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10 Best Food Grade Silicone Tubing Products Reviewed For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Food safety is a common concern in the food industry nowadays and that is why food-grade silicone tubing is made.

Manufacturers and consumers are quite alert about materials and products used in the processing of food and beverage products, and they are trying to avoid products and materials that have toxic chemical ingredients that are potentially harmful to the human body.

Food grade silicone products are generally accepted as chemically stable and safe for use in food and beverage processing.

This type of silicone is mostly produced from sand or silica, and it is a polymer without any toxicity.

For the aforementioned reasons, food-grade silicone tubing products are getting popular day by day among the users, and traditional plastic tubes are being replaced due to their toxic elements.

Here we will be reviewing the 10 best food-grade silicone tubing products with their benefits.

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10 Best Food Grade Silicone Tubing Products Reviewed

And the first product on our list is…

1. Cold & Colder Ultra Clear Platinum Silicone Tubing

Ultra Clear Platinum Silicone Tubing - Food & Medical Grade - High Temp Hose (10 Feet, 1/2" ID x...
  • 1/2" inner diameter, 3/4" outer diameter - (12.7 x 19 mm) - heavy duty, very thick wall, suitable for pressure or...
  • Ultra clear, platinum cured pure silicone that is food safe, driking water safe, and medical application approved,...
  • UV resistant and will not deteriorate outdoors, silicone will remain flexible and supple even after years of...
  • Insulates extreme heat and cold, and remains usable from -100°F to +500°F.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. by Cold&Colder.

Our first product on the list is an ultra-clear food grade silicone tube made in the USA.

This platinum-cured and pure Silicone tube is safe for use in food processing, drinking water, or medical applications.

For medical use, proper sterilization of the tube is required, which is a common standard for medical materials.

The ultra-clear silicone tube is UV light resistant and can be easily used in outdoor conditions like external drinking water filters, rainwater harvesting systems, etc.; therefore, your tension about the effect of outside elements like sunlight or storm on the tube should be eliminated.

Even several years of outdoor use will not deteriorate the product’s flexibility, durability, and bending capability, which is hardly seen in traditional Silicone tubes available in the market.

The product can insulate extreme cold & heat, and it works fine in a wide range of temperatures (-100°F to +500°F); you don’t need to be worried about whether it is summer or winter anymore.

The heavy-duty ultra-clear silicone tube comes with ¾” outer diameter and ½” inner diameter, which makes it extremely suitable for operations like suction, pressure, and fluid transfer.

The stretchy & pliable tube allows the user to stretch or make close-fitting turns over various sized points & surfaces.

The manufacturer of the ultra-clear silicone tube is the Cold & Colder company of the USA.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works in a wide range of temperature
  • No toxic ingredients are present in the product
  • UV light resistant
  • Ideal for any type of bending
  • Durable product with easy bending facility

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2. ZAOJIAO High Temp Food Grade Silicone Tube

SENSTREE 6mm x 9mm Silicone Tubing, High Temp Food Grade Tube, Flexible Hose Pipe, length 2.5m...
255 Reviews
SENSTREE 6mm x 9mm Silicone Tubing, High Temp Food Grade Tube, Flexible Hose Pipe, length 2.5m...
  • 💜 Food grade, soft, flexible and durable silicone tubing.
  • 💜Silicone Tubing Size. The inside diameter(ID): 6mm (0.24 inch), the outside diameter(OD): 9mm (0.35 inch). The...
  • 💜 High Temperature Resistant. Temperature: -20-200℃. It can work under mashing, boil temps, boiling wort, hot...
  • 💜 Food Grade Silicone tubing - great for fluid handling, peristaltic pumps, draining, aquaponics and water/oil...
  • 💜 Our silicone tubing with stand repeated use and for visual inspection of fluids.

The second product on our list after the tube of Cold & Colder is the high-temperature silicone tube of ZAOJIAO.

This food-grade tube is made from silicone rubber, and the internal and external diameter of the tube is 6mm and 9mm, respectively.

