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10 Best Silicone Round Cake Pans & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

The pastry chef tools and utensils it’s what keep moving, going around to make the cooking nitch easier and practical, and that’s when the silicone round cake pan comes in handy

Aside from the mixer, the pallets, and of course the ingredients, one of the main utensils a pastry chef needs is a pan, with the possibility to access all the shapes and sizes pans offer.

Pans can be round, triangle, squared, have and not have handles, can have different kinds of figures at the bottom, non-sticking or they may need oil or butter, and can actually have all sorts of other possible differentials characteristics.

This makes the pastry chef’s imagination and creative mind spot to start moving, imagining what they can create with all of those possible shapes and sizes.

So, to offer the same imagination possibilities that professionals pastry chefs have, we have listed the 10 best silicone round cake pans.

Most of them are versatile at the time of the preparation, in which we may include mixtures that require an oven, oven-microwaves, fridges or freezers, and in this variety having from pieces of bread, cakes or pizzas to possibly be cooked.

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10 Best Silicone Round Cake Pans Reviewed

You may only have or buy one of the items included in this list, but anyway, here comes our first product.

1. Silikomart Goccia (Drop)

Silikomart Goccia (Drop) Silicone Mold, Rounded Cake Pan with 3D Technology Creates Smooth...
791 Reviews
Silikomart Goccia (Drop) Silicone Mold, Rounded Cake Pan with 3D Technology Creates Smooth...
  • INNOVATIVE 3D TECHNOLOGY: Perfect for making a semifreddo or entremet, droplet-shaped dessert mold adds a fun and...
  • NON-STICK SILICONE: Ultra-flexible, non-stick liquid silicone mold makes for easy release of contents and simple...
  • OVEN-TO-FREEZER: Mold's thermal stability and versatility allow for safe transition from oven and microwave to...
  • BPA-FREE: Made in Italy, BPA-free, food-safe design tested in accordance with the Foods Standards Agency; silicone...
  • CARE: Easy-to-clean mold safe for dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and oven; measures 7-3/4" in...

Let’s begin with one of the innovations among the pastry chef kitchen, the Silikomart Goccia, a 3D silicone round cake pan.

It’s a non-stick round cake pan with solid color, that shapes the form of a drop and delivers a new and funny finished product with a chic 3D silhouette.

Either you wanna cake an entremets dessert or a semifreddo cold cake, this is just a right pan for it.

This pan is itself a moveable feast, for its easy mobility.

The pan measurements are 7-3/4 inches in diameter and 2-3/4 inches tall.

So, wherever you want to put it -oven, microwave, fridge- or to move it from one place to another, its versatility and size make it an easy moveable 3D silicone round cake pan. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • You don’t need to add any other greases (like oil or butter) because of its non-stick trait
  • Its design doesn’t include BPA, which is a chemical product that tends to be toxic to humans
  • Because of its material, the cleaning is easy
  • Not bad smells while cooking

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2. Silicone Round Cake Pan Eclipse Design

3d Maker Silicone Cake Molds - Round Silicone Mold Cake Chiffon Pan Cheesecake Baking Mold Circle...
  • Quality Material - The silicone molds for baking rounds are made of food-grade material. Silicone cake mold is...
  • Ellipse Sharp - The round silicone cake pans for baking dimensions are: 7.5 inches internal diameter, 2 inches...
  • Silicon Mold Design - The shape of the product is great for cooking and has a flat top and rounded sides that curve...
  • Easy to Bake - It’s easy to cook using our cake silicone mold in the oven or blast chiller, because the cake...
  • Wide Use - The cake mold is good for baking round, chocolate, sponge, fruit cakes or just cake base. You can also...

This round cake pan is made by D&B Kitchen Tools, with white solid color. 

It’s a pan that has stayed in the trend which has been going around these times.

This little pan only weighs 0.4 pawns, it upholds 1 liter of liquid and has 7.087 diameters with 1.77 tall. 

Its eclipse shape is given by a top floor that permits the addition of another ingredient.

This top floor that allows the addition of a complementary ingredient, encourages the creativity of cookers, also giving a fancy style to the finished cake.

The pan is ideal for glazed cakes or cakes with a mirror-like finish.

If it’s a glazed look we’re giving to the cake, you just gotta follow the steps of the recipe you may have, and the pan will do the rest. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a non-sticking pan
  • It gives a versatility at the moment of the cooking, made to work for ovens as to cold desserts
  • Because of its small size, it practically fits everywhere

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3. Food Grade Loaf Bread One Silicone Resine Mold for Making Cakes

Food Grade Loaf Bread Round Silicon Resin Mold For Making Cake
  • BEAUTIFUL SHAPED PASTRY:Food Grade Silicone: Flexible and Reusable; high-temperature resistance and anti-freezing,...
  • TEMPERATURE TO USE: These molds are safe used in oven, microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher. Temperature safe...
  • FLEXIBLE, EASE AND NON-STICK: Compared to the hard molds, this silicone cake mold is flexible, you can pop out...

This is one of the simplest pans on this list.

The main difference is that we find now a pan with handles, available in several solid colors, and with a very different design of the bottom, which has curve lines on it.

This pan is presented with one of the lowest prices in the pan’s market; therefore, for beginner’s pastry chefs it’s excellent to start with this accessible pan.

We also find in this pan, that can actually be used not only for cakes but for pieces of bread too, extending your possibilities as a cooker.

So, you will not only be able to prepare cakes but also have the opportunity to find a tool for improving other grounds such as the bakery one. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers an accessible price
  • You can use it for both pieces of bread and cakes
  • It can endure high temperatures

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4. No products found.

The RXAN Round Cake Pan is very likely to the last one we just mentioned.

With a solid gray-dark color and green details on the handles.

This is one of the simplest pans we would be selecting, and simple but not as simple as the last one; its little color details bring you the possibility to exhibit the cake in it, for it’s presentable enough to give a very good look to your finished cakes.

The fundamental difference it’s its flexibility when finishing and taking the cake out.

This is a fully flexible silicone pan which we can basically turn around like a sock, to pull the cake or bread out, because it’s also functional to bake bread.

As the first item we included on this list, this is a BPA-free round cake silicone pan, so we would be contributing to Ambiental conservation. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • The green details on the handles were made to ensure the holding
  • Because of its flexibility, it’s easy to manage the pulling out of cakes, so wouldn’t be ruining the finished product
  • It’s a reusable silicone round cake pan

No products found.

5. B.BAD Silicone Round Cake Pan

B.BAD 70218 Silicone Cake Tin 24 cm Black/Red
  • Silicone cake tin with steel reinforcement.
  • Developed by leading pastry chefs: shapes have been studied to give a clean and professional result.
  • The large handles and reinforced steel edges allow for easy use and transport even with one hand only.
  • A mix of professional technology (reinforced steel, practical handles, clean and precise shapes and high-quality...
  • Diameter: 24 cm.

The B.BAD brand offers us this silicone round cake pan with metallic reinforced, with big handles that also have metallic reinforcements in its borders.

This pan is on sale with a solid black color and red color details on the handles.

Here its design with a flat bottom that brings up a subtle -perfect- finish to the cake.

Even though its metallic reinforcements, the weight is only 0.33gr, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

This is more likely to be bought by experienced pastry chefs and made by pastry chefs themselves, so you will be found in this product a very silicone round cake pan made by the ones who know more about the cake craft.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Because of its long handles, and despite the metallic reinforcements, it’s a very manageable pan
  • The metallic reinforcements not only offer support but a long-term round cake pan for more durable use
  • Its flat bottom along with the smoothness of the sides gives a solid-perfect finished cake

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6. BeiceMania Silicone Round Cake Pan

8 inch cake pan round cake pan 3d cake pan silicone cake pan white beicemania round M square
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT: The silicone cake mould is easy to clean and store. It made for easy and convenient use....
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products are made from premium quality materials and gone through stringent quality tests. The...
  • GIFT AND CELEBRATION: With our cake moulds you can make nice looking cakes, which can be perfect birthday, weeding...
  • CUSTOMERS SERVICE: Satisfaction of customers is our primary concern. If you have any questions, please feel free to...
  • BRAND BEICEMANIA: beicemania is an international brand for bakeware and kitchen products. beicemania has its own...

This is a high-quality cake pan, verified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the LFGB (translated from the German as Food Consumers Good and Feedstuffs Code), made by Beice Mania.

As other items mentioned on this list, it’s a free-BPA chemical product, offered in a single solid color – white.

With a very visible triangle shape, but it’s round on the inside.

The perfectly round shape this gives to baked cakes is perfect enough to even gift them.

It’s a non-stick silicone round cake pan of the highest quality.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It delivers a great visual appearance
  • The pulling out gives no trouble, maintaining the round shape
  • The company that fabricates them, offers a warranty and product change in case any of the items to be broken

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7. Silicone Brownie Round Cake Pan

This item is available in several vivid colors such as yellow, red, green, and orange.

It has a peculiar cupcake shape, which will be giving to our cake a huge difference among others, for it would look like a huge cupcake.

It’s ideal for baking brownies, as its name says.

The silicone brownie round cake pan has curves on its sides and a dotted bottom, these characteristics are the ones that offer the cupcake shape we just mentioned.

Because of its tall and depth, it’s perfect for filling in by layers; we basically make horizontal cuts to the cake and then putting them all together after having filled the flat superficies with any ingredient we want.

Pros & Benefits:

  • For the pan’s tall, it’s easier when the time to decorate the cake has come; exploring the filling in techniques
  • You have the chance to prepare both brownies or the usual vanilla cakes
  • It’s easy weight and easy to save

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8. Crystal Base Silicone Round Cake Pan

Norpro Silicone Springform Pan with Glass Base, 9in/23cm, As Shown
  • Measures: 9" X 9" X 3"/ 23cm x 23cm x 7.5cm
  • The perfect combination for a spring form pan: silicone and glass!
  • Removable silicone ring is perfect for cheesecakes, cakes, and delicate desserts.
  • The silicone sides allow for consistent, even baking and no stick separation when removing the sides of the spring...
  • Tempered glass bottom lets you bake, cut, and serve on the same attractive platter.

We bring now one of the more revolutionizing silicone round cake pans.

Not only because of its crystal base that permits to cook, cut, and serve without taking the cake out, but the rounded circular silicone sides are removable.

With a little hook, you can either connect or unleash the band that forms the circular solid sides of the pan.

It’s offered with a solid red and vivid color that brings elegance to the table for it matches the transparent crystal base, is resistant to high temperatures and you can put it in the dishwasher.

This is a perfect pan for those cold preparations as cheesecakes and other delicate desserts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It makes the cake super easy manageable as soon as it’s ready
  • The crystal base offers a solid and clean bottom that maintains the cake
  • Because you can disarm it, taking the hook out, and unleashing the sides band, it’s easy to transport it anywhere you want

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9. Flower Silicone Round Cake Pan

Silikomart Silicone Classic Collection Cake Pan, Flower
  • 1-silicone flower shape baking mold, measures 8.66" diameter x 1.77-Inch; made from platinum based liquid (lsr)...
  • Silicone injected molds allow for greater details, flexibility, longer wear; glossy surface ensures an easy release...
  • Each mold fitted with patented removable fiberglass safe ring; insert on mold rim to ensure stability and best...
  • Ultra flexible for easy extraction, odorless and smokeless; does not add or take any flavors from food

Beautiful round cake pan designed with flower shape that will make your cakes stand out.

Initially, it’s a rounded pan, with the sides made of silicone and the bottom made of platinum, but if it’s not a rounded pan what you need, you’ll also find this article available in several forms, such as heart shape, pizza shape, star shape, and some others.

It includes fiberglass that we’ll very tend to use because it brings stability to whatever we’re cooking.

It’s a cooking tool ideal to exploit the creativity of the pastry chef.

With this flower shape, you won’t need to be a professional in the bakery nitch to bake beautifully designed cakes.

In detail, the bottom has petals like going around linked to a center which it’s supposed to be the principal middle of the flower.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It will offer professional and beautiful designs for our cakes
  • The cakes we cook in this kind of pan don’t need much decoration aside from little details here and there, such as syrups, icings, or sprinkled white sugar or cacao
  • This product durability guarantees at least 3,000 uses, being able to put it into fridges, microwaves, or ovens

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10. Silikomart 3D Mold Abbraccio

Silikomart Abbraccio (Hug) Silicone Mold, Flexible Cake Pan with 3D Technology Creates Heart-shaped...
  • INNOVATIVE 3D TECHNOLOGY: Perfect for making a semifreddo or entremet, rounded dessert mold adds a fun and...
  • NON-STICK SILICONE: Ultra-flexible, non-stick liquid silicone mold makes for easy release of contents and simple...
  • OVEN-TO-FREEZER: Mold's thermal stability and versatility allow for safe transition from oven and microwave to...
  • BPA-FREE: Made in Italy, BPA-free, food-safe design tested in accordance with the Foods Standards Agency; silicone...
  • CARE: Easy-to-clean mold safe for dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and oven; measures 8-1/2" in...

Going back to the 3D tendency, this pan is composed of 2 little circles one above the other one.

This item is presented with a solid gray color, fabricated in Italy.

The two circles that form the pan, let a heart shape as we put the knife through it and pull out the slices.

The remarkable fact about this pan is that the heart shapes, among other things, just make us think about the perfect gift it would be to anyone we love, so it’s a perfect pan for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthday’s present, and all of these possibilities with us not being a professional pastry chef.

You can decorate it by preparing the whole cake of chocolate, or adding two different colors, or decorating each round apart, giving it a more personal touch and letting your imagination fly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You may achieve to astonish your guests, either you’re a beginner or a professional pastry chef, for its heart shapes that will help to stand out among others
  • The pan will actually give you all the difficult circles shapes, all you need to do is a great mixture, giving a fine taste and a pretty texture
  • This pan isn’t exclusively made for cakes, but can also explore and try with jelly and its different colors

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11. Trudeau Silicone Round Cake Pan

Trudeau 5118558 Structure Fluted Cake Pan Silicone Bakeware, Medium, Confetti White
  • Perfect baking every time; our fun confetti cake pan combines the stability of metal bakeware with the flexibility,...
  • An integrated steel rim gives the pan structure and secure handling, while the highest-quality European silicone...
  • Oven Safe to Temperatures of 428 F (220 C)
  • Dishwasher Safe; Food Safe BPA Free Silicone
  • Structure Silicone is dishwasher safe and is resistant to thermal shock, allowing it to transport safely from...

If colors are your thing, this is one of the pans that were fabricated for you.

This silicone round cake pan, has a unique colorful design, all white with a rain of colors all around.

The pan is presented by Trudeau, they’re giving us a central rise that left a hole on our circle cake, this will allow us to decorate it as we want on the center hole, either to prepare a volcano cake or to hide a present in it, covered with any other ingredients.

The inside design has a kind of division that basically makes the serve up easier, so we know where to put the knife through.

It’s a non-sticking pan with handles that it’s made with the highest European silicone quality, anything we bake in this colorful pan gets cold easily, so we would be able to eat our delicious preparation as soon as possible, and not have to wait much as with the others pans on the market.

This is also a BPA-free pan that is perfect for jelly, flans, and other cold desserts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s resistant to high temperatures, and also because of its metallic handle borders offer us a safe way to transport it from the oven to the table, or fridge, or wherever we want
  • We can easily clean it up on the dishwasher
  • Because it’s made not only with silicone but also with metallic details, it has more durability

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12. Lurch Germany Silicone Round Cake Pan

LURCH Germany FlexiForm 2 Piece Round Silicone Cake Mold with Heart Filling | Non Stick Cake Pan for...
  • For creative fillings with ice cream, cream, fruit and more. Recipe included! Easy to make! Impress your friends...
  • Dimensions: ø 8.2 x 3.1 Inch | 21 x 8 cm
  • Maximised non-stick effect - Easy to clean
  • Food safe, taste neutral, fruit acid resistant and dishwasher safe - Temperature-safe up to +240°C/+464°F
  • BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe

This pan is proof that historical facts and backgrounds also extends to something as simple as a silicone round cake pan.

Lurch Germany is a company that gave to the German citizens the first platinum pan of the country.

The inside of the pan it’s formed with several rounds that, as the company says, it makes possible or easier to work with different kinds of ingredients such as ice cream, cream, fruits, and more.

The circles that constituted the structure of the pan don’t affect the perfect round to which we are used to looking at or to cook, giving them a surprising effect: we’ll find a heart in it.

The point is that it’s necessary to add a supporting ingredient to finish the heart form, making it stand out with, for instance, colorful cream, chocolate syrup, marmalade, fruit, or any possible candy we like.

This product is available in a vivid red color.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s resistant to fruit acids and sourdough
  • One of the highest quality silicones
  • It’s a non-sticking and high-temperature resistant pan
  • You’ll be working with a premium article among the stores

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Uses Recommendation For Silicone Round Cake Pans

We said at the beginning of this article that cooking continually evolves, other materials and techniques have been found for the pastry chef does.

Well, round cake pans are not the exception.

In this new generation, the silicone has jumped out because of its malleability, non-stick qualities, resistance to extreme temperatures, durability, and easily manageable.

Silicone round cake pans are confident, they don’t spread bad smells nor leftovers of any ingredient we are using.

They don’t represent any kind of risk for one health, and also are hypoallergenic.

As you have read there are a lot of shapes and forms, but at the time of buying your pans make sure they are made of a high silicone quality.

Listed characteristics of silicone round cake pans

Hypoallergenic, resistance to high temperatures, easy manageable; you can use the dishwasher to clean it or your hands with great facility, non-sticking; easy to pull out the content, and your desserts will be out all complete with a perfect finish.

Uses recommendations

If you’re using the pan for the first time, wash it properly and let it dry; grease it with butter, next times you won’t need to; at the time you’re putting it into the oven place it on a flat base, for its flexibility it may tend to bend at the bottom.

Don’t cut inside the pan to not damaging it, cut your desserts once they’re out; don’t force the pan under a direct heat source, as a burner or an electric resistance.

Final Thoughts

For some people desserts are considered as important as the other main meals, it’s quite often to be offered for a dessert after finishing your main course.

Therefore, offering your desserts after having eaten at home would look very pleasant to your guests.

Yet, if this isn’t the case, you have no guests and you’re completely alone, being able to bake your cakes the way you like, would be a whole complete satisfactory thing.

We wanted to enumerate in this article the 10 best and practical silicone round cake pans, but we couldn’t resist adding the other possibilities you may choose from.

As you have read, we highlighted their pros, benefits, characteristics, and differences, some of them will do fine with certain ingredients, other with certain recipes, and others will have double purposes; you’ll be focusing on cakes, but you’ll also have the opportunity to cook bread, pizza, jelly, brownie, and other sorts of meals or desserts.

If you’re a beginner on the pastry ground, before buying anything we listed in this article, think carefully about what you first want to achieve.

A silicone round cake pan is definitely a good investment for your kitchen.

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