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10 Best Silicone Caps & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Swimming gears aren’t quite complete without silicone caps.

Silicone caps are needed when you are about to dive into a pool on a hot sunny day, or at any other time.

It’s well-known that swimming caps prevent your hair from drying up because of the presence of chlorine in these waters, and they also help in streamlining your body while you’re underwater.

These caps are not only made of silicone, but they are also often made from other materials like lycra, neoprene, and latex, however, many swimmers prefer silicone and latex caps, and one advantage silicone caps have over latex caps is that they are more durable.

The smooth edges of the silicone caps define them and their soft texture makes them very easy to put on or to take off.

To eliminate wrinkles and drag, many brands make their silicone caps into dome shapes.

For people with tight budgets, silicone swim caps are the way to go, because they are very affordable.

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10 Best Silicone Baby Feeders Reviewed

Let’s dive in and take a look at our top ten products.

1. Marsolly Silicone Cap

Marsolly Silicone Swim Cap for Women, Waterproof Long Hair Swimming Caps with Flower Printed
  • Marsolly,Fashion swimming cap with 4 different color of flower pattern printed, to be unique in swimming pool
  • PRODUCT FEATURES - keeping hair dry and protect hair from the chlorine and bacteria, best choice for swimming and...
  • SAFETY MATERIAL - 100% high quality non-toxic silicone with extraordinary soft touch
  • STRONG STRETCHES - Bigger size then normal swim cap, suitable for long hair and short hair, fits comfortable and...
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE-PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION. If you are unsatisfied with this swimming cap for any...

Starting off this list is the eye-catching cap by Marsolly with its beautiful flower prints, Marsolly is a brand that embraces women and encourages them to swim, love themselves unconditionally, and to love life.

This swimming cap is great for people who love colors, patterns, and a bit of class.

Marsolly makes these silicone caps for women, hence their cute designs and colors, moreover, most of their buyers love their products because of the colorful eye-catching prints and design.

The Marsolly silicone cap is made of high-quality and non-toxic material, and the cap also comes in a big size, thus it’s perfect for those with long hair, braided hair, or short hair.

It fits comfortably and provides a slip-resistant effect, and this makes it easy to put on and off.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% high-quality and non-toxic silicone material
  • Very suitable for women
  • Big size thus fits all hair type
  • Slip-resistant cap
  • Fashionable with print pattern

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2. TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Cap

TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap, Navy
3,219 Reviews
TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap, Navy
  • Popular in the racing world our Silicone caps are soft durable and will retain their colors for race seasons to...
  • Classic Size larger size fits adults and children
  • New raised logo round wrinkle-free design for better fit and reduced drag
  • Non-Slip interior tear resistant and easy to put on

TYR Sport produces competitive swim and triathlon gear, ranging from paddles to nose plugs, kickboards, arm sleeves, goggles, snorkel, and other equipment.

This TYR wrinkle-free swim cap comes in ten different colors and none of these colors fades – this cap retains the color thus it’s very convenient for any season.

TYR assures that the swimming caps are made with the highest quality silicone material suitable for various swimming activities such as competitive swimming, and it’s also perfect for recreational swimming.

The material is soft, and this makes the cap easy and comfortable to wear, it also has a wrinkle-free design, so you don’t have to worry about the fitting or any drag as you swim.

TYR makes the interior material of the cap with a non-slip and tear-resistant material thus, it doesn’t slip off of your head – it stays on, firmly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A wrinkle-free logo to prevent drag
  • Suitable for professional and recreational swimmers
  • Large-cap sizes fit all, including children

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3. Happy Mane Silicone Swim Cap

Happy Mane Silicone Swim Cap for Braids and Dreadlocks - Keeps Your Hair Dry While Swimming and...
  • KEEP YOUR HAIR DRY - Roomier, flexible extensible swim caps -Fit Multi sizes for various hairstyle
  • SWIM IN STYLE - look fashionable in the pool, beach, bath, shower with our Pool hat For Men, Women
  • BE COMFORTABLE - Silicone stretches ensure Swimming cap Fit comfortably ensuring chlorine protection
  • DURABLE HIGH QUALITY SILICONE - Premium quality for durability. We offers full money back guarantee
  • BONUS: FREE EAR PLUGS NOSE CLIP PVC STORAGE BAG. Fit nicely in sport bag great for regular swimmer.

You should get a Happy Mane silicone swim cap if you have long braids, long hair, hair extensions, weaves, or dreadlocks.

Happy Mane’s idea behind designing these caps is to serve people with afros, curly hair, or any other hairstyle that might make it difficult and uncomfortable to swim.

Happy Mane assures that this cap will keep your hair dry, and people with hypersensitive skin, especially on the forehead, around the ears, or at the back of the head, can go for this swim cap because it’s hypoallergenic and results in only a few allergic reactions.

The brand also provides guidelines on how to wear the swim cap, to wear this cap, simply tie up your hair in a bun before putting the cap on.

The silicone cap stretches enough to give comfort, support, and prevents water from seeping into the cap.

This product’s package comes with free earplugs, a nose clip, and a PVC storage bag – everything to get you reading a nice swimming session and a great way of completing your swimming gear!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good for braided hair, dreadlocks, and long hair
  • Comes with earplugs, a nose clip, and a storage bag
  • High elasticity for comfort
  • Ergonomic design to reduce drag and boost comfort
  • Odor-free cap

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4. No products found.

Soul Cap swim cap is known for its unique design meant especially for people with long hair, dreadlocks, braided hair that’s past shoulder length, weaves, and hair extensions.

These swim caps benefit people with curly, thick, and voluminous hair or people who are conscious about their hair but still want to enjoy taking part in activities like swimming while protecting their hair from harsh chemicals.

Soul Cap assures buyers a snag fit of the cap, makes you feel comfortable and its big size helps to accommodate the hair, the cap is, however, delicate as it might rip off if not handled properly.

Soul Cap XL-extra large which is 100% premium silicone makes sure that the cap lasts long, is strong enough, and easily stretches, however, if you have longer and thicker hair, then this cap might not work well with the bulkiness of your hair, which might cause the cap to rip.

For short hair, the cap falls flat against the back of the head and prevents water from getting into the cap.

And in case you feel like the cap doesn’t work out for your head shape or hairstyle, then feel free to ask for a refund because Soul Cap guarantees its buyers 90-day money-back.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for long and voluminous hair
  • Different sizes for different hair length and styles
  • Works for both men and women
  • 100% premium silicone for flexibility
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

No products found.

5. Swimtastic- Long Hair Swim Cap

Swimtastic Long Hair Swim Cap - Purple
  • TAILORED WITH EXTRA ROOM FOR A COMFORTABLE FIT — long hair, braids, dreadlocks and all. Easy to put on without...
  • STURDY & THICK 100% SILICONE WITH HIGH ELASTICITY - Odorless, allergy free, environmentally friendly and non-toxic....
  • PERFECT FIT FOR WOMEN, MEN, KIDS AND ADULTS - comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We strive to make sure our products are of the highest quality. If you are not completely...
  • SAVE MONEY - Features two caps for a lower price

Swimtastic Long Hair swim caps provide extra room for your long hair and make swimming convenient for you without snagging your hair.

This swim cap, however, may put off people with hair longer than the shoulder length and thick hair as it might be a task trying to fit all your hair in the cap and might even cause the swim cap to rip.

A unique feature of this cap is the inner strip found at the edge of the cap which helps to keep your cap on.

The Swimtastic long hair swim cap is the perfect taste for swimmers who want to keep their long hair away from the water while lounging in the pool, the cap has a great grip and it isn’t too tight around your head.

The amount of drag caused by hair won’t be a worry to you anymore when you have this silicone swim cap, moreover, it’s the reason why Swimtastic makes the swim cap aerodynamic.

Odorous silicone swim caps put off many buyