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10 Best Silicone Feet & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

If you run a shop that deals with footwear accessories and you want to improve the look and feel of your store, then maybe you should start by investing in the best silicone feet available in the market.

These top-rated silicone feet products are realistic models and you might find it hard to distinguish it from real feet, as their look and texture are made to feel like that of real feet.

However, with a large variety of styles, as well as thousands of silicone feet available in the market, shopping for the best model may turn out to be a challenging and frustrating task.

So, to ease your hassle, we’ve dug deep and gathered enough information to help you narrow down your options by creating a list.

This list will help you make an informed and better decision, in other words, you’ll be getting the right mannequin feet that meet all of your needs.

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10 Best Silicone Feet Reviewed

Ready or not, here comes our list!

1. New ZHY Silicone Life Size Female Mannequin Foot with Bone

New zhy 1 Pair Silicone Life Size Female Mannequin Foot with Bone Display Jewelry Sandal Shoe Sock...
  • 1. Made from new-type cyber skin (thermoplastic elastomer,soft and elastic, so realistic it looks or touches, so...
  • 2. High quality non-toxic and soft silica gel material,the inner part of the silica gel is filled with...
  • 3. Avoid wearing accessories of dark color or easily fade or put together with ink materials such as magazines, or...
  • 4. In the case that the item get dirty, clean it with detergent or shower gel and rinse it in water; after the item...
  • 5. Preferred for display or photography of accessories such as jewelry, rings, bras, clothes, sockings, gloves,...

The first product on our list is a pair of the new Silicone Life Size Female Mannequin Foot with a bone display from ZHY.

With its model-like design, it’s a superb addition to your store or boutique, that’s if you deal with female footwear.

It features two layers, the outer layer is made of high-quality and anti-tear thermoplastic elastomer, which makes the silicone feet not only durable but also gives it a lifelike softness and look.

To complement the outer layer, the inner layer is made of high-quality and eco-friendly silica gel, which is soft and has a jelly-like feel, this design feature comes in handy if you’re among those who get quite playful at the very thought of silicone feet.

Plus, the feet have bones in their toes, this allows you to adjust and bend them freely, and unlike those made with rubber, they won’t return to their original shape until you want them to.

This silicone mannequin feet from ZHY can stand freely, and the soles have a skin-groove texture that makes the feet feels and looks lifelike.

To depict the human feet more precisely, these feet have nails, this serves as an attractive way to display your toenail art and capture the attention of customers in the boutique, or those walking past.

When used in a boutique or store, the feet can wear shoes, socks, and other feet accessories, including bracelets and bangles, to show customers a more realistic look of the item.

This also helps your customers build a mental picture of how they’d look when they wear that particular accessory.

You can clean the feet with a detergent or shower gel, and after rinsing it in water, remember to spread talcum power on the surface to maintain the touchy feel.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-quality and durable material
  • Comes with nails for a natural look
  • Creates an attractive look in stores
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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2. SZXXC Silicone Life Size Child Mannequin Foot

Silicone Life Size Child Mannequin Foot 1 Pair Display Jewerly Sandal Shoe Sock Display Art Sketch...
  • 1. Made from new-type cyber skin (thermoplastic elastomer,soft and elastic, also toxically and odor free, meet all...
  • 2. High quality non-toxic and soft silica gel material,the inner part of the silica gel is filled with...
  • 3. Avoid wearing accessories of dark color or easily fade or put together with ink materials such as magazines, or...
  • 4. In the case that the item get dirty, clean it with detergent or shower gel and rinse it in water; after the item...
  • 5. Preferred for display or photography of accessories such as jewelry, rings, clothes, sockings, gloves,...

If you run a boutique that sells children’s clothes, accessories, and footwear, then it’s worth having this Life Size Child Mannequin Foot to help mothers who are interested in seeing how an item will look on their child.

Like the first product on this list, this item is also made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is not only soft and elastic but also odorless, hence you don’t have to worry about any strange smell driving off your potential buyers.

The inner layer is made of a soft silica gel material, this creates a realistic look and feel, and although you can’t create a pose for the toes because the feet have no bones to support that, the mannequin is still a good option for impressively displaying your merchandise.

For online stores, these feet offer cheaper alternatives to baby models because you can rely on them to retain their realistic look even in pictures.

However, if you wear black-colored accessories or ink materials on the feet, then the feet may be quite difficult to clean.

But other than that, they are pretty easy to maintain, and if you need to wash them, then just rinse in clean water – for a long-lasting natural look, apply talcum powder evenly on the top of the feet.

