Hot Heating Pad for 55 Gallon Barrel, 120V 1200...
  • SOLVE YOUR TEMPERATURE PROBLEMS: Do not let the elements get the best of you and instead use the BISupply | 4x70...
  • BUILT TO LAST: This silicone pad heater is rated at 15 amp, 120 volts, 1200 watt; Constructed with silicone coat...
  • FIT YOUR APPLICATION: 4-inch width x 70-inch length (10.2cm x 177.8cm) flexible heating pad can be used on...
  • MAINTAIN CONSISTENT TEMPERATURE: Includes an attached thermostat that can heat to anywhere between 0 and 250...
  • EASY TO USE: Wrap the silicone rubber heater around your application, use the hook and coil spring attachments to...

In case you’re the one trying to get a heater pad for your barrels or drums, I suggest you pick the BiSupply Heater Pads.

A little pricey, of course, but this product comes with everything to solve your temperature problems.

In addition to this, the heater pad, with its 15 amp and 20 V, 1200 W capacity, has the most reliable durability with impressive strength.

The silicone coat shell saves the structure from flames, oils, and even acids.

The BiSupply Silicone Heater Pad is appropriate for propane tanks, pipes, valves, instrumentation tanks, drums, and barrels.

But, don’t forget, these absolute wonders are useful for industrial purposes rather than your personal use.

The icing on the cake: the BiSupply products have built-in thermostats that can heat up to 250 degrees, so there’s no need to get the temperature controller separately.

If you had the constant worry about the temperature management, the Bisupply product solves this case as well, all with ease.

When the silicone pad gets the temperature as per its desire, it gets to work to reduce power consumption.

Feel free to use it for your tea barrels, tanks, or pipes.

When you have these products at your reach, the worries of frozen objects will vanish.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to install, move, and reinstall
  • Long-life and robust built
  • Attached thermostat for temperature control
  • Appropriate for different size drums and barrels (15, 30, 55 gallons)

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7. BriskHeat SRL Silicone Rubber Heating Blanket, With Controller

BriskHeat AO-36001-98 SRL06121PADJB Silicone Heating Blanket with Controller, 50-425F, 6x12 Size,...
  • Package Dimensions: 13 L x 3 H x 7 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 1.25 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Part number: AO-36001-98

The BriskHeat Silicone Rubber Heating Blanket is up-to-mark for everything starting from laboratory spaces to large vats and tanks, precisely, tanks, hoppers, and conveyors.

Whether it is for protection from freeze or process control of heating applications, this product can solve all the problems.

Not to mention, these are the tremendous industrial-strength heater full of versatility that can work on a variety of environments and surfaces as a result of their toughness, flexible property, and impressive resistance to moisture and chemicals.

The BriskHeat manufactures silicone rubber heaters in different shapes and sizes.

Some may be rectangular, and some may be square, some might have a default temperature controller, while some may come without it.

If you choose the one with the temperature controller, you will save a lot of your time and money.

The BriskHeat models can work in a wide range of temperatures, starting from 50°F to 425°F, so there’s no question on its wide range of capacity.

The built-in Controller on the heating blanket provides extra convenience and function.

However, some products from BriskHeat don’t have an attached temperature controller, and those products come at less price than the ones with controllers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great resistance to moisture, chemical, and radiation
  • A wider range of temperature
  • Easy application
  • Attractive life span
  • Comes with a built-in thermostat

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8. Duda Diesel PHS Small Silicone Pail Heater Adjustable Thermostat

Duda Diesel drumHs Small Silicone Drum Heater Adjustable Thermostat 700W 110V/120V 1740 mm x 102 mm,...
  • Length: 1740 mm (68.5"), width: 102 mm (4"), thickness: 1.5Mm (0.06")
  • Input voltage: 110V/120V ac 60 hz, power: 750 watts
  • Thermostat range: 30°c-150°c (86°f-302°f)
  • Fits most standard 55 gallon drums, plastic and metal
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Your requirement to cool down the heating standard 5 gallons pails, both plastic, and metals, will find the right fit if you use the Duda Diesel PHS Silicone Pail Heater.

