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10 Best Colored Silicone Caulk Products Reviewed For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

We all aren’t qualified professionals that can fix every leakage and crack in our homes, but with the right colored silicone caulk, we can handle a few of those leaks and cracks all on our own.

It’s quite rewarding being a handyman, even if it’s just for a day, and what better way to show off your handy skills than to use a colored silicone caulk whose color matches with any type of fixing or repairs needed in the home?

But of course, what exactly is a caulk and what does it do?

In layman terms, it’s a sealant that’s powerful enough to fix most of your household or professional leakages.

However, there are several types of caulks available in the market but what you need to be looking for is a ‘silicone caulk’.

These silicone caulks come in different colors such that the next time your ground tile breaks, you won’t have to make it an eyesore by fixing it with a caulk which has a different color.

The main reason you should go with a silicone caulk is that it’s easy to use and it’s highly resistant to water, chemicals, temperature, and weather, thus it’s perfect for both indoors and outdoors uses.

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10 Best Colored Silicone Caulk Products Reviewed

Here are 10 of the most prominent colored silicone caulks you can find online.

1. GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5096 Silicone Window & Door Sealant

GE Advanced Silicone Window & Door Sealant, 10.1, oz, Almond
86 Reviews
GE Advanced Silicone Window & Door Sealant, 10.1, oz, Almond
  • 100% WEATHERPROOF: This 100% silicone formula offers excellent protection from water damage, providing a reliable...
  • 40% MORE FLEXIBILITY & 5X STRONGER ADHESION: Stays permanently flexible with strong adhesion and provides a durable...
  • 30-MINUTE RAIN-READY: Ready for rain exposure in as little as 30 minutes
  • SHRINK & CRACK-PROOF: Withstands extreme expansion or contraction associated with temperature fluctuations

Let’s start with one of the top brands that manufacture silicone caulkers, GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5096 does all the wonders when it comes to any cracks or leaks in your windows and doors.

This almond-colored sealant is excellent for all wood-colored windows and doors because the color will blend with the natural color of the wood, and it won’t leave a scar-like fix on your doors and windows.

This 100 percent silicone sealant provides excellent protection against water damage, which means you won’t have to worry about rain or weather the next time you start an exterior project on your window.

GE’s GE5096 has a 10-year mold protection guarantee, this makes it highly resistant to any stain-causing mold or water stains, hence it protects your doors and windows.

With GE’s new products comes innovation, and now, GE’s 5096 sealants are 40 percent more flexible and five times stronger as an adhesive than any other product GE has made over the years.

For any interior or exterior project, the GE5096 has an excellent seal which is durable, almost permanent, and stronger than ever before.

Not to mention that they also work quickly, as quick as 30 minutes after applying, so the next time you have a small window crack, use this new sealant from GE.

What’s shocking is that GE provides a lifetime guarantee on this advanced silicone sealant for windows and doors.

This sealant was made to last, however, it shouldn’t be painted on, so we hope you won’t ruin a perfectly lifetime guaranteed seal with paint.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Almond color blends perfectly with wood-colored doors or windows
  • Excellent waterproofing qualities
  • Protects against stain-causing molds and water
  • Stronger adhesion and it’s also durable

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2. DAP INC White Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone

DAP INC remarkable white acrylic caulk that’s made with silicone makes home repairs looks like children’s play.

This premium quality US manufactured caulk comes in white color and it’s loved by the US citizens.

DAP has managed to deliver a highly flexible yet durable caulk with excellent adhesion for all interior and exterior use, including wet areas like showers and toilets.

Unlike other caulks, DAP INC white caulk doesn’t have a strong odor, in fact, most people can’t even smell it, and this makes it perfect for all those with sensitive noses out there.

The residue from this caulk is not greasy and it’s easy to work with, and most people have already named this product their new favorite caulk, isn’t that something worth buying?

How about if you made a mistake while sealing up a crack?

If that happened, then there’s no need to worry because DAP INC white caulk can easily be wiped off with just a little bit of effort and a wet washcloth.

The DAP Inc silicone sealant flows out smoothly because of its remarkable consistency and it’s also easily applicable for multipurpose use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to apply with excellent sealing capabilities
  • Odorless and it doesn’t become greasy after application
  • Great consistency and it’s also easy to clean up

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3. Gorilla White 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla Waterproof Caulk & Seal 100% Silicone Sealant, 10oz Cartridge, White (Pack of 1)
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR: All Weather

Gorilla’s ‘For the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth’ sums up exactly what they are meant to do.

With a fantastic range of sealants and adhesives, Gorilla’s white silicone sealants make up for all kinds of home repairs and projects.

Ranging from kitchen, door, windows to even the gutters, they provide a high-quality waterproof sealing which is resistant to both mold and mildew.

Not only are they an excellent sealant for your home, but they also work and dry quickly as well, and just a 30-minutes wait is enough for the adhesive – it lasts for years even when routinely exposed to water.

After applying the Gorilla White Silicone Caulk, it dries up and becomes a translucent white seal, and this white color doesn’t change to yellow over the years, neither does it shrink or crack.

This caulk’s consistency is thick, this makes it easier to apply, it also dries up quickly as well, and you don’t have to worry about having to reseal in a couple of days or weeks, because you won’t.

Best for beginners who’ve never done a caulking job because the sealant is easy to use and the odor will fade off after a while, this, of course, makes it perfect for the people who want a quick fix.

Most people believe that Gorilla’s white sealant is the best sealant you can find online, however, this firm sealant does leave a strong vinegar odor for a couple of hours, but that’s not the problem: the leakage was.

Even first time users are amazed by how easy it’s to use and how well it works to fix pieces of stuff around the house.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beginner friendly and high-quality sealant
  • Water-resistant quality and it works within 30 minutes of application
  • Dries up to a translucent white color and doesn’t turn yellow over the years

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4. Color Fast Caulk Matched to Custom Building Products

Color Fast Caulk Matched to Custom Building Products (Alabaster Sanded)
  • Color matched by Color Fast to Custom Building Products/Polyblend grout line
  • Siliconized acrylic latex caulk formula; water clean-up
  • Colored caulk come in a 10.3 oz tube for standard caulk gun
  • Covers approx. 25 lineal feet at a 1/4" bead

Color Fast Custom Caulk is every professional’s dream caulk, not only is it easy to apply, but you can also order the caulk to any color you like for all your home projects.

If you are tired of ugly looking crack fixes, or you’re worried that your caulk color always seems slightly off and is triggering your OCD, then Color Fast’s custom-colored caulk is just the perfect choice for you.

It’s a sanded custom-colored caulk that matches CBP/Polyblend sanded grout, perfect for caulking areas where sanded grout was applied, for example, along with the floors and wall joints.

Resistant to moisture, mildew stains, and even UV rays, Color Fast’s custom-colored caulks dries up in approximately 1 hour and can befully cured in about 3-5 days.

If you made a mistake or if something feels off during the application of this caulk, then you can easily clean it off with some water and a washcloth, and start all over again.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Varieties of colors are available
  • Resistant to mildew and UV, moreover, it’s also waterproof
  • Can be wiped off easily with a wet washcloth

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5. General Electric GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II Caulk

GE Sealants General Electric GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II Caulk, 10.1-Ounce, Grey,...
  • This product is highly durable
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • The product is easy to use

When it comes to sealing up heavy-duty things like concrete and foundations, General Electric GE5020 is here for the job.

This Silicone II Caulk adheres strongly to concrete, granite, bricks, slate, ceramic tile, asphalt, and even wood, and these are all things that an ordinary caulk is unable to stick to.

But this light grey-colored silicone caulk will blend in perfectly while covering the cracks, especially those in your home or on your driveway.

General Electric’s GE5020 is made with 100% silicone material, which means that it’s waterproof, flexible, and won’t easily crack, unlike the acrylic caulk.

Since we are dealing with concrete, the silicone caulk requires some time to properly join two heavy objects together and dry adequately, but even at this, it still has a 3-hour rain-ready guarantee.

This product is resistant to rain, sun, and freeze, thus unlike acrylic caulks, it won’t crack or give way under intense heat or cold.

It’s perfect for homeowners with massive maintenance projects during the weekends, the GE5020 100% Silicone II Caulk will save you a lot of time and provide an excellent seal for your projects.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works well with heavy-duty objects like concrete and granite
  • 100% waterproof, sunproof, and freezeproof
  • Easy to apply and use by beginners

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6. DAP - Acrylic Latex Silicone Caulk

Dap, Cedar Tan 18122 Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone, 10.1-Ounce, Fl Oz
  • All purpose acrylic latex caulk plus silicone is highly flexible, durable, and creates a long lasting waterproof...
  • Alex Plus has strong multi-surface adhesion and won't shine through or discolor paint
  • Cured caulk is mold & mildew resistant
  • Acrylic latex sealant is low in odor and cleans up easy with water
  • Paintable in just 30 minutes

You know a product is worth it when it offers you a 35-year durability guarantee.

Yes, you read it right, 35 years, and while we can’t even say for sure if some houses last that long, we are, however, certainly sure about the durability of this product.

Favored by many in the US, DAP Acrylic Latex Silicone Caulk is easy to use and it can be used for all-purposes, from rooftops to bathrooms.

This cedar-colored caulk works well for wood flooring and any wooden projects, also, let’s not forget that it’s resistant to mildew, which means that it doesn’t leave behind any water stain on your home project.

It’s paintable and easy to clean off with just a wet washcloth, just in case you made an error when applying the product.

A good reason why users love this product is that it doesn’t give off any strong odor, as a matter of fact, many users can’t even smell the caulk.

Since this high-quality caulk can be painted on, it also works well with oil-based paints.

The DAP Acrylic Latex Silicone Caulk is an all-purpose sealant that adheres to wood, brick, metal, plaster, drywall, and painted surfaces.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Odorless and it doesn’t become greasy after applying it
  • Great consistency and it’s quite simple to clean up
  • Easily applicable with superb sealing capabilities

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7. Permatex 81158 Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant

Permatex 81158 Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant, 3 oz. Tube, Pack of 1
  • Sensor-Safe, General Purpose Black Rtv Indoor/Outdoor Sealant
  • Seals, Bonds, Repairs, Mends And Secures Glass, Metal, Plastics, Fabric, Vinyl, Weather Stripping And Vinyl Tops
  • Waterproof And Flexible; Resists Water, Weather, And Vibration. Note: Surfaces Being Bonded May Need Clamping For 1...
  • Temperature Range: -75°F To 450°F (-59°C To 232°C)

Permatex delivers the perfect silicone adhesive for general purpose around the house, it’s mostly used to repair, seal, and secures glass, metal, plastics, fabric, and even vinyl.

As much as it’s easy to use, Permatex guarantees that its sealant won’t be affected by oil, water, weather, grease, and vibration.

As a black-colored adhesive, this adhesive’s general purpose is to fix electrical wiring and protect them from any unwanted harm.

If you are looking for a waterproof and flexible black-colored adhesive that can withstand a cold temperature of -75 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, then this is the perfect option for you.

Also, the fact that it can be applied correctly on both vertical and horizontal surfaces makes it easier to use by professionals and beginners.

Loved for its elasticity and lifespan, this silicone sealant adheres well to any kind of surface.

It’s mostly ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and it’s also perfect for all thermally active areas like vehicles’ engines, chimneys, or electrical wirings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for use in electrical wirings, computers, and vehicle electronics
  • Dries up quickly and it’s water-resistant
  • Has a beautiful black shiny texture after applying it

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8. No products found.

Loctite RE-NEW White Sealant isn’t your typical sealant, it’s an adhesive that you can apply on top of an already existing glue to revive or fix old/damaged bonds.

Not to mention that the best part of the Loctite RE-NEW sealant is that you won’t have to remove your old sealant, all you need to do is to finish it off with this excellent silicone sealant.

Easy to use and makes everything water-resistant in just a couple of hours, this silicone sealant will also protect against mold and mildew.

Best to use on top of all types of sealants, and yes, of course, it can be used on silicone seals as well, this makes your silicone seals even much more durable and it revs up all the old properties of the old adhesive.

One thing the Loctite RE-NEW sealant stands out for is its auto-smoothing applicator, which is integrated into the silicone for a perfect result.

And just like every other silicone sealant, this sealant is durable as well, but the durability of the Loctite RE-NEW sealant can be likened to an elixir – it’s an elixir for adhesives.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Amazingly easy to use and it renews the old sealant
  • Great value and provides long term protection
  • Easily replaceable and has multiple uses

No products found.

9. CRL 33SAL Aluminum 33S Silicone Sealant

The CRL 33SAL is explicitly designed for fixing cracks and sealing joints in non-porous building materials like glass, aluminum, metal alloys, stainless steel, wood, and plastics.

It has a wide operating temperature range from -80 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, thus it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses in areas with continuous exposure to heat or cold.

CRL 33SAL comes in varieties of colors, including aluminum, white, and translucent white, this makes its usage more practical plus it delivers excellent visual results for all materials.

This product, particularly the aluminum-colored product, will blend well when fixing metal objects around the house and can even be used for metal projects.

While it’s not recommended for structural glazings like concrete, stone, and other heavy-duty objects, it’s a perfect beginner-friendly silicone caulk that offers excellent use in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best caulk for shower surroundings
  • Smooth and adheres to most surfaces after cleaning
  • Seals can last for years without any leaks

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10. High-Temp Black Silicone Sealant

Surebond-SB-188 T High-Temp Silicone Sealant, 10.3 fl. oz. Cartridge - Black
  • High-temperature silicone sealant
  • Insulates electrically and thermally
  • Item Package Dimension: 8.0" L x 6.0" W x 11.5" H
  • Item Package Weight: 10.0 lb

Are you looking for a quick fix for faulty wiring?

Then High-Temp’s black silicone sealant might just be the sealant you’ve been looking all over for, and unlike other caulks, this is specifically designed for insulating electrical wire and for keeping it thermally stable.

Oh, did I mention that you can even fix your vehicle’s cracked muffler with this sealant?

Yes, you can, and it’s perfect for all areas where electricity and heat are prominent – this caulk works like a charm.

High-Temp Silicone Sealant works like other high-end brands that you can find online but only for half the price, its smooth consistency makes it easy to spread with a wooden applicator and when it dries up, it becomes a shiny black rubbery coating.

High-Temp’s black sealant can also be peeled off galvanized pipes with ease, and it makes for a perfect filler seal to hold multiple pipelines in place.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for thermally active areas
  • Smooth consistency and easy to apply
  • Works well as filler seals for pipelines

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11. GE Sealants & Adhesives GE286 Silicone Kitchen & Bath Sealant

GE Momentive Performance Materials GE286 Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath Sealant, 2.8oz, Almond
  • Mold Is Not Only An Unsightly And Embarrassing Problem To Have Around A Tub Or Shower, But It Might Else Lead To...
  • Adheres To Most Ceramic Tile, Laminate, Porcelain, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Granite And Wood
  • Typical Uses Include Showers, Tubs, Sinks, Tile, Countertops And Fixtures
  • 100% Silicone Is Waterproof, Flexible, Shrink-Proof And Crack-Proof

Starting with being 100% waterproof, it applies to even wet areas, it provides a perfect and reliable seal that will last for years.

And of course, when it comes to wet areas, there’s most likely a mold trying to sneak in, hence this GE sealant provides 10 years of mold protection – surely long enough to forget the seal.

Since this sealant is for kitchens and bathrooms which are often full of many metals, GE promises that their adhesive won’t blemish any of these metals or discolor your expensive metal finishes like chrome, bronze, and nickel.

With the highest rating than any other product, GE certainly must be doing everything right when it comes to sealants, and even beginners with no prior experience whatsoever sing the praises of this product.

It’s easy to use and makes your sealing projects easy peasy.

Also, unlike other sealants whose contents are quite difficult to squeeze out from their plastic tubes, this GE sealant is the exact opposite, it would never waste your time with such futile things, moreover, it’s quite easy to squeeze out.

When it comes to sealing, we know it does the job, but what if there’s a mistake and you need to clean it off?

Well, as long as you realize your mistake before the sealant dries up, it’s not terribly difficult to clean off, soap and warm water will do the trick nicely.

Given the quality of the products, it’s also not really expensive, hence it’s definitely the best option.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Almond color blends perfectly with wood-colored doors or windows
  • Stronger adhesion with durability
  • Excellent waterproofing qualities
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Protection from stain-causing molds and water damage

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Why Silicone Is The Best For Caulk?

Silicone caulks are the best when it comes to dealing with temperature-related projects, and unlike acrylic or other caulks, these silicone caulks can withstand both low and high temperatures.

They are also perfect for water-related projects since they’re waterproof, they can be used for leaking pipes to wet areas like showers and bathrooms, they also do wonders and are always recommended by professionals.

Silicone caulks can hold together a lot of objects that other caulks can’t, thus they’re great not only for the small projects but also for the heavy-duty work with concrete and tiles.

They are perfect for multipurpose use, so if you are just a beginner and you’re looking for that one caulk that fits for all kinds of materials, then you should go with silicone caulks – they can be used on aluminum, glass, metal, plastic, and many more.

Since silicone caulks are waterproof, they’re often made for repairs around the bathrooms and toilets.

However, they aren’t only limited to indoor use, silicone caulks work perfectly for outdoor use where they can be used to seal windows, frames, or other objects.

They provide a consistent water-resistant seal and hold firm even in the harshest weather condition, however, they can also be used in automobiles as well.

They’re also quite handy for electrical appliances and can be used to fix up sensors in electronic devices.

Unlike acrylic caulks, silicone caulks can withstand a fantastic range of low and high temperatures, plus it has a long lifespan as well.

Finally, if you want a caulk that you can paint on but is also strong and durable, then a caulk made of a mix of silicone and acrylic is just what you need.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fixing cracks around the home, silicone sealants do the perfect job, and what’s more, they are waterproof and last a long time.

There are tons of colored silicone caulks available online, and finding the right one for the job can sometimes be daunting.

Silicone caulks are definitely superior when it comes to using it in different temperature ranges and this doesn’t reduce your lifespan.

For multipurpose use – both indoors and outdoors, silicone sealants are the best for professionals and even more so for amateurs because of how easy it’s to use and apply on multiple surfaces all over the home.

Whether you want to seal up the crack on the roof or just fix a small pipe leakage in the kitchen, these silicone caulks work and last better than any other caulk you will find in the market.

Do you know of any colored silicone caulk that deserves to be on this list?

Let us know in the comments below.

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