Other aspects of the tube are that it has a 1.5mm wall thickness and 2.5m length.

The tube is soft, flexible and durable; and these characteristics have made it a perfect choice for using the tube in various setups (like uneven surfaces or broken countertops).

Like the previous product of our list, ZAOJIAO silicone tube is also UV-resistant, and as an added advantage it is gas and moisture resistant; the dump weather during rainy seasons can do no harm to the tube at all.

It is easy to cut or bend at any angle due to the flexible nature of the silicone material.

The tube can be used in any sort of environment like mashing, boiling wort, boiling temp., hot water, etc.

as it can endure the temperature ranging from -20 ℃ to 200 ℃.

The food-grade product works great in draining, water or oil or any other liquid change, fluid handling, aquaponics, and peristaltic pumps.

Many users remain worried about the reusability of silicon tubes as they don’t take much friction and pressure, but ZAOJIAO Silicone tube can handle repeated use in different environments.

Due to the clear look of the tube, visual inspection of fluids will become an easy task for the users of the product; you can easily check the condition of the flowing fluid by witnessing its color and texture.

Pros & Benefits:

  • UV light, moisture, and gas resistant
  • Can endure temperatures from -20 degree Celsius to 200 degree Celsius
  • Easy for visual inspection
  • Easy to cut or bend
  • Affordable price

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3. Laimeisi Food Grade Silicone Tube

Food Grade Silicone Tube 3/8 inch Electrical Water Heat Resistant Hose for Wine Making ID 10mm OD...
  • Material: Pre-cut flexible food grade silicone tubing,color:Translucent; Inner Dia (ID): 10mm (3/8 inch),Outer Dia...
  • Temperature resistance from -40~200 Celsius degree
  • Ozone resistance, Insulating, No corrosion from copper and silver and so on.High temperature resistance, good...
  • it is suited for general low pressure industrial applications for the conveyance of chemicals, liquids, gases, and...
  • Packing included: 10X14mm silicone tubing 1 Meter

The manufacturer Laimeisi has come up with this excellent multipurpose food grade silicone tube.

It is made with pure silicone rubber, and the product has a clear color.

The product is soft and durable, so during the operation, you can stay relaxed about any bending issue.

Besides, Laimeisi food grade silicone tube is an environmentally friendly product with an anti-oil surface.

The tube can resist temperature from -40 degrees celsius to 200 degrees celsius, no matter what is the season in your area now; you can use the tube without any tension.

Sometimes, copper and silver cause corrosion on silicone tubes, but Laimeisi food-grade silicone tubes can resist that.

The tube is ozone resistant and has anti-aging performance so that it can spend years with a fresh look.

The shore durometer of the Laimeisi food grade Silicone tube is from 30 shore A to 80 shores A.

As it’s a multipurpose Silicone tube, you can use it in an oxygen generator, coffee machine, nebulizer, micro pump, drinking fountains, rice cooker, water heater, etc.

Due to the product’s environmental friendliness and durability, it can support from home appliances to various industries like automobile, aerospace, military, motor industry, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Environment friendly
  • Ozone resistant
  • Anti-aging performance
  • It can resist corrosion caused by silver and copper
  • Affordable price range

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4. Cold & Colder Pure Silicone Tubing

Pure Silicone Tubing - 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD - High Temp Kink-free Hose Tube 500F (10 Feet)
  • 1/4" Inner Diameter (ID), 3/8” Outer Diameter (OD). Fits common equipment like small pumps and nozzles. Silicone...
  • Platinum cured medical grade silicone exceeds all Food Grade FDA standards. This pure silicone hose is not peroxide...
  • Ships sealed in clean clear plastic with no contaminants and no kinks. UV proof, ozone safe, does not deteriorate...
  • Insulates extreme hot and cold, works from -100°F to +500°F without becoming stiff, brittle, or too soft. No...
  • BPA and lead free. Exceeds all FDA, NSF food standards, medical use safe after sterilization. This is medical grade...

