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10 Best Silicone Nail Mats & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

When you’ve spent so much on fixing or replacing your countertop, desk, or table, you begin to see the importance of having a silicone nail mat.

With a silicone nail mat, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about ruining your workbench when fixing your nails.

And you don’t have to restrict yourself to a manicure at the bathroom sink either – you could do it anywhere.

A silicone nail mat provides you with a perfect nail art station, which you can set up anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, apart from being used when fixing your nails, they can also be used as a great surface top when working on any art project.

These mats are available in different sizes, colors, and designs, plus they do not take up a lot of storage space either, hence many of them are quite portable.

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10 Best Silicone Nail Mats Reviewed

Here’s a list of 10 of the best silicone nail mats currently available in the market.

1. Anself Nail Art Silicone Mat

Anself Nail Art Silicone Mat Foldable Washable Soft Table Cover Pad For Stamping Reverse Stamp Mat...
  • ❤ Easy to carry, free to fold, crease will not be expanded.
  • ❤ Silicone pad, washable, waterproof, easy to clean.
  • ❤ Nail art prints flowers, grid shape nail art, and nail color display.
  • ❤ Translucent silicone qualities, suitable for all kinds of DIY pattern.
  • ❤ Great for professional use and personal use.

Say farewell to that devastating workplace and say yes to more fun and creativity, Anself Nail Art Silicone Mat is beautiful nail art which helps you to experiment with new designs, practice prints, and decals.

It has the perfect size needed to protect your workspace. 

To make the most beautiful nail art stickers, it offers some basic icons that you can fill with your nail polish or chunky glitter.

Besides, this simple uncluttered mat will change the way you do your nails forever, while it also protects your workspace against leaks and other nail art hazards.

It will help to decorate your desk as well and make your desk look more attractive, and for nail lovers and trendy ladies alike, this is a must-have tool. 

You can simply roll your mat up and keep it in your bag, thus it’s easy to carry around and it’s ideal for both professional and personal use.

It’s also a good nail salon tool for beginners and experienced nail salons, nail school, or nail art demonstrations.

It’s a mat intended to shield the working surface from damages and leakage in most instances.

It can also serve as a nice gift for children – a mat for their art projects.

Do not be constrained by your dominant hand anymore, if you’re a leftist or a rightist, then this nail mat can still serve you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The mat is large enough to hold many manicure tools
  • Made of a soft and firm material
  • With the decoration, it’s very convenient and easy to use
  • Professional nail art product, suitable for nail salon, nail art school, college, nail art artist, and personal or home use

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2. Twinkled T Nail Art Glamour Mat

Twinkled T Nail Art Glamour Mat
722 Reviews
Twinkled T Nail Art Glamour Mat
  • WATERMARBLE & ACETONE CUP: Features our original, patent pending collabsible cup. The first and only one of its...
  • INDENTED HOLES: Use the 13 holes as a palette to hold polish, acrylic paint, glitter, and charms!
  • SUPER THICK: At 1.8mm thickness, the Glamour Mat is the thickest on the market. Nice and sturdy!
  • COLORFUL BOXES: Test different polishes and colors over our pastel colored boxes to check opacity before applying...
  • 20 NAIL BEDS: Design away! With 20 custom sized nail beds, unleash your creativity and practice til your artwork is...

Like everything else on the market, this mat glitters and is at the very top of my wish list.

The mat is a relatively large-sized mat with a dimension of 12 inches by 16 inches, hence in addition to being a good relatively thick silicone mat, it gives you plenty of space to work with.

It has 10 special templates for white nails and 10 templates for black nails, as well as the regular template for black and white nails.

To check the color variations, there are six crayon swatches around the margins, and in the top left corner, there are 13 circular indentations, which are to be used as small wells for your polish or paint. 

You will need some polished colors on your palette if you’re doing freehand work or reverse stamping.

However, they may run into each other or work super-fast, but these wells keep them separate, and they remain liquid because of their limited surface area for a longer period of time.

The collapsible silicone cup is on the upper right, it is large enough to marble water when you open the bottle, hence it’s the right size for carrying nail polish remover, especially if you need a quick washing.

It’s an acetone or water marbling cup that’s very hard to spill over – it’s the fantasy for sloppy nail art lovers. 

Also, it’s perfect for a small workspace because it can be handled by rolling it up for storage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built-in paint palette
  • Collapsible cup for acetone or marbling
  • Extra thick for stability
  • Nice range of color swatches
  • Template space for 20 nails

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3. Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Manicure Mat

Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Manicure Mat - Silicone Manicure Mat for Stamping and Nail Art
  • Simplifies nail art and makes it accessible to everybody
  • Create and contain circles; Holds beads, rhinestones, charms, water, acetone and paint
  • Nail sizing grids. For custom decal sizing unique to YOU.
  • Black and white testing zones to test stamping design styles, designs, spacing with different quality and colors of...
  • Made from durable USDA Food Grade Silicone.

If a bottle of nail polish or a glass of acetone has been knocked over, then you’ll probably be trying to hurriedly wipe it off before it rolls off the mat and ends up on the surface that you want to cover, but the case is different with this mat.

With its plain and tidy nail surface, which has a raised ridge around it to prevent the spilled nail polish from rolling off the mat – brilliant, right?

There are also black and white blocks for color checking and five raised rings on which you can put rhinestones, 3D nail finishes, or loose glitters on the 16 12 inches nail mat. 

You may also fill the circles with a small amount of liquid, such as acetone for cleaning or watercolor for nail painting, or use it as a nail polish palette.

The nail templates are not nail-shaped but are labeled with a grid so that the sticker size can be adjusted up and down according to the nail size, and all templates can retain a consistent size. 

Don’t let your rhinestones and beads roll around, keep them off the carpet and out of the vacuum cleaner, to avoid overspending on your sparkles.

However, the issue with this product is that the template grid has just nine fingers, though they won’t be used together often, it wouldn’t have killed them to add a tenth template, right?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Raised edges contain spills
  • Has nail templates 
  • Black and white swatches
  • Raised circular areas for palettes or rhinestones
  • Care tips printed right on it
  • Has a narrow mesh on the little finger and a wide mesh on the thumb

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4. Beaute Galleria Rollable Silicone Mat

Beaute Galleria Rollable Silicone Nail Art Stamping Mat for Reverse Stamping, Nail Decals Practice...
  • [NAIL MAT] The ultimate nail art workstation contains color swatches, templates, sizing, and more.
  • [COLOR & SIZE] Color: White. Size: Length: 15.8 inches x Width: 11.9 inches.
  • [FEATURES] High-grade silicone, non-skid, easy to clean, super flexible nail mat.
  • [BENEFITS] Protect your surfaces from stains and spills.
  • [USAGE] Great for nail design testing and decal creation. Make color combo test on the black and white or color...

With a total of 40 decal models, the Beaute Galleria mat has an immense number of nail art guides, you get 10 squares of white and black nails each, also, there are 5 templates each of square nails, almond nails, and oval nails.

The mat also has Swatch circles in black and white with eight blocks of color, one of which is black.

Although the nature of the splotch is nice, it would have been more preferable to have larger plain color circles so that there’ll be more swatch circles.

It protects your worktable from water, stains, discoloration, bruises, burns, and grease, and keeps resins, epoxies, glues, paints, inks, oils, or bruises away from your work table. 

It can be placed under a microwave, air fryer, induction cooker, toaster, coffee machine, oven, and other appliances.

The mat is 15.8 by 11.9 inches in its full dimension, it isn’t as thick or opaque as other mats, but you’ll most likely see through the mat if you’re working on a patterned or dark surface. 

These mats provide your counter with fantastic protection, and most of the mess can be easily cleaned off.

For your next nail design, you can even make a fun stamp. 

Beaute Galleria is a trademark of Beaute Galleria, LLC and it’s sold exclusively through Beaute Galleria, the trademark ‘Beaute Galleria’ is protected under the United States Trademark Law.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Color swatches
  • 10 nail grids each in black and white
  • Five finger templates in four different nail shapes
  • Black and white swatch circles
  • Has a ruler at right angle

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5. Winstonia Silicone Nail Mat

Winstonia Silicone Nail Mat for Nail Art Polish Manicure Application Table Protection | MAT LIKE ME
  • Protects table/desk surface from nail polish/paint stains and spills when doing nail art or applying nail polish
  • Best for: reverse stamping technique, create nail decals, visualizing nail designs, testing out color combos,...
  • Transparent, durable and water-proof silicone material wth nail templates and ruler guide for easy measurement
  • Non-skid, lies perfectly flat and stay put on work surface. Thin and lightweight. Size: 16" x 12".
  • Roll up for storage (do not fold). Works best with: Winstonia Nail Art Double Ended Large Stamp and Plastic Scraper...

In expressing their creativity, passionate nail art lovers everywhere realize that there are occasional setbacks, and an ideal way of dealing with most of these setbacks is to have Winstonia’s latest ‘Mat like Me’ mat. 

It’s made of high-grade silicone and it has a dimension of 12 by 16 inches, on the workbench, it lies absolutely flat, and shields the desk from every possible stain. 

It’s easy to roll up, store, and it can also be vacuumed, though storage is super easy, don’t let it fold lest you might ruin the shape.

Most importantly, this mat is fine for exploring color combinations, making reverse stamps, and playing with new brush designs, moreover, the mat also has a nail-shaped template which is useful for visualizing new designs.

On the other hand is also a written ruler, which is super handy for lovers of nail art who enjoy precision, besides its transparent, durable, and waterproof silicone material makes measurement easy.

It protects the tabletop from nail polish/paint stains when getting a manicure or painting nail polish.

It’s the best reverse stamping technique, and it can be used for making nail decals, visualizing nail designs, checking color combinations, and trying new brush jobs.

Winstonia’s nail mat is better off with two ends of a large stamp and plastic scraper set.

Dip a cotton ball into a nail polish remover for brushing, then scrub gently, and rinse under warm water.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Creating nail decals
  • Unique water marble decals
  • Free-hand design
  • Testing out color combos

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6. UberChic Beauty Uber Mats

Uber Mat: Nail Art Mat by UberChic Beauty
  • Nail art mat by UberChic Beauty - create amazing nail art and more!
  • Easily test out color combos on your mat
  • Protect your table from stains and spills
  • Super flexible for easy cleanup and storage
  • Create easy peasy stamping decals

UberChic has three mats that are very distinct, these mats have 20 nail templates; 10 white and 10 black nail templates.

The nails have different shapes, and you can choose more of square or oval nails, depending on the particular nail shape you want.

There are four black and white Swatch zones, and a ruler segment, but this feature is for the mat with a dimension of 16 inches by 12 inches. 

In fact, this food-grade silicone mat is the best when it comes to avoiding the dissolution of substances such as lacquer in acetone. 

This nail mat’s unique feature is that its hand-drawn guide of letters, numbers, and common types of nail arts makes it easier to track and create standard decals. 

Their mini-mats come in white or black and it has a dimension of 9 inches long and 8 inches wide, however, there are 20 finger templates in both colors that look like the same shape of a nail. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Different sizes and colors to choose from
  • Plenty of finger templates
  • Has stencils
  • Black and white swatch areas

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7. Maniology Lotus Mat Go & Mini

For some people, large mats are overkill, they do not have enough space to keep them, hence why the makers of this mat made it minimal.

It’s perfect for those who want a manicure pad for surface protection or whose children want to learn how to make their own nails.

Experimenting with these new designs, practice prints, decals, and water marbling, will help you get your hands on those beautiful nail art you want. 

There is no nail mesh or pattern color, only a reliable silicone workspace mat and each has 10 fingerlike templates. 

To check the color swatches, the black and white lotus flowers can be used, but with limited space.

The smaller Lotus Mat Mini is 8.2 inches by 5.5 inches while the larger Lotus Mat Go is 11 inches by 8.2 inches, hence both sizes can serve different dimensional needs.

However, it also has a bigger mat whose dimension is 15.7 inches by 11.75 inches.

To clean, simply use acetone and a cotton bud or tissue, spread them flat in your office, or roll them up and safely keep them away until you need them.

The Lotus nail mat will secure your workspace, and create the ideal sandbox for you to create your own artwork, finger by finger.

Before he painted the Sistine Chapel, even Michelangelo had a sketchbook to test his ideas, hence think of this nail mat as your sketchbook.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Two pack of large and small mats
  • Each mat has 10 finger templates 
  • Black and white lotus works for swatching
  • A small ruler for measurment

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8. Noverlife Nail Art Stamping Mat

Noverlife Nail Art Stamping Mat, Silicone Nail Template Plate Kit, Nail Polish Coloring Practice...
  • 💅 Multiple Nail Shapes & Decals -- Offer the nail decal guides with several sized and variations in nail shape....
  • 💅 Color Testing Zones -- Make color combos test on circle pattern, color coat test on black & white zones....
  • 💅 Unique Features -- Nail coloring printing special silicone pad, make nail color printing more convenient. Easy...
  • 💅 Benefits -- Protects table/desk surface from nail polish/paint stains and spills when doing nail art or...
  • 💅 Wide Usage -- Great for nail design testing and decal creation. Simplifies nail art and make it accessible to...

The nail art stamping mats by Noverlife is one of the best mats available for both professional and personal use, it’s ideal for nail stamping, practicing, and designing.

It’s easy to carry, fold, or roll up, and it doesn’t crease when folded, moreover, this mat is also easy to wash and dry, all it requires for washing is water and a piece of cloth.

It provides nail decal guides with different sizes and variants of nail shapes, it also has some basic icons that you can fill in with your polish or chunky glitters to make the most awesome nail art decals.

It has custom nail sizing grids that help you with a measurement that will match your nails and ruler guide, moreover, the mat helps secure the table when having a manicure or painting nail polish from nail polish/paint stains or spills. 

It’s made of 100% food-grade silicone, which makes it heat-resistant, flexible, non-slip, non-stick, waterproof, color-resistant, durable, and reusable.

It’s perfect for checking and designing decals for nail design, simplifying nail art, and making it available to everyone, this product is best for professional as well as personal use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfectly sized countertop protector to prevent work areas from getting cluttered
  • Reverse stamping technology for creating nail decals, visualizing nail designs, testing color combinations, and trying new brushwork
  • Provides some simple icons that you can fill in with your polish or chunky glitter to make the most amazing nail art decals
  • Durable and water-proof silicone material with nail templates and ruler guide for easy measurement
  • It folds up or rolls up nicely for storage too

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9. 2pcs Silicone Mat for Nails

Segbeauty 2pcs Acrylic Nail Mats, 16' Silicone DIY Nail Art Stamping Mats, Workspace Stamping Plate...
687 Reviews
Segbeauty 2pcs Acrylic Nail Mats, 16" Silicone DIY Nail Art Stamping Mats, Workspace Stamping Plate...
  • 【Multiple Nail Shapes and Decals】 Offer the nail decal guides with several sized and variations in nail shape....
  • 【Color and Ruler Test Zones】The practice sheet for nails offers the black and white accented area for color...
  • 【Table Protector】A perfect size table protector to keep your work area from getting any messes, dirty on it,...
  • 【Light & Portable & Reusable】Easy to carry, flexible to fold or roll up, crease will not be expanded. Made from...
  • 【Widely Used】Acrylic nail training mat is great for nail gel polishing, nail design testing, decals designs...

Do you want to have fun without bothering about cleaning up a messy workstation while making your own decals? 

This soft and sturdy nail mat that’s made with silicone will make that happen because it protects your workstation from any mess, so you don’t have to worry about clean up.

To create the most beautiful nail art stickers, it offers some basic icons that you can fill with your nail polish or chunky glitter. 

With many variations in size and nail form, it provides a range of nail shapes in the nail decal guide, moreover, the 2 silicone nail mats offer color combinations for testing in black accent areas.

If a style fits your nails, a ruler will let you know, however, to find out how big your stickers really are, just measure your nails with the ruler. 

This is a great desk protector that stops dust from harbouring in your work area, it’s also easy to clean off acetone, wool roller, tape, and nail polish remover, moreover, it’s also easy to fold or roll up for storage.

What’s even more fascinating is that you will get gasps from everyone who sees your stunning salon-quality manicure.

The realistic stamping technique is super easy to use, and you may practice fresh designs or use templates on these mats – surely better than using plastic bags.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to test out color combos on your mat
  • Protects your table from stains and spills
  • Simple cleanup process 
  • Create stamping decals with polish or glitter mixed with Top Coat

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10. Noverlife 2PCS Nail Art Design Practice Mat

Noverlife 2PCS Nail Art Design Practice Mat, Silicone Nail Stamping Plates, Nail Polish Coloring...
  • 💅 Nail Art Practice -- Can be used to test stamping styles, designs and spacing. Provide some easy icons that...
  • 💅 Multiple Nail Shapes -- 3 finger templates in 6 different nail shapes. (Stiletto Shape, Coffin Shape, Almond...
  • 💅 Black & White Color Swatch Circles. Ruler at the bottom for measuring. Large plain space for DIY palette....
  • 💅 Protects table/desk surface from nail polish/paint stains and spills when doing nail art or applying nail...
  • 💅 You can use these practice templates to try different layouts, sizes, ideas, etc. before committing your...

With these fairy-themed mats, you will have more fun creating nail designs. 

When doing manicures, it will shield your workplace from dust or stains, it can also be washed and stored quickly – just roll it up and place it in your bag when you’re done.

This crease-free mat is very durable, it can be used to measure the style, design, and spacing of a stamp, and to make the most beautiful nail art stickers.

It provides some basic icons that you can fill with your nail polish or chunky glitters. 

It’s available in a range of nail types, including three-finger templates with six distinct nail shapes – elongated, coffin-shaped, oval, square, and almond-shaped nails. 

If you need it, it has a ruler at the bottom.

It can be washed, reused, and folded, it protects tabletops while you’re applying nail polish, and you may also use its templates to play around with various layouts, sizes, concepts, and so on before submitting your design in polish. 

Use acetone, tape, wool roller, and nail polish remover to clean quickly.

Paint the insoles with nail polish before you do some nail art and remember to clean them with sellotape.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Protects your table from stains and spills
  • Creates easy stamp decals with polish or glitter mixed with Top Coat
  • Super flexible for easy cleanup and storage, foldable and washable
  • Measures a design to see if it will fit your nails

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Final Thoughts

Silicone mats are the ideal nail art station for an artistic and hassle-free experience. 

Therefore, there’s no more clutter or frustrating cleanup. 

They are the perfect tool to play with various color combinations and test your nail paint colors. 

Plus, they’re wide enough to prevent your workbench from getting messed up or permanently ruined, and with a silicone nail mat, you don’t have to worry about it sliding off because it won’t. 

Simply create your nail art, and apply it on your nail – it’s that simple!

Moreover, you can easily purchase these mats online.

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