Due to its small size, it has a measurement of 10.75 by 4.41 by 3.07 inches, thus it’s also a great option for doll making, as well as practicing doll art for creatives.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Non-toxic and odorless material
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Can be used as a tool for practicing doll art
  • Durable material
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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3. No products found.

This female feet mannequin looks truly realistic, making it a top choice if you want to create magnificently display your footwear accessories, such as shoes, socks, and jewelry.

Its outer layer is made of high-quality TPE material, which is tactile and soft to ensure a clear skin texture that’s indistinguishable from a human model.

This allows you to create a bold and human-like footwear display to show your customers how cute your products are.

The inner layer is, however, made of soft silica gel, and to make the feet even more functional, it has bones that allow you to freely bend the toes to create different stylish poses, including depicting a model on the runway.

Like the ZHY mannequin product, it also has realistic nails, thus it’s a perfect choice for showcasing nail products in the boutique, and it also allows you to unleash your creativity if you’re a nail artist.

Unlike most white feet mannequins, LXX Silicone Female Feet is fair-skinned, meaning it won’t only complement your store, but it will also help you achieve international status.

Besides having this foot mannequin in the store, you can as well as use it to shoot realistic pictures of your female fashion legwear and save those bucks which would have gone to models.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Human model skin texture
  • Fair-skinned
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • High-quality and durable material

No products found.

4. LAMZ Fully Glue Silicone Mannequin Foot

LAMZ Fully Glue 1 Pair Silicone Mannequin Foot Sketch Foot Fetish Mannequin Foot 0829
  • Photographing model props, simulation foot mold props, sketching, photo, real and difficult, nail art practice,...
  • The width of the sole is 7.5 cm, the length of the foot is 21.5 cm, the circumference of the ankle is 21 cm, and...
  • Non-toxic silicone,101safe, No any smell, The toenails are firm enough
  • Full-adhesive version: the skin and filling are solid TPE material, the overall feel is softer than the bone, feel...
  • They are almost like real and feel like real female foots!

If the thought of playing with beautiful feet excites you, then this silicone mannequin feet from LAMZ will allow your imagination to run wild.

It’s made of 100 percent silicone, and the skin is made of thermoplastic elastomer, thus the feet are very soft to touch and feel.

The mannequin feet are eco-friendly, and you won’t be turned off by strange smells if you add the feet to your collection.

To make them feel really like a human’s feet, they’re elastic and resistant against deformation, so you can use them any way you like without worrying about any dislocation that may alter their shape.

Plus, the bottom of the feet has a skillful design that mimics the female feet, and the wrinkled soles also behave exactly like how the human feet will behave when you point the toes.

They also come with plastic nails, so you can unleash your nail art creativity on these feet to make them look even more realistic.

If you fetishize feet and you like seeing a nice pair of legs in high heels, then you might find it pleasing that LAMZ Fully Glue Silicone Mannequin Foot can wear shoes and other accessories like socks and jewelry, to create the most stunning feet you can ever imagine.

And as a bonus, you can use LAMZ Fully Glue Silicone Mannequin Foot for photography and footwear modeling because they’re convincing replicas that will enhance the elegance of your merchandise.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Skillfully designed soles with wrinkles that look like that of a human’s feet
  • Can wear shoes and other footwear accessories
  • Comes with nails
  • Made of high-quality and durable material
  • Eco-friendly

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5. No products found.

GGSDDDUP Silicone Lifesize Man Mannequin Foot offers the best two in one product for foot fetishism and a suitable item for high-end boutique and stores that sells expensive footwear for men.

Like the best mannequin products in the market, this foot is made of thermoplastic elastomer, meaning it’s a soft and elastic model that resembles a male foot.

Another cool design feature about this model is ow it’s crafted on the top surface, resulting in a realistic male foot with visible blood vessels and of course, the texture of real skin.

Unlike some mannequins with floppy toes, this GGSDDDUP mannequin foot has bones that support the toes and makes them firm.

You can as well mold the toes into different stylish poses to fit well with your footwear accessories and create attractive displays to sway potential customers since the toes are adjustable to different shapes and styles.

GGSDDDUP Silicone Lifesize Man Mannequin Foot also comes with nails, so it’s a top choice for practicing and displaying nail art and it offers an incredible window display if you’re promoting male footwear.

The nails spot a French manicure, but you can paint them with your favorite nail polish to achieve your desired look.

