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10 Best Silicone Shoe Laces & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Say goodbye to your shoelaces coming off whenever you’re playing sport or just walking around looking cool then somebody would notice your lace is untied, and say hello to the best silicone shoelaces.

It’s frustrating especially if you have a white shoelace then it would be so soiled that you have to replace it and go over the inserting and crossing process all over again.

If you have enough of this situation, you have to move on with the solution of never tying your shoelaces ever again.

This is a list of the 10 best silicone shoelaces and their reviews.

So you can focus more on having fun and being cool while never worrying about your feet breaking up with your shoes ever again because of a lace untied.

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10 Best Silicone Shoe Laces Reviewed

So below are the 10 best silicone shoelaces that you might want to check out or purchase.

1. LOCK LACES Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces

LOCK LACES Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces (Pack of 2) One Size Fits All (Navy-Grey)
  • No-tie Lacing System: Turn any pair of lace-up tennis shoes into slip on sneakers. Lock Laces are the original, no...
  • Stretch Fit Comfort: Our elastic laces conform to your foot for a custom fit. Added compression reduces discomfort...
  • Perfect For Everyone: Lock Laces, originally designed for triathletes to decrease transition time, are a great gift...
  • Simple Installation: One size fits all (kids and adults), quick to install, and easy to use. Each pair is suitable...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Lock Laces are guaranteed to last the life of one pair of lace up tennis shoes. We...

Elasticity is what makes silicone shoelaces so comfortable to use and because of their stretchability, it converts any shoe into a slip-on shoe.

With its unique locking feature, you can be ready in a snap of a finger, shoes off or shoes on will never be an issue anymore.

If you value your precious time this will help you get ready even quicker.

Originally designed for triathletes to reduce the transition, it follows the shape of your foot for more tension accuracy and comfort.

Although originally designed for athletes this silicone shoelace can be worn by all ages and what good thing about it is that it’s one size fits shoelace.

Equipped with two long elastic cords it can be threaded and secured with one plastic anchor, so they are easily adjustable at a moment’s notice.

You might have learned tying your shoes in a hiccup but that doesn’t mean that it’s the same for all of us and there are a lot of reasons benefiting from having one of this is a no-brainer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Accurate fit
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect for triathletes
  • High quality 
  • Water-resistant

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

2. Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces - One Size Fits All Adult and Kids Shoes
  • SIMPLE AND COMFORTABLE: Simply install your Xpand Lacing System with the desired tension and slip-on / slip-off...
  • WORKS FOR EVERYONE: Over 1,500,000 units sold with satisfied users from all over the world. Our no-tie laces work...
  • CUSTOM STRETCH FIT: Our elastic no-tie laces automatically adjust with your feet to provide you with the highest...
  • LACES LOCKED IN PLACE: Xpand Lacing System utilizes our patented Lace Anchor locks to firmly secure our elastic...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Xpand guarantees you will love your no-tie flat lacing system and the quality of our...

If you prefer flat lace then this silicone shoelace might be the right one for you.

Getting the right shoe for a certain activity is important.

And so does having the right feeling to the way you wanted to look.

A flat lace is great for sneakers that have a natural look of a conventional lace.

Xpand no tie shoelace system sold over 300,000 units all over the world.

The minimal design makes it look simple and ordinary but doesn’t be fooled by it alone because it offers a wide range of use.

You may be a hiker, a biker, or anyone who just loves to walk outside together with a dog.

There are plenty to choose from but if you prefer a flat lace that is durable and tested to withstand 200lbs of force side then don’t look anymore because Xpand got the right one for you.

Xpand NoTie Shoelaces were first seen on a Kickstarter campaign which has brought different backers from all over the globe, which gives this product an added boost to drive sales with their product right even before they manufacture their first one.

These silicone shoelaces will ensure you can have an accurate fit of your shoes without any need for adjustment or tying ever again so make sure you grab one of these new cool shoelaces out there.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Plenty of color options
  • Simple and comfortable
  • Elastic with locking anchors closure
  • Available in a reflective style
  • 100% polyester

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3. Hickies 2.0 Performance No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

HICKIES Tie-Free Laces (2.0 New) - Black
  • Ditch your laces - remove them from your shoes, replace them with HICKIES, and never tie your shoes again! Just...
  • Each pack comes with 14 straps, enough for 1 pair of shoes. HICKIES have fully customizable strap-by-strap fit
  • Use HICKIES as a hygienic and safe alternative to avoid touching dirty shoelaces
  • Made from a patented, flexible thermoplastic elastomer with bounce-back ability (No Latex)
  • Over 6,500,000 units sold worldwide! Our product is chosen by celebrities and athletes for its design and ease of...

Customize it to the way you like with its easy to install feature.

You could transform the look of your shoelace in a heartbeat.

Fasten only once slip it in and out your shoes.

But if you’re the type of person that wanted to explore and come up with a different way of displaying a shoelace, it comes with a manual that you can refer to that shows the instruction on how you would come up with it differently.

From the design, there is one more way to customize this shoelace depending on the way you wanted it to feel against your feet.

And I‘m talking about the tension it has four tension-compression option.

Regular,tight,loose,extra loose.

And don’t worry about the manual because it’s very easy to follow and besides videos are available on their website let alone the tons of youtube tutorials.

When you buy a HIckies it comes with 14 straps, its latex-free, and has 4.57 inches in length adding a water-resistant feature makes it even more attractive like the rest of the silicone shoelaces that are covered in the article.

Silicone shoelaces can be worn by a range of different people, including your kids.

Having said that it means that you can get the whole family dressed and ready to leave the house a lot quicker than normal whenever you say “let’s go”.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Customizable fit
  • It’s a 4 inches long each
  • Install, fix and go
  • Available in different colors
  • Contains no latex

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4. No products found.

Laceez Kids is proud of its products nylon and spandex construction because it’s a substitute for rubber that adapts back to its original shape once stretched.

A good requirement no tie shoelace system, giving users a chance to go out and enjoy more without thinking about their shoes being untied.

If you’re a parent that always worries about your kid’s ability to tie their shoelaces after it was loosened, then worry no more, you can even save yourself thinking that they might fall face first if their laces caught onto something or somebody might have stepped on it accidentally.

Your kids will love you for this, they can call you their shoe hero.

And once they figured out how easily they can just install it themselves they will love you even more.

They would be happy to share it to their friends proudly saying “look at my new no tie laces” and be warned because once the parents of those children see how your kid’s happiness transforms the way they play around the park without their shoelaces being untied, your true identity will be revealed as a shoe hero.

They would love to learn how to tie their shoes now because they will only do it once and because of their nature your thinking how about the possibility of it getting dirty due to their playfulness.

Don’t worry because all you need is soap and water and you can have it like the time you bought from the store or ordered it online.

Sizes are available to perfectly find the lace that will match your child’s feet without sacrificing comfort.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for kids
  • No more watching your kids shoelaces while at the park
  • Sizes available
  • Spandex and nylon construction
  • Easy to clean

No products found.

5. Homar Silicone

HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults Stretch Silicone Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces
39,212 Reviews
HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults Stretch Silicone Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces
  • Turn Your Shoes into A Slip-on – No tie shoe laces made from premium and stretchable silicone, quite time-saving,...
  • Give You a comfortable Fit - With 10+10pcs of shoe laces for adults and 7 + 7pcs different lengths of shoelaces for...
  • Easy to Clean – Our silicone shoelaces are quite easy to clean. When they get dirty, simply wipe them off with a...
  • Fun & Coloful Shoelaces – Homar silicone no tie shoelaces, 13 colors selection, change out your regular silly...
  • Set You Free from tying shoelaces over and over again – Wonderful gift for runners, triathletes, seniors, people...

Perfect for most shoes I can literally say for all walks of life.

From sneakers, sandals, boots, casual shoes, running shoes, board shoes name it Homar silicone got you covered.

With its grip design, it can bear greater tension so that your shoelaces won’t separate from the holes.

No need to worry about sudden breakage because it has proven effective with a stretch test done for over 10,000 times and still intact and strong.

Flexibility not only from the material alone but from the areas where it can be used, from skateboarding to going in for a hike or just a good exercise for you to sweat out it’s an almost strikeout use that can be the partner to almost all the shoes you got.

With it’s easy to install feature you can just drag your new shoelaces and just aligned it through your shoe eyelets and there you go, you will be missing tying your shoes once you bought one of like this. 

With a wide range of colors, you could choose from I’m sure you could find the one that perfectly fits your personality, and by changing the way you use your shoelace I know you would never go back to using a conventional one ever again.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Always like new

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. Stout Gears Reflective

StoutGears Reflective No Tie Shoelaces Lock System - Elastic Shoelaces for Sneakers (1 Pair) (Black)
  • ⚬ TIME SAVER/EASE OF USE - With no tie design, never worry about tying your shoes again during any activity. Easy...
  • ⚬ MULTIFUNCTIONAL USAGE - Great for general use and sports and outdoor activities - running, walking, hiking,...
  • ⚬ SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Quick to install and easy to use. One size fits all. Each package of elastic shoe laces...
  • ⚬ EXTRA COMFORT - Elastic shoe laces provide better comfort and support versus traditional shoelaces. These laces...
  • ⚬ SUITABLE FOR ALL - No tie shoelaces with lock are designed to help triathletes cut their transition time and...

Primarily designed for outdoors this elastic shoelace distributes pressure evenly over your foot, giving you a comfortable experience making you on the top of your performance while you’re out doing challenging sports-related activities.

With these designs you can choose Stout gears reflective to join you while running, CrossFit, training, walking, or maybe give a little more life to your casual sneakers.

And since being active get you in a position where you might need at night these tough cord shoelaces were implanted with light-refracting material so that you will have extra protection, alarming passing vehicles to notice the users with it’s reflecting feature while you are on the road running or walking.

Giving your best in low light conditions is essential to winning, and relying on all of the things that can give you the best chance to excel is an added advantage that you can use.

And by having a shoelace that is equipped with such design and feature can 10x your chance of crossing that finish line leaving other participants behind giving you that top spot and getting your gold hanging in your neck.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Always like new

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

7. No products found.

Excellent for children, because of its playfulness in colors like the one with rainbow option.

Different color availability makes it easy to DIY shoes in Multiple ways.

You can have fun and ask your children about their mood or the color they want for the day without fixing their shoelace that long with this in mind you can change their shoelace style every day.

And with children being playful and there might be times that you can’t even catch them anymore, they just want to go out have fun and most of all they love to get dirty.

With conventional shoelace, you have two options to remove and wash their shoelace or you can throw them out and buy a new once.

But with Cool Aumers your stress level will now go to zero because of their waterproof and dirtproof shoelaces.

You don’t have to wonder about those wrinkles popping out because of your kids’ dirty shoelaces that once it goes inside the washing machine it never goes out.

It’s like a shoelace eating machine so if you want to protect yourself from this and separate from that shoelace eating washing machine get yourself a good pair of silicone shoelaces for your kids.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dirt-proof
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Non-toxic
  • Very easy to install

No products found.

8. Footmatters Curly

FootMatters No Tye Shoelaces Elastic Curly Stretchy For Kids and Adults - Black - 2 Pairs
  • TURN ANY SHOES INTO SLIP-ONS: These shoe laces stretch so you can easily slide your shoes on without damaging the...
  • SECURE FIT: Curly Shoe Laces give you the support you need while giving your feet room to breathe
  • RELIEVES PRESSURE: Elastic shoe laces provide the perfect amount of stretch, reducing pressure points and relieving...
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES: One size fits all - Perfect to be used by children, adults, elderly, handicap, disabled and...
  • TRUSTED BRAND: 100% Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee

These Curly laces work great.

They allow you to take off your shoe as if it were a slip-on type shoe.

You can easily put your foot in the shoe without having to undo laces.

They hug your foot all around and because of it’s the spiral design they are assured to stay in place without doing your tie all over again.

Footmaters curly is perfect for the elderly, disabled, or people that have inabilities to some motor function which inhibits them to tie their own shoe.

With its elasticity, it provides that stretch along your foot movement to give ease and comfort while walking without pinching your foot, while still providing enough tension to keep your shoes from falling off. 

Definitely, one of the products in this category that has a unique design because of it’s spiraled shape.

It may suit for children’s attention that wants to have fun with colors while preventing them from tipping by using the old conventional shoelaces.

You can easily make adjustments to your desired tension by loosening they way you wanted it, but when putting it for like let’s say your child or someone that cannot communicate well enough you have to watch them they way they walk so you can figure out if they are having a hard time with the tension or not.

FootMaters Curly is also confident about the value of their product they are offering a money-back guarantee.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% manufacturer money-back guarantee
  • Secure fit
  • Kids can tighten themselves

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

9. InMaker Dress

INMAKER No Tie Dress Shoe Laces for Men, Waxed Thin Oxford Round Shoelaces
2,481 Reviews
INMAKER No Tie Dress Shoe Laces for Men, Waxed Thin Oxford Round Shoelaces
  • Goodbye tie. Turn your lace-ups into slip-ons. When you feel heavy pressure from work, just take your shoes off for...
  • No embarrassment caused by unexpected loosen shoelaces. Wearing a suit, and when you are meeting business partners...
  • Fabric simulated and exquisite texture. Sleek footwear strengthens your confidence and help you perform a better...
  • Reliable elastic lock. They upgrade your dress shoes, securely wrap top of the shoe and lock in the heel. Feeling...
  • 6*2 pcs make them fit more shoes on the market. Whether you have wide or narrow feet, these shoelaces will help you...

Weekends can be a lot of fun and it might be even short enough for you to get your itineraries done but when Monday arrives you know you have to go back to work and if you are a guy who wants to have that simple yet smart looking at work then this might be the one for you.

InMaker Dress makes sure that you will always look presentable without the thought of your shoelace getting untied during the day.

And if you are wondering about the effectiveness of this no tie shoelace it can be easy as counting 1-2-3, put off your shoes, rest, put it on without tying this allows you to be always on time especially if you are on the go.

With a reliable elastic tie that is made from a piece of high-quality textured fabric, you will always look good and smart to wear at work or during important occasions, strengthen your confidence and help you perform better.

Have ever gotten into a situation where you are wearing a suit in a business meeting and when you are about to stand and present in front you bend down to tie a loosen shoelace it’s embarrassing and would definitely the last thing you want to do. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Look good in your meetings
  • Fabric simulated and exquisite texture
  • Reliable elastic lock

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. EcoCity Lock System

EcoCity No Tie Shoelaces - Elastic No Tie Shoe laces with Fastening Lock System for Mens, Womens &...
185 Reviews
EcoCity No Tie Shoelaces - Elastic No Tie Shoe laces with Fastening Lock System for Mens, Womens &...
  • These are easy to install and use. One size fits all laces length.
  • Fits any style and size of shoes with shoelaces. Great replacement laces for office casual shoes.
  • Perfect for walking, running, marathons, triathlons, track and field events, field days, tennis, golf, outdoors,...
  • The clasps hold tension and the give of an elastic lace is more comfortable than regular shoelaces. Freedom from...
  • Very convenient and easy to use for the elderly, children or those with reduced mobility, removes need for tying...

If you’re tired of dangling strings and bows, say goodbye to them because all you need is a pair of a no-tie shoelace called EcoCity Lock System.

Just like any other Silicone shoelace once installed, they can be operated by everyone from young kids to the elderly.

The desired length can also be customized by cutting through it so it can accommodate any foot size.

Compare to regular shoelaces it offers more comfort because of its elastic cords it functions as a pressure manager that evenly distributes over your feet.

In addition to that, the strong lace locks keep your laces at perfect tightness.

With no tools required keeps laces tight by installing it in just over a minute.

Secure them comfortably, available to be used in almost any type of shoe that needs a lace.

Conveniently assists the elderly indirectly because it removes the need to tie their shoes. 

Some various illnesses or conditions may prevent you from being able to comfortably tie your shoelaces on your own.

And while you can rely on other people to help get dressed in the morning, it’s still better to find a way to do things on your own and with silicone shoelaces.

It’s very easy to do that it will also allow you to turn any kind of shoe (that requires laces) into something that gives you power like the speed of light when putting on your shoes because it now becomes a slip-on.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Strong lace locks keep a perfect tight
  • Installs in minutes
  • No tools required

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Why You Should Consider Getting The Right Silicone Shoelaces For You

To eliminate waste of money

Although all of this no tie shoelace offers it to be used outdoors and other any other activities there are no tie shoelaces that are originally designed to be used in those physical activities like a triathlon.

And because of the demand, they have to make it more flexible to offer it to different kinds of functions or even just to use it while walking your dog.

By getting the right silicone shoelace you eliminate waste of money because you are buying the best shoelace that is perfectly designed for the action you need.

Knowing where it belongs

You will not buy rainbow-inspired shoelaces if you will use it for one of the big days of your life, like if you are about to go for an interview where you have to radiate looking and feeling smart to be the best you on that day and seize that moment of your life to head on a successful career.


This plays a big part to consider in getting the right silicone shoelaces for you.

Comfort on your ability, you don’t want to get a shoelace where you need to tighten it or pull it up to snug it into your feet especially if you lack some motor functions to do it.

You will also have to consider if it can accommodate your foot and customize it to your desired tightness to relieve it from stress and pressure.


While the flexibility of the material might be the first one you think of you are right, but when I say flexibility I am talking about the different shoes you can apply or use your new silicone shoelaces with.

Or you can just buy a set or packs of no tie shoelaces, to relieve you from removing it off and on.

Final Thoughts

You are the only one who can decide on what you think is best, but you can consider this top 10 Best Silicone Shoe Laces to be the best out there when choosing the right one for you.

Most of the no tie shoelaces throughout this review come as one-size-fits-all, and this includes children.

One of the reasons these shoelaces come with a great purchase is because they are very helpful to so many different people, especially for those who have a hard time moving and cannot tie their own shoelaces.

More than that it can help save time for those who are tired of having their shoelaces undone.

Or if simply you wanted to have a fast way of going through tying your shoes on daily basis, and making sure it’s clean then this might be the best option for you.

Mind sharing your thoughts on this?

Share it in the comment below.

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