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10 Best Custom Silicone Masks & Their Reviews For 2021

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If you want a chance to escape reality even if it’s just for a few hours or a whole day, then you should consider buying one of these custom silicone masks.

Whether you want to dress up as a fictional character, an animal, a scary creature, or a real person, there’s a costume available for it.

Dressing up is a perfect excuse for some mainstream cosplay, all you need is the perfect mask and sometimes a mask can make or break your whole look, so it’s important to find the right one. 

Costumes come in many different shapes, types or sizes such as a mask, an outfit or a prop that are available to adults and children alike, however, getting the right and unique costume for a party can be challenging yet fun.

A silicone mask is a fun way to change your look, they are extremely realistic in appearance, so it may be hard for others to realize that it’s not real because it fits your face – it’s technically your face at that moment.

Silicone masks are one of the most unique masks out there because they are mostly custom made with such intricate designs, which are usually done by hand and are very hard to copy.

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10 Best Custom Silicone Masks Reviewed

Here’s a list of the 10 best custom silicone masks available for purchase on Amazon.

1. Tyrion Lannister

Sometimes people want to dress up as a character from their favorite book, movie or TV show that they love, and that’s exactly what our first product is all about. 

This is one of the most interesting silicone masks out there based on a beloved character in the Game of Thrones books and TV series – Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf with long blond hair with a very compelling personality, he is very witty, clever, funny and you could even say that he’s the most likable Lannister who won the hearts of many Game of Thrones lovers, who for sure would all jump at the chance to dress up as him.

Fans of the popular show will really appreciate this Tyrion mask. 

Get the mask, wear a fancy medieval-style doublet, drink lots of wine, and you’ll transform into one of the most popular characters in Westeros.

This mask is extremely realistic and has several Tyrion’s features such as his hair, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, face, and skin color, and all of these features were made by hand with incredible accuracy and detail.

It will definitely be a hit at any Halloween, cosplay parties, and other types of parties.

As Tyrion would say “I drink and I know things”, so trust me when I say that this mask is a great way to honor the best Lannister of them all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The famous character is well-known all over the world
  • Can be worn for a long period of time without feeling itchy or hot
  • Handmade which means a lot of attention is paid to detail

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2. Limdaka

Have you ever been invited to a costume party and you’re at a loss on who to dress up as?

Dressing up in a costume rarely just feels like putting on a disguise, you also want to feel like you are someone different with a different personality.

If you’re struggling to come up with a costume or a character, then look no further because this second product is a silicone mask of a mythical character known as Limdaka with his own personality and back story for you to follow through with.

Limdaka is a part human part mythological creature, in this case, a mixture of a goblin and a leprechaun, who is a tough guy that people equally respect and fear.

Limdaka looks like an old man who has lived a whole life and will surely be a unique costume at any party you are going to.

This mask has distinguishing features such as a bald head, long red eyebrows, and a very unique type of red beard that will definitely entertain and hopefully scare your friends and families alike.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique character with a back story created by the Masker
  • A fictional creature made of two different creatures
  • It’s made of a high-quality material

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3. Skeleton

Skeletons are spooky, scary and of course, a Halloween staple for everyone – both children and adults, moreover, what’s a Halloween party without the skeleton suit or onesie costume?

This is one of the most infamous Halloween costumes of all time.

If you want to take it even further and creep everyone out at your next party, then this silicone mask is a must-have, with its extremely realistic (and scary) human skull.

It features a full skull whose eyes and nose are replaced with just a hole in their place, moreover, the mask also has teeth, backbone, and of course, it has the chest as well.

Skeletons are considered both funny as well as scary depending on the way it looks, however, in this case, the skeleton silicone mask is most definitely scary.

And why wait for Halloween when you can wear it for any occasion and make all your friends jump out of their skin and rattle their bones?

It’s practically guaranteed to scare and amaze all your friends and family with its realistic creepy features.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very scary mask – perfect for haunted houses 
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Looks realistic in color and texture

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4. Clown Ron

Clowns are an interesting concept as they are used to make people laugh or scared, however, no matter how you look at it though, crowns are just creepy, I mean, hello, have you seen IT?

Clowns are usually seen as funny, clumsy, magical, hearty, and very entertaining at birthday parties and circuses, where they have the huge painted-on smile which is very creepy.

Besides the smile, there’s also the big feet, the funny colored clothes, and the little jokes and games they like to play such as the water, squirt fake flower, the never-ending scarves, and the animal balloons (still very creepy). 