At this point in our review article, we will be reviewing another product from the Cold & Colder company.

The Cold & Colder pure Silicone tubing is easy to bend and supports a wide range of appliances with its versatile size, ranging from 5 feet to 100 feet.

The manufacturer Cold & Colder understands the customer’s need and develops their products accordingly, so when you purchase one of their Silicone products, you will feel the difference.

The product has a 3/8″ outer diameter and ¼” inner diameter and good wall thickness, which helps it not collapse easily.

As Silicone is a stretchable material, the tubes can be fit on large barbs with a diameter up to 11mm – 7/16″, so you can be assured about the fitting issue in most cases.

This extremely durable Silicone product is a good fit for outdoor use, and it can easily resist ultraviolet rays which cause structural change to the typical tubes and fluid passing through them.

Another excellent feature of the tube is it’s long-range of temperature endurance, which can cover from -100°F to +500°F; not to mention that it is a perfect solution in extreme weather.

The Cold & Colder pure Silicone tube can insulate extreme cold and heat, plus it can deliver wonderful performance in almost all sorts of environments.

In addition to all features mentioned above, the Silicone tube is lead and BPA-free – thanks to the company’s sincerity towards ensuring food safety.

It is completely safe to use in medical and food-related applications.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wonderful temperature endurance, from -100°F to +500°F
  • Lead and BPA-free, safe for use in food processing industries
  • Supports a wide range of appliances and setups due to many available size and dimensions
  • The product is ultra violate ray resistant and easy to bend for various purposes of the operation

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5. Laimeisi Food Grade Silicone Rubber Tubing plus Auto Syphon Tube

Food Grade Silicone Rubber Tubing Auto Syphon Tube Pipe Hose ID 3mm OD 4mm 3 Meters
  • 【Small tubing】Material: pre-cut flexible silicone tubing, color:Clear, Inner Dia (ID): 3mm (1/8 inch),Outer Dia...
  • 【High Temp resistance】Temperature resistance from -40~200 Celsius degree,High temperature silicone tubing....
  • 【Food Grade silicone】lightweight but durable, UV resistant, Anti-aging, Ozone resistance,waterproof,Safe,soft...
  • 【Applications】Used for aquarium air tubing, kegerator, pumps, siphon, drain valve connections, filters,...
  • Package Included:3 Meters Silicone Rubber Tubing

This is the second product in our list that comes from the Laimeisi company – looks like they are quite expert in producing high-quality Silicone tubes.

The tube is made with pure silicon rubber, and it has a waterproof and anti-oil body, so no reaction can happen within this tube when it is operational.

Laimeisi food grade silicone rubber tube is soft and durable, plus it’s totally environmentally friendly due to its non-toxicity.

Shrinkage and temperature is a big issue for silicon tubes; this tube has low shrinkage nature, and it can perfectly work in temperatures from – 40 ~ 200 degree Celsius.

The tube’s insulation is good, it has ozone resistance and anti-aging capability, which enables the user to use the product for a long time compared to other similar products on the market.

Another specialty of the Laimeisi Silicone tube is – it is free from any sort of smell or odor; if you are using this tube for drinking water or any other food-related appliances, you won’t need to worry about bad odor at all.

The tube is flame resistant and heatproof; it can function well under a high voltage environment, especially in different electrical setups.

The product is commonly used in water dispensers, food machinery, coffee machines, milk bottle tube, drinking fountain, rice cookers, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Odorless unlike typical silicone tubes and keeps the fluid intact
  • Flame resistant and heatproof
  • The silicone tube is ozone resistant and as an added advantage it has anti-aging features
  • Waterproof and anti-oil body surface that ensures no contact with internal fluids

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6. Laimeisi High Temperature Silicone Rubber Tubing

1/4 Inch Food Grade High Temperature Silicone Rubber Tubing ID 6mm OD 9mm
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone,color:Translucent, not clear. Inner Dia (ID): 6mm (approx. 1/4 Inch ) , Outer Dia...
  • Temperature resistance from -40~200 Celsius degree
  • Anti-aging, Ozone resistance, Insulating,No corrosion from copper and silver and so on.
  • High temperature resistance, good resistance to anti-aging performance.
  • Packing included: 6mm ( approx. 1/4 Inch ) x9mm ( 11/32Inch ) Silicone tubing 1M(3.3 ft)

This is our third product from the Laimeisi company which are really offering state of the art silicon tube products with ensured food safety and other necessary advantages.

The tube doesn’t shrink in heat as it can resist heat, and it has an anti-oil waterproof surface, which makes it a good tool to be added with any sort of appliance.

The Silicone product is soft, environmentally friendly, durable, and doesn’t cause any harm to the human body.

The temperature resistance capability of the Laimeisi Silicone rubber tube is very good, and it can afford from -40 to 200 degree Celsius of temperature.

Like other products of the company, this silicon tube also has resistance capacity against the corrosion caused by Copper and Silver, and it is Ozone resistant too.

It can work well at high temperatures due to the high-temperature resistance of the tube, and it can insulate severe heat and cold.

The Silicone tube has a general use in various industries like automobile manufacturing, military, aerospace, and motor industry; besides, it is commonly used in home appliances.

The product color is clear, and each packaging includes a 1 meter 6mm X 9mm Silicone tube.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can tolerate high temperature
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • The low price range with high functionality
  • Resistance capacity against copper and silver corrosion
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to the human body

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7. Smart Packs by OCSParts 20 ft. Roll of 1/4

20 ft. Roll of 1/4" I.D. Silicone Tubing, Food-Grade Silicone Tubing
  • 20 Feet Coil of Tubing
  • 1/4 inch ID x 7/16 inch OD
  • Made from NSF and FDA Listed Material

This smart-looking food-grade silicone tube is made by OCSParts, and the product is a bit costly compared to other silicon tubes mentioned in this review article.

But don’t be frustrated to read that; the high price of the tube is because of its unique packaging.

The product can be purchased in a 20 feet long coil.

The internal diameter of the tube is ¼ inch, and the outer diameter is 7/16 inch.

Those people who prefer safety in silicon tube products can happily buy this tube as it has been manufactured from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved materials.

The product is ranked 297 in industrial plastic tubing ranking, which means you can also use it in industrial processes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Manufactured from FDA and NSF approved materials
  • Can be used in industrial purpose as well
  • The affordable price range for people looking for long length products
  • Good user satisfaction score

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8.Univen High Temp Food Grade Red Silicone Tubing

Univen High Temp Food Grade Red Silicone Tubing 8mm ID X 12mm OD Per Foot
347 Reviews
Univen High Temp Food Grade Red Silicone Tubing 8mm ID X 12mm OD Per Foot
  • Food-Grade Red Silicone Tubing
  • 8mm Inner Diameter, 12mm Outer Diameter
  • Price is Per Foot, Example: Order 3 and Receive One 3-ft. Piece
  • Typically Used in Coffeemakers and Other Equipment
  • High-Temperature

Now here we have got a different Silicone product than others.

This is a different colored high temp food grade Silicone tube manufactured by the company Univen; where other products of the list are of clear or slightly transparent color, this tube is of red color.

The Silicone tube is completely food grade and doesn’t cause any harm to the human body; people concerned with food safety can use the tube without any further thought.

The inner diameter of Univen high temp red Silicone tube is 8mm, and the outer diameter is 12mm.

The Univen Silicone tube has high endurance towards high temperatures.

Generally, this tube is used in home appliances and coffee makers due to its food-grade quality.

But the product’s high endurance and durability have made it a good fit for industrial use as well; it is ranked 35 in the industrial tube category.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be used in industry and home
  • Different color than the conventional silicon tubes
  • Can endure high temperature
  • Food grade product that doesn’t cause harm to the users
  • Good position in industrial tube ranking

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9. uxcell Flexible Silicone Rubber Tubing

The uxcell flexible Silicone rubber tube can be used in a variety of operations in homes and industries, and the product is highly recommended by customers.

The product’s common internal diameter is 2 mm, the external or outer diameter is 4 mm, and it has a thickness of 1.016 mm; but it can be purchased with other internal diameters and wall thicknesses as well.

The Silicone tube is a platinum-cured product which ensures that no peroxide residues will be found in the tube.

The translucent tube is generally used in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, bioprocess manufacturing, and beverage and food applications.

The tube is tolerant of high temperatures, and it can endure up to 200C of temperature.

As the tube is platinum cured, you will not face any yellowing issue for a longer period of use.

Uxcell’s Silicone tube has other specialties like high gloss finishing, high tear strength, and wonderful clarity; besides these, the product is highly hydrophobic.

Due to the durability and excellent finishing of the tube, it shows an extended life period in peristaltic pumps.

To build your further confidence in the quality of the product, it has achieved WRAP’s approval for cold and hot drinking water; besides, it has FDA certification.

Pros & Benefits:

  • FDA certified and WRAP approved (for drinking water)
  • Platinum cured silicone ensures no yellowing and a glossy finish
  • Extended life in peristaltic pumps
  • The tube can endure up to 200C temperature
  • Affordable price range

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10. GoFlow Systems Silicone Tubing High Temp Hose

Silicone Tubing - 10 Foot Piece (High Temp Hose - 500F) (1/2" I.D. x 5/8" O.D. x 10 Foot)
  • Product Type: Unreinforced Silicone Tubing - Peroxide Cured
  • Max Operating Temp: 500F
  • Working/Burst PSI (at 70°F): 10/30
  • Material Certifications: FDA, NSF 51[U]

The very last product in our review of the 10 best food-grade silicone tubing products is the GoFlow systems Silicone tube, but it is surely not the least!

This GoFlow tube has seven dimensions, and customers can choose from the variety according to their needs.

The product is made with unreinforced silicone, and during the manufacturing process, it has been cured with Peroxide.

The tube can endure a very high range of temperature, and it can be operated even in 500F, or 260 degree Celsius; such temperature endurance has made the product a good fit for appliances that gather access heat automatically during the operation.

Alongside these features of the tube, it can take a good load of pressure on it as the tube’s working / Burst PSI is 10/30 at 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

When many people face trouble with the low PSI score of their purchased Silicone tube, this tube from GoFlow systems can save their time and money.

Many customers complain that the Silicone tube they purchase and use can’t handle frictions from uneven surfaces and touch of sharp edges; this tube’s good PSI score can be a matter of relief for these situations.

To keep the customers relaxed about food safety issues, GoFlow Silicone tube has obtained FDA material certification and the NSF 51 certification, which is a benchmark for components and materials used in food-related equipment.

As the manufacturing process of the GoFlow tube has been monitored under international standards like FDA and NSF, users will not face any odor or taste-related issues while using the tube.

Due to the product’s outstanding electrical properties, it is a smart choice for computer applications and appliances.

The tube is Ultra Violet and Ozone resistant for long term use.

The GoFlow Silicone tube doesn’t have any acid-producing chemicals or Sulphur, so there is zero possibility of corroding, staining or deteriorating with other materials that come into contact with the tube.

Pros & Benefits:

  • UV and ozone resistant
  • The product has FDA and NSF – 51 certification
  • Outstanding electrical properties
  • Has a good PSI score, so it can take a good load on it
  • The tube is cured with peroxide during manufacturing

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Final Thoughts

When you are studying online before purchasing a product, there are many options available to go through.

But choosing the right product is really a tricky task and finding a product with an all-rounder performance is even tougher.

This review has been written to assist you in the decision making stage of your purchase of a food-grade silicone tube – either for your home or business.

As most silicone tubes are used in the food industry or home appliances, ensuring the food safety of the tube prior to purchasing is very crucial.

We hope this article will help you to purchase the best food-grade silicone tubing products out there.

If you think any good item is missing from the list, please feel free to let us know.

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