This product should make it to your list as it has an adjustable thermostat that helps you control the temperature.

And the temperature ranges from 86°F to 302°F.

This heater’s manufacture includes a flexible spring for the silicone heater’s attachment around various diameters’ drums or pails.

It not only makes the heater appropriate for different diameters but also makes it a unique choice.

The stretchable property clear makes it one of the most usable silicone heaters, which leads to easy use.

The good news for the users is that the product comes with insulating properties that prevent heat conduction with the manufacturer’s silicone’s help; Silicone is a lousy conductor of heat and electricity.

The fast heating characteristic is noteworthy, and as it further helps retain heat and save electric consumption, which is a great deal.

Let me break another great news; you can make the most of this product through your personal use.

Whether to heat the frozen paint or rust remover, I believe this will be a smart choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Applicable for both plastic and metal pails
  • Effective for personal use
  • Quick heating ability
  • Flexible

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9. Richoose 3D Printer, Silicone Heating Pad Heater

3D Printer Silicone Heated Pad, Heating Plate 310x310mmx1.5mm, 120V 750W for Creality CR-10 /CR-10S...
154 Reviews
3D Printer Silicone Heated Pad, Heating Plate 310x310mmx1.5mm, 120V 750W for Creality CR-10 /CR-10S...
  • 120V silicone heater for Creality CR-10 /CR-10S 3D printer build plate heating. 商品特性

The Richoose 3D printer, silicone heating pad heater, has 5-star reviews if you go after the internet data.

Don’t think this requires many talks since the customer’s satisfaction is the best thing any manufacturer can wish for.

This product is mainly suitable for the 3D printer to build plate heating.

The durability is phenomenal due to silicone rubber in construction, wherein its moisture resistance and the chemical-proof property have helped in getting an impressive response.

The pad’s size is 310mm*310mm, and this should perfectly fit under the 3D printer build plate, as this heater specializes in heating the printer bed.

The Richoose silicone heater has a working temperature ranging from -62°C to 235°C.

With everything said, this product is straightforward to use as well.

Once you finish mounting onto the building plate, this product starts working wonderfully.

That is why Richoose has made the users happy with what they have manufactured.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Quick to heat
  • Can work despite moisture and chemical hindrance
  • Reasonable pricing

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10. IS Icstation 12V 25W Flexible Silicone Rubber Heater Mat

Icstation Heating Pad Electric Blanket Heater Flexible Silicone Rubber Mat Constant Temperature 12V...
  • Silicone heating pad uses silicone rubber as insulator outside, and the Ni-Cr alloy wire as electric heating...
  • Icstation heater blanket is thin, lightweight and flexible. With excellent dielectric strength, fast heating and...
  • The silicone heater mat is convenient and safe to use for its service life is up to four years with thickness of...
  • The silicone rubber heater can be used for mixing and heat preservation (oil drum heater) in industrial equipment...
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V, Power: 15W, Mat Size: 50 X 100mm/1.97 X 3.94inch (L*W) ❤We will free resend or refund...

The 3.6-star recipient product is suitable to use, where heating quickly is desirable.

The pad in the IS Icstation silicone rubber heater is of great texture with a semi-gloss finish.

The construction of this product includes the silicone rubber on the outside, which is an insulator.

The Ni-Cr alloy wire, on the inside, acts as an electric heating element.

This combination helps in maintaining the close contact between the object and the heater.

The product is durable and robust, with it being securely attached to lead.

It comes in two different sizes, one being 50mm*100mm and the other being 80mm*.

No to forget, flexibility, lightweight and stretch proof are its remarkable properties.

With its capacity to give uniform temperature output, the IS’ manufacture has become one of the up and rising silicone heaters, which you might be seeing coming to the top with its outstanding performance in the coming days.

Moreover, its life expectancy is around four years, which is a great thing to find in a product.

The Icstation silicone rubber heaters are great for mixing and heat preservation (oil drum heater) in industrial equipment pipes, tanks, etc.

These can also be beneficial as they can directly contact the object that needs the heating.

Unlike many silicone rubber heaters, the product does not shed an unpleasant smell, and that is undoubtedly one of the best features of the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Doesn’t shed an unpleasant smell
  • Flexible and durable quality
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Goes well when in direct contact with the object

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11. Vibrant Performance Long Silicone Heater Hose

Vibrant Performance 20445 5/8in ID x 5 ft Longsilicone Heater Hose, 1 Pack, Black
88 Reviews
Vibrant Performance 20445 5/8in ID x 5 ft Longsilicone Heater Hose, 1 Pack, Black
  • Designed to withstand elevated temperatures, these Hoses are Nylon-reinforced
  • Have a temperature range of -65 degrees F to +350 degrees F
  • Well-suited for coolant fluid service, and vacuum Line service

Well, the Vibrant Performance Long Silicone Heater hose design is awe-inspiring when it comes to dealing with a high temperature.

These hoses’ structure is complete with Nylon’s reinforcement, making the product even better for resistance.

As the name suggests, the vibrant performance heater is precisely what the term means, meaning excellent performance for coolant fluid services and vacuum line services.

The manufacturers have worked on giving a wide range of temperatures.

Most importantly, the product has satisfied the customers exceptionally well to this date.

Generally, it is hard to find a quality silicone heater at an affordable price, but this is under the Vibrant performance long silicone heater hose.

The hoses work from -65°F to 350°F.

 The wide temperature range gives a clear picture of how well this hose could work even under the maximum cold weather.

These are available in various lengths to give you a choice to select as per your requirement.

Your beautiful rides will love the acquaintance with these vibrantly performing hoses, for these hoses are perfect to eliminate the freezing effect inside your car or just on your car lock.

In times of cold, you better not go out on your ride without plumbing the cylindrical hoses.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible and durable
  • Wide temperature range
  • Works well for your rides

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How To Choose a Silicone Rubber Heater That Works For You?

There’s no rocket science in knowing what is suitable as per your requirement.

But, if too many choices confuse you, you can always look at what exactly you need the appliance for.

If a large scale application is what you need to cover, it’s always better to go for the product with high-temperature range and more flexibility, and a longer life span.

And more importantly, choosing the right brand is a must.

For this, you can look at the ratings and reviews.

And for your absolute best, the lists above can surely be of genuine help to everyone out there in confusion.

Brands like ABN, Signwise, BiSupply, Kat’s, and BriskHeat are great silicone rubber heater manufacturers.

Again, the products you choose must be flexible with the high-temperature range and be good enough for the environment.

An environment-friendly product should always get your priority so that its use doesn’t bring any harsh effect to other beings living around you.

With the popularity of silicone rubber heaters sky-rocketing, you should choose these products wisely so that you don’t get scammed.

And as a customer, you know what the product you choose has to cover.

Hence, before going after any product in the market, you should complete your research and know what your choice has to offer.

So, good luck with deciding on that; make sure you make the wise choice for your good.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an appliance is not an easy job for sure, but isn’t that’s why we are here for you?

As you can see, we have listed eleven silicone heating rubbers from different brands that work wonder as per your requirement.

The wide range of products that differ in quality, price range, and of course, functions will give you a clear picture of what you want.

If it’s for your car that’s frozen due to the excessive snow or your satellite dish that’s not working in the chilly winter, or if you’re someone working in the industrial sector, silicone rubber heaters from above can solve all your problems.

Making it easier for you, we’ve also added the links to the product description.

Now, it’s up to you to purchase the silicone rubber heater that you desire most.

Besides, if anything you want to add, and we’ve missed on the list, make sure you let us know in the comments section.

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