Clowns are a fun costume to wear because of the mixed reactions from different people – some are happy while others are wary, scared, and even creeped out!

The Clown Ron silicone mask is both scary or funny depending on how you view it or use it. 

This mask has a bald head, a smile, and a big red nose, which are all very typical looks of a clown minus the colorful wig, and despite the creepy features, kids inexplicably love clowns and enjoy interacting with them, hence this mask is great for children birthday parties.

If you’re going for the scary look, then it’s a great look for a costume at a party, and since it looks very realistic, people will wonder if you’re really there underneath all that.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made out of a very high-quality silicone material
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It’s very durable and can be worn for a long time

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5. Creepy Billy

Clowns are so strange and confusing because although their appearance is designed to make you happy since they are smiling, they do not always do that, moreover, since they’ve got a ‘fake’ smile, they might come off as creepy.

Many people fear clowns and some people actually suffer from coulrophobia which is an irrational fear of clowns – this fear might lead to anxiety, trouble breathing, and sometimes, uncontrollable sweating.

If you’re looking for a creepy or scary costume designed to scare your friends and family, then look no further because there’s one known as the Creepy Billy clown. 

The Creepy Billy clown silicone mask is one of a kind because it not only has the usual painted-on smile, big red nose, painted-on eye area, and teeth but, it also has a lot of weird warts and moles all over it.

The moles and warts on the mask look so real that some people will remain convinced that what you have on isn’t a mask, this mask is not intended to be funny at all, and even the name “Creepy Billy” says so – this clown mask is most definitely used for scaring purposes only.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Realistic facial expressions and skin conditions
  • Made by hand to increase attention to detail 
  • High-quality silicone material

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6. No products found.

Zombies, also known as the living dead, are fictional characters that are known for their love of eating brains, their strange warped speech, their really horrible smell, and of course, for being dead.

The zombie trend has been with us ever since 1968 when the movie “Living Dead” introduced us to the creepy dead world of zombies.

Games like “Call of Duty” and “ The Last of Us” and TV shows like “The Walking Dead” have kept the zombie trend alive and well, the craze isn’t dying anytime soon.

The coolest and creepiest thing about this zombie costume is that it combines two scary creatures into one ultimate spookfest – a zombie and a clown.

The costume’s level of detailing is unmatched, the clown face features a painted white face, red lines dripping everywhere, a painted-on smile (creepy), and the big red nose, however, the clown face can then be ripped off to reveal a frightening zombie underneath.

This mask is really two costumes in one and it gives you a chance to play two characters at the same time.

Since beauty is only skin deep, it’s always fun to see what’s underneath, in this case, a creepy flesh-eating zombie! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very stretchy so fits well with any head size
  • Custom made design – unique to each buyer
  • Very realistic facial features with great detailing

No products found.

7. No products found.

Costumes, especially masks, do not always need to be scary, they can also be worn for fun or during playtime!

Animals are another type of costume available in the market and these costumes can be used by both adults and children.

One of the most revered and feared animals out there is the lion, it’s the king of the jungle, plus it’s one of the biggest and deadliest cats alive known for its super strong muscular body and of course, their manes!

Animal masks are worn by both children as well as adults and are considered very entertaining and fun for all ages!

The lion head silicone mask is available to both children and adults, it’s a fun costume to wear to a children’s party or for a school play if need be.

The lion mask looks like a child’s cartoon costume, i.e it’s not a replica of a real lion, and it comes with a small mane (not exactly realistic), ears, teeth, and holes for the eyes. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in just one size, however, it can be worn by many different people
  • Not so scary hence it won’t terrify the children
  • Fun costume – suitable for all ages 

No products found.

8. Bell Youth Male Face

Masks are not just used to scare people or to have fun – there are also different masks available to people for many other reasons. 

Would you like to dress up as another gender if you’re a male, or perhaps, you would like to dress up as a younger man if you are now a much more older man?

If that interests you, then the Bell youth male face silicone mask is available for that purpose.

The Bell Youth Male Face Silicone Mask is a very lifelike image of a young man that can be worn by old men or women who want to look different whether for fun, in a play, or for plain old curiosity.

This mask looks very human and natural with its realistic eyebrows, eyeholes, lips, nose, and ears, and the material feels so lifelike as well.

Do you want to dress up as a man for fun, for a party, for a prank, for a play, or to see how you would look?

Then here’s your chance – purchase this mask right now.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s an odorless mask which means you can wear it for long while without feeling irritated
  • Made of a stretchable material, thus it can fit very many people 
  • The very realistic appearance of a young man 

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9. Transgender Alice

U-CHAMRMMORE Crossdresser Masks for Crossdressers Transgender Halloween Cosplay (Ivory White)
  • Great quality hypoallergenic medical grade silicone Gel, touch very soft and feeling as same as real human skin
  • Widely Application: For a male who wants to be female, favored by the cross-dresser, transgender, transvestite,...
  • U-CHAMMORE Humanize Design: Eyebrows are manually punched. Mouth can be opened for talking, eating and drinking....
  • U-charmmore silicone product raw material qualified by SGS testing, please feel free to use (allergic skin. please...
  • Delivery Time: after you bought the orde, we'll send out the parcel through Fedex and usually take 3-5 working days...

Do you want to see what it feels like to be a woman?

Do you feel like playing the role of a younger woman or perhaps, you are an older woman who just wants to feel young and pretty?

If dressing up as a woman sounds interesting to you, then you should totally go with this awesome and pretty mask which can be used for many different purposes and settings.

This female mask provides the wearer with great insights into how women are treated, how they get ready, and how people perceive them.

The Transgender Alice Silicone Mask is advertised for two uses, the first is that it can be used as a Halloween costume while the second is that it can be used for transgender, cross-dressing, or drag queen purposes.

This mask comes with very attractive and precise eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, and lips all adorned with just the right amount of makeup but you can also add your own makeup if need be.

Regardless of the reason, the transgender Alice silicone mask will let you feel like a woman due to its realistic and natural look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Different skin tones are available
  • The silicone material feels very lifelike
  • A little makeup on the mask makes it more realistic

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10. Old Man “William”

Realistic Handmade Silicone Mask Old Man “William” Face for Halloween Costume Party Cosplay CD &...
  • Hand-made Skill: Made by our artist, there may be deviation between size or color, and there is a seam on the head.
  • Easy wearing: Easy to put on and take off. No adhesive needed.
  • High Quality Material: Made of medical silicone, the soft and elastic material help the mask to be automatically...
  • Flexible Sizes & Color: Elastic enough, one size fits all, focus on eye distance when choose mask. Contact us if...
  • Note: Product contains moustache and beard, but except hair, clothes, glasses, hat and other accessories.

Not only do people want to play a younger role, some actually want to know what it feels like to be an old man.

An old man is someone to respect, to take care of, to make sure he has everything that he needs, and lastly someone who should be listened to.

Dressing up as an old man will give you some understanding of how an old man is viewed, how they feel walking around and interacting with others, and this can also increase your compassion for your elders.

Dressing up as an old man can also just be for fun, to see whether people would recognize you or to play a prank on others.

The old man “William” silicone mask is a realistic mask with artificially implanted eyebrows, a grey mustache, small beard, natural wrinkles, and a bald head.

This mask will be a hit if you want to play a joke on your friends and family, or at Halloween parties, work parties, and any other costume party.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ease of use when putting on or removing the mask
  • Very soft and flexible material
  • The texture feels very lifelike and old

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Choosing The Right Silicone Mask That Works For You

Masks are made of many different materials like silicone, latex, foam latex, PVC, rubber, and acrylic, however, silicone masks are one of the most realistic looking materials for masks and are considered the most artful and custom made masks available.

They are also considered safe, high-quality, flexible, durable, and easy to wear or take off, moreover, they’re all available on Amazon.

The list has both funny and scary masks, the funny masks are Tyrion Lannister mask, Lion head mask, Clown Ron mask, Limdaka mask, the youth male face mask, the transgender Alice mask, and the Old Man “William” mask.

While the scary masks are the Creepy Billy mask, the Zombie Clown mask, and the skeleton mask.

Deciding on your reason for buying the mask will help you make a quicker and better decision.

Final Thoughts

It’s always fun to dress up as someone or something else, and delve deep into another character or just have some cosplay fun – by the way, masks offer the perfect disguise for such fun.

A lot of these masks are quite pricey, but they’re preferable if you want an authentic look of a specific character.

Custom silicone masks are rare at the moment because the majority of them are made by hand and they aren’t mass-produced with the help of technology.

Silicone masks are a marvel in that they are so lifelike and this will surely confuse some persons.

The list above was made to guide you into making a better and informed decision before purchasing the right mask for you.

Whether you want something for Halloween, a costume party, or a play, these masks are sure to make you the center of attention because of their high quality, custom designs, and most importantly, very life-like features 

Let us know if you see any other interesting custom silicone masks out there that should be on this list!

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