The foot can wear socks and other accessories, but make sure you avoid ones that fade as this makes the mannequin difficult to clean, but otherwise, it’s easy to maintain, although you’ll need to avoid washing it with brushes to keep the skin texture intact.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 2-in-1 feet mannequin
  • Realistic male feet with skin-like texture
  • Comes with nails
  • Boney design allows different styles

No products found.

6. Mannequin Simulated Female Foot Model

Mannequin Foot Simulated Foot Model Silicone Lifesize Female Sandals Short Stocking Ankle Chains...
  • 1. The real model of the foot model: the toes can be bent freely or can be fixed in any posture, detailed and...
  • 2. High quality: The outer layer is made of new polymer material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which has the...
  • 3. Realistic girl's beautiful feet: the toes are soft and free to move, the soles of the feet are naturally bloody,...
  • 4. Easy to use and clean: full of elasticity, soft, attractive to the touch, washable and easy to maintain. The...
  • 5. It can be used for display or shooting accessories, medical drawings, designs, film and television props, nail...

The outer layer of this mannequin is made of the most durable and high-quality material in the market, including a thermoplastic elastomer, which prevents the feet from tearing easily.

It has all the characteristics of female feet, thus it’s soft, however, it also feels and looks very much like a beautiful girl’s feet.

The silicone material, passing all safety standards, is non-toxic, and the product doesn’t come with unusual smells, so you won’t have to wash it immediately after purchase, unlike some mannequins.

The polymer material is crafted with a bone design to create soft toes that are free to move, and you can adjust them until you achieve a favorite pose to play with, moreover, unlike some mannequins, their toes won’t return to the original shape against your wish.

To satisfy your feet fetish, these feet have realistic bloody soles, and the look and feel are no different from that of a real person.

SEYJ Mannequin Simulated Female Foot can double up as a model, and a premium one for that matter if you want to display various female footwear merchandise in your boutique in a realistic way to enchant your customers.

Maintaining the foot model is as easy as washing it with detergent and clean water when it gets stained – doing that makes the mannequin look clear as new and restores its original texture.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very durable
  • Non-toxic and doesn’t smell
  • Realistic girl’s feet
  • Soft and adjustable toes
  • Easy to clean or maintain

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7. No products found.

ZLSN Silicone Female Foot Mannequin is a super-cute addition to high-end stores or window displays that deal with fashionable female footwear.

Even if you’re thinking of revamping your small boutique or want to satisfy your foot fetishism, this is a good bet.

It’s made of high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly silicone material with high elasticity and softness that mimics the human foot, and to make it have the visual sense of the feminine feet, its outer layer has a nice color.

Plus, thanks to the large molecules inside, the toes have a skeleton, you can adjust and mold them into different shapes and stylish poses to create beautiful displays that attract potential customers to your female merchandise.

If you view feet as a sensual body part, then the built-in joints which make the toes adjustable come quite in handy, plus the silicone material offers a realistic skin and texture that brings to life all of your imaginations.

Additionally, even though they may not look fantastic in jewelry, they’re perfect for other legwear like socks, bangles, and shoes.

So, if the thought of seeing an alluring pair of feet rocking high heels excites you, then ZLSN Silicone Female Foot Life Size Mannequin may just be the right purchase for you.

You can easily wash this foot model when it gets dirty, you only need clean water and detergent to restore the skin texture and the human-like clarity.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-quality, durable, and eco-friendly
  • Cuts the cost of hiring a real model
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Adjustable to create stylish poses

No products found.

8. MWIMBEIWM Oxcellent Silicone Feet Model Ballerina Simulation

Simulation Girls Ballerina Dancer Gymnast Foot Silicone Feet Model Mannequin
  • Size: EU36, US5.5; Foot Length: 23cm/9.01inch
  • This foot display stand is great for displaying socks, shoes, anklets ,etc.
  • It could be made into a fantastic display for jewelry with imagination. If you're a shop owner, this display hand...
  • And if you're using the hand display at home, it makes your favorite goods much easier to locate.

If you love seeing the feet of beautiful girls wherever you go, then it’s worth considering this lightweight and gorgeous female foot model to satisfy all your fantasies wherever you’re.

It has a simple design, but this mannequin is crafted with high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material on the outer layer which makes it elastic and soft, plus it looks like a real feminine foot – it has a lifelike skin texture.

Also, the soft silica gel makes the model realistic when you look at or touch it, and this creates pleasure for foot fetish fans.

Due to the high-quality silicone material used, this foot model is eco-friendly and it provides a pleasant environment – it is odorless – whenever you want to play with it.

Oxcellent Silicone Feet Model Ballerina Simulation comes with nails that are polished pink, but if you’re unhappy with the default color, you can clear it off it using cotton and acetone polish remover, then apply your desired color pedicure.

You can bend the beautiful toes freely to create different poses when you play with this mannequin, however, it will return to its original shape when you leave it idle because it doesn’t have skeletons to support the toes – that’s understandable as the lack of the bones is what accounts for its lightweight (0.04 ounces).

If the sight or even the thought of a girl’s beautifully adorned foot fascinates you, then you might find it pleasing that Oxcellent Silicone Feet Model can wear different types of female footwear accessories like shoes, bracelets, and bangles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • True skin color
  • Comes with polished nails
  • Has beautiful, firm, but bendable toes
  • Lightweight

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9. No products found.

Perfect for displaying male footwear in the store in an eye-catching manner, as well as offering realistic foot for women who want to indulge in certain fantasies with a male foot.

This mannequin has a fighting chance to be the best multipurpose model foot available in the market.

The outer layer is made of the best materials in the market: thermoplastic elastomer thus the foot model is not only torn resistant, but also soft because of its high elasticity, and from the looks, it mimics human skin with a vivid texture, which you can confirm when you touch it.

The inner layer, unlike other foot models, has a thin metal with a leather-like feel, which is one of the factors that aid it to stand on its own.

This design feature, alongside the in-built joints at the toes, makes the inside of the mannequin somehow hard, which comes in handy when you want to wear it for any footwear accessories, either to fulfill your fetish needs or if you want to display your merchandise in the boutique.

Although firm, the toes are soft, and you can bend them freely to create stylish postures to meet your needs.

Thanks to the cool bone design that’s integrated into the polymer material, the toes can stay in the new shape afterward.

At the bottom of this lifelike mannequin foot, is the natural bloody and wrinkly soles, which look and feel very realistic for a foot fetish.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An excellent choice for foot fetish as well as for displaying footwear
  • High-quality and durable material
  • Movable toes whose posture do not change unless you want them to
  • Wrinkly and natural bloody soles

No products found.

10. Cyomi Silicone Foot Mannequin Life-Like Male Feet

Silicone Foot Mannequin Life-Like Male Leg Display Model for Sketch Nail Art Practice Jewelry Sandal...
  • Life-Like Model: Molded using human foot, the skin is fair, the proportion is right, and the toes are detailed and...
  • Consisting of Two Layers: Outer layer made from new-type high polymer material TPE(thermoplastic elastomer) and...
  • Widely Application: Preferred for the display or photography of accessories such as jewelry, rings, socks and...
  • Adjustable Steady Form:Installed with joints inside as real foot, can post as you like, both toes and ankle can...
  • Package Include: 1 pair male foot mannequin(Left foot +Right foot, without nail)

Similar to the GZMUS Home Security Silicone Lifesize Foot Mannequin, this product is widely applicable and it’s a good option for those who fetishize male footwear and those looking to create classy looks in stores or boutiques.

Not surprisingly, like the best silicone feet in the market, it’s built with soft and high-quality thermoplastic elastomer on the outer part to model a human foot – the skin is fair, resembling a human foot, and indistinguishable from that of a real person when you touch it.

To match their rivals, Cyomi uses a thin metal in its inner layer, so the foot model can stand on its own.

Like a real human foot, this model has joints inside which allows you to bend it in different ways, thus you can create fashionable shapes and postures to boldly display your merchandise, this offers customers a realistic view of how the footwear will look.

The toes are detailed, and courtesy of the bone design, they can be bent and tweaked to create stable and custom stylish postures for your needs.

For photography of footwear accessories, most people prefer this product because it’s cheaper than real human models, moreover, they get the job done almost the same way as a human model will.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide applicability
  • Has joints inside that mimics a real foot
  • Can stand on its own
  • High-quality, durable, and eco-friendly material
  • Good for footwear photography

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Final Thoughts

Whether you want to fulfill your fetish fantasies, or you need to improve your store to look different and enchant potential customers, you must go for a product that can last for a long while.

Similar to many silicone products, these silicone feet models are affected by the dark-colored materials or materials with ink.

So, it’s advisable to not only keep them away from such materials, but also to avoid wearing dark footwear accessories, or those that fade.

Additionally, avoid keeping these items against direct sunlight or high power lights, as this may result in faster aging of the feet.

Remember also that most silicone feet models are handmade and may have a slight difference in size for each product.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to spice up your store with these classic silicone feet.

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