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10 Best Silicone Belts & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

The best silicone belts offer viable alternatives to leather straps, adding stylish accents to our wardrobes.

The silicone fabric comes with a host of benefits, including being resistant to most chemicals and high temperatures, as well as being waterproof.

If you need to replace your leather belt, or even if you’re looking to add more fashionable clothing accessories to your wardrobe, silicone belts are worth your investment.

While there are a lot of options in the ever-competitive market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why we’ve dug deep in our research to narrow down your choices, to this list of the 10 best silicone belts; based on quality, design, durability, style, fashion, and more.

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10 Best Silicone Belts Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Danbury 38 MM Men's Silicone Belt

Danbury 38 Mm Mens Silicone Belt
183 Reviews
Danbury 38 Mm Mens Silicone Belt
  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Hand wash, water proof
  • Perforated belt featuring silver-tone buckle and single keeper
  • 2" Width. 96% silicone, 4% metal

Danbury is a trusted seller in the business, offering a wide selection, and if you’re a golfer, you can’t go wrong with this high-performance Silicone belt.

Even though Danbury throws a little bit of metal in this belt, more than 90% of it is pure silicone, that’s flexible enough to offer natural stretch, meaning, you can comfortably play golf in different weather conditions.

As well as adding convenience while playing, the flexible fabric ensures that the belt doesn’t warp or even fray, to offer you a long-term service while outside in a golf course.

This belt is perforated almost in its entirely, which makes it easy to maintain, as it only requires you, plus soap and clean water to wash and keep its clean look.

It’s also water-resistant, which makes it easy to hand wash.

Danbury Men’s Silicone Belts are large enough to prevent any chance of waistband rolling in, and come in different sizes, ranging from 32 to 44, so you can order your usual size option for a comfortable fit.

When it comes to style and fashion, you can choose one or two that match your outfits from the nine colors on offer, including gray, black, navy, brown, orange, white, lime green, and royal blue.

Also, the metal buckle on this belt adds more aesthetic, with its great shiny look, while also offering more flexibility while playing golf.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to maintain with clean water and soap
  • Waterproof
  • Available in many colors to go with different outfits
  • Durable and tough to wear with the flexible silicone

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2. Soluo Silicone Rubber Belt Unisex Adjustable Silicone Belts

Soluo Silicone Rubber Belt Unisex Women Men Adjustable Silicone Belts with Plastic Buckle Cut-to-fit
  • MATERIAL --------Soluo belt makes with lightweight and wear-resisting material comfortable and breathable, feel...
  • SIZE INFORMATION --------Soluo belt size is suitable for most people.It fits all pants, such as jeans, casual...
  • STRETCHY BELT STRAP --------Soluo belt Super comfortable and soft elastic strap ,a fantastic stretch web belt with...
  • MORE OCCASIONS --------Soluo belt Not only used for daily wearing, but also a good partner for outdoors sports,...
  • GUARANTEE --------Soluo belt We endeavors 100% customer satisfaction service and experience. If you receive damaged...

This super comfortable belt is multipurpose, making it a fantastic fit for every member of the family.

Like the Danbury Silicone Belt, you will find a metallic buckle in this one too, and since it’s highly resistant to not only corrosion but also rust, it should serve you for years to come.

Another feature that adds more durability to this belt is the excellent stitching behind it, which is all visible and doesn’t leave any loose threads.

Unlike in many belts where you need to be careful not to buy too short or long one, Soluo Silicone Rubber Belt Unisex is very customizable, as you can get a longer one, but cut it to your ideal size later on.

Although, you need to make sure to follow the instructions included in the packing box before doing so.

What’s more, you won’t find any holes in this belt, with its new unique design, but this is what makes it fit in perfectly, as well as make it easy to use.

The buckle automatically locks the belt when you pull the strap through and slide it in, and when you want to release, the process is easy as all you need is to push the lever on the buckle.

In terms of comfort, the new web-like design not only adds flexibility but also makes the belt breathable; this, when coupled with the soft elastic strap, you get a super comfortable for daily wearing.

Soluo Silicone Rubber Belts come in a range of colors to match your style and fashion – you can choose from black, coffee, dark green, gray, light blue, light yellow, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, rose red, white and yellow.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in many different colors
  • Customizable to fit everyone
  • Web-like design for comfort
  • Wear-resistant and lightweight material
  • Fits well and easy to use

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3. Unisex Women Men Adjustable Rubber Belt with Plastic Buckle

115x3.5cm Unisex Women Men Adjustable Rubber Belt Casual Plastic Belt Silicone Belt with Plastic...
  • Material: Silicone and plastic
  • Size: 115*3.5cm/45.3*1.4 inch ; Silicone belt + Plastic buckle
  • Attention: If the buckle is broken when you use it, please contact us, we will give you a satisfied solution.
  • Design for boy ,girl ,man , woman ; Suitable for the people who’s waist is under 110cm
  • It’s really a nice silicone belt , ideal for decorating pants ,jeans

Most of the silicone belts in the market include a plastic buckle and this product from XINMELISHANG, is no different.

It suits everyone, men and women, but you need to ensure your waist is under 110cm before getting one.

It adds extra style to your clothing, including pants and jeans, with almost any color available.

For women, there’s a wide range of options including, purple, pink, and orange, and also unisex colors like black, army blue, white, green, and orange.

Apart from the unisex colors, if you’re gent, there’s also a variety for you, and if you can’t settle on the unisex, there is still more with gold and coffee all available in the market.

It’s important to note, however, the colors may not be as exactly as described on the website, as we tried the lemon yellow color, and it came looking like mustard with some orange hue.

The belt is also a little stiff with some feeling of plasticity, but regardless, even though it didn’t perfectly match with our yellow outfits, it felt too good to pass – many buyers satisfied with the colors they got.

Other than that, it fits the belt loops with ease, and you won’t even notice any drags, but be careful not to apply a lot of effort (which is, anyway, unnecessary) while adjusting the buckle, as it may come off.

It comes packed safely in a bubble bag, so you’re sure to receive the belt you order in its right condition, and, while using it, if the buckle unfortunately breaks, the company offers excellent customer care, to ensure you get a satisfying solution.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great options to add more colors to your wardrobe
  • Perfectly does its job
  • Suitable for everyone regardless of age
  • Safe delivery of your product
  • Comfortable and great for traveling

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4. PGA TOUR Men's Perforated Fashion Color Silicone Belt

PGA TOUR Men's Perforated Fashion Color Silicone Belt
  • Perforated belt featuring silver-tone buckle and single keeper

Made from a 100% silicone strap, this belt ticks all boxes from great looks to durability, making it ideal for regular folks, golfers, and non-golfers alike.

It offers a viable answer if you’re tired of leather belts, which the majority, nowadays, are cheaply made of, with thin layers of material, seemingly glued together with cardboard.

The silicone material in this belt doesn’t supple or stretch like leather belts, and even more, it remains intact when dipped in water or soaked in sweat, since it’s waterproof.

However, remember not to leave it in water for too long, as the silver buckle may oxidize.

The super supple perforated strap also ensures, that the belt doesn’t stretch and lose its shape when you’re busy in golf course fields, and because you’re likely to get wet due to the high demanding game, the color remains true to the original.

In terms of comfort, the belt comes with seven holes to allow a better fit, and if you want to use the middle hole, make sure to order the exact size as your waist.

Although, a somewhat longer one will still feel comfortable, as the holes are very close to the tail of the belt.

Also, the perforation and flexibility of the strap not only offer convenience, but make the belt very comfortable when moving, or even if you are bending over while playing golf.

The silicone material is smooth and doesn’t even feel artificial.

The belt is not only meant for casual wear or playing golf, but it’s fashionable enough with the black and brown options to go with a variety of outfits, even though you can still opt for other colors on offer, like lime green and gray.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The best alternative for leather belts
  • Wide enough to provide an excellent choice for golfers
  • Very comfortable when moving or playing golf
  • Durable and doesn’t fade
  • Waterproof and resistant to sweat

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5. Silicone Golf Belt

New! Brown Silicone Golf Belt - One Size Fits All
  • One Size Fits All Silicone Golf Belt
  • Brown Belt w/ Removable Buckle
  • We have over 10 colors available
  • Mix and match different color buckles!
  • Each belt is about 1 3/8" Wide

This is a simple, yet fashionable belt, that is uniquely designed with only one size that fits many waists up to size 40, pretty well.

In the matter of style, it’s not hard to find your favorite color or at least one that matches your wardrobe, with more than ten options available online.

Each belt features a design with a removable metallic buckle, and you can use this feature to spice up your style further if you can get a few of them but, be sure to pick different colors, to allow you a desirable mix and match up.

Extreme Sport’s idea of crafting this belt with one size that fits most waists was presumably anchored on comfort, as it allows you to adjust the strap to your preference if, you’re under size 40 waist.

If you’re unhappy with the long size, you can customize the belt to your liking in a simple process; just rremove the buckle first before chopping off any extra material, to get a suitable fit.

Another draw of this belt is its width, which is about 1 3/8″.

Not only would it keep your shirt well tucked in, but it will also hold the waistband in its place.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Over ten colors to go with most outfits
  • The removable buckle allows to mix and match different colors
  • Wide to keep the shirt in its place and prevent the waistband from rolling in
  • More customizable options for everyone

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6. No products found.

These are some of the few silicone belts in the industry that are not marketed particularly for golfers, and they offer top choices for casual wear; leisure, as well as smart occasions.

Style-wise, these are the kind of belts that shouldn’t be missing in the wardrobe if, you’re looking for something not overly showy, but something that will at least add some accent to your outfit.

While most men should be comfortable with the black option, which more than often flows with most outfits, women can add more style, and the extra colors to choose from, including green and purple.

The excellent and cool design means these belts work well with an official suit, or even with jeans, accompanied by a shirt or t-shirt if you like it casual.

Apart from fitting well, what makes these clothing accessories the best candidate for the best kids belts category is, the buckle design; which is pretty simple for them to tie and untie even when they’re all alone.

The cool design and its not-overly-emphasized colors also mean that these belts go well with uniforms, as well as casual clothes when kids are not in school.

What’s missing from Toraway Unisex Belts is, that they aren’t customizable once you purchase, though that won’t be a concern if you confirm the right size before ordering.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best silicone belts for both formal and leisure activities
  • Unique design and not overly showy for unnecessary attention
  • Lightweight materials ensure the belt doesn’t tire kids

No products found.

7. Premium Skulls Silicone Rubber Belt

Premium Skulls Silicone Rubber Belt
  • Silicone rubber belt
  • 1 3/8" Wide with customizable length
  • Airport friendly belt, contain no metal, prefect for travel
  • High quality, waterproof, durable, and comfortable
  • Available in different colors

On some occasions, including wedding ceremonies or any party, a clothing accessory that defines your style while blending with the surroundings, won’t spoil the fun.

In such scenarios, TrendsBlues silicone belts with attractive skull designs might be what you need.

For fashion, you can choose the best accompanying clothing accessory from a host of colors, including pink, black, white, and purple, while the beautiful skull design on the sides of each belt, serves as a nice touch.

The translucent rubber buckle is also sleek, to further add aesthetic value to your outfits.

Even if not at parties or smart occasions, you can as well rock this Premium Skulls Silicone Rubber Belt to golf courses, or wear it for leisure activities, thanks to the versatile design.

Regardless of the color you choose, you get a high-quality waterproof belt, and the silicone strap is coupled with the rubber buckle; so you can leave it in water for hours without fear of oxidation, unlike other belts with a metallic buckle.

Like the Silicone Golf Belt, this belt is extra wide (1 3/8″ Wide), to provide convenience when in motion, ensuring your shirt stays tucked in well, and the waistband doesn’t roll in too, to maintain a classy look.

Also, as with most of the silicone belts, you can customize the length of this strap by trimming the head, after removing the buckle first.

Overall, being a multipurpose belt, Skulls Silicone Rubber Belt meets the function, as the non-metallic feature means it’s friendly to airports, as well as high-security events.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Waterproof and can stay soaked for a while
  • Customizable to your liking
  • Friendly to high-security events and places
  • Multipurpose due to the incredible design

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8. Candy Colour Unisex Adjustable Rubber Silicone Belt with Plastic Buckle

Candy Colour Unisex Adjustable Rubber Silicone Belt with Plastic Buckle
  • Material: Silicone and plastic , Weight:250g , Size: 115*3.5cm/45.27*1.37 inch
  • Silicone belt + Plastic buckle , Design for boy ,girl ,man , woman
  • Suitable for the people who’s waist is under 110cm
  • It’s really a nice silicone belt , ideal for decorating pants ,jeans
  • This belt’s buckle is very solid , you don’t need worry it will break

If you’re looking for an entirely metal-free or, non-leather clothing accessory to add some style to your waistline attire, and our selection so far is yet to convince you, this belt could be the answer.

Similar to the Silicone Golf Belt, it comes in one size (about 115cm long) but is adjustable enough to fit your waist well, but you have to be under a 110cm waistline though.

If your waist size is considerably small, the belt may be inconvenient while moving, though MESHIKAIER offers a customizable option, to allow you comfort.

All you need to do is trim the strap to the desired length, re-attach the buckle, and you’re good to go.

While it’s unisex and made of 100 % silicone strap like the Premium Skulls Silicone Rubber Belt, it spots a more solid plastic buckle instead of rubber, which should make it more durable.

Besides being a reliably functional belt, it’s very fashionable and comes in a range of colors, to pull together with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

The colors to choose from include army green, black, coffee, dark blue, green, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, rose, white, and yellow.

If there’s a drawback with this belt, it will be the fact that it’s more casual and non-formal wear.

So, if you want a stylish yet official strap, you may need to turn attention elsewhere, probably to Toraway Unisex Belt, which is an excellent option.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A lot of color options to fit any style
  • Easy to customize to the desired size
  • Solid buckle for durability
  • Friendly to high-security checks

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9. Premium Solid Color Silicone Rubber Belt

Premium Solid Color Silicone Rubber Belt
  • Silicone rubber belt
  • 1 3/8" Wide with customizable length
  • Airport friendly belt, contain no metal, prefect for travel
  • High quality, waterproof, durable, and comfortable
  • Available in different colors

This is a stylish silicone belt with a rubber buckle, making it another top choice if you’re traveling in places with high-security checks, like airports.

If you like customizable belts, this is another viable option, and even better, it does so with style.

If you’re unhappy with a long one, you only need to remove the buckle and trim the front end, to achieve your usual size.

The belt is skillfully crafted, with the silicone strap which feels jelly-like, plus the smooth rubber buckle, to offer a super comfortable clothing accessory, which is suitable for traveling or even playing.

What’s more, the strap is extra wide for comfort and convenience, while keeping your shirt and waistband in place, to maintain an elegant look.

The design feature is also waterproof, so you can effectively hand wash the belt whenever it gets stained.

TrendsBlue claims these fashionable belts are all-inclusive, which should be the case if the company adds more options color-wise, to the two options currently available online.

With more options, the belts will surely go over the top to offer a stylish look to match your attire, as they tick all the right boxes in terms of fashion.

Women can choose from either the pink or purple option, as both are available.

Pros & Benefits:

  • No metal making it the perfect travel belt in high-security events and places
  • High quality, waterproof and durable design
  • Easy to cut to achieve a custom length
  • Extra wide for convenience

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10. Clazic 1 1/2” Silicone Solid Belt with Metal Buckle

Clazic 1 1/2” Silicone Solid Belt with Metal Buckle
  • 100% Recyclable Silicone
  • 1 Attachable, Interchangeable Metal Buckle
  • Waterproof- No Stain
  • Size, Cut and Connect buckle
  • Contemporary Fashionable Styling

Sometimes, you only need a pretty simple belt that doesn’t go overboard to offer a fitting and classy look, to match your outfits.

That’s what defines this belt from Clazic, which features a 100% recyclable silicone strap, and an interchangeable metallic buckle.

Instead of being scruffy like the majority of leather belts, this Clazic Solid Belt spots a smooth-edged silicone strap, which not only makes it super comfy but, gives it a classy look.

The unique design feature of this belt allows you to detach and reposition the metallic buckle with ease, to achieve a perfect fit according to your body shape.

The belt comes in one size that should provide a perfect fit for waist sizes ranging from 26 to 46, and if you’re not comfortable with the long option, you can easily trim it from the front end, until you achieve your usual size.

Like the Toraway Unisex Silicone Belt, this one too doesn’t go overboard to offer a stylish match for your attires, as it comes only in two colors, purple and black.

Ideally, a black belt should offer contemporary on-fleek styling, to match a host of everyday outfits.

You can try the black option with an official suit as well as a casual outfit, as it creates a stylish look on both occasions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple yet incredible design for fashion
  • Easily customizable, by trimming the strip as well as interchanging the buckle
  • Smooth edges make the belt comfy
  • Waterproof and doesn’t stain outfits

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Final Thoughts

Before buying your best silicone belts, there are several factors you must consider to ensure you make the best decision, before going ahead to splash your hard-earned money.

While it may go down to personal preference, it’s always a good idea to find a flexible belt that’s multipurpose and meets all your fashion needs.

You may also want to consider the design feature of the product, as the more customizable the belt is, the better it will serve you to your liking.

Also, you should consider getting a durable product that won’t last only two to three months.

The brand is also worth considering, so you need to make sure you choose an established one, that inspires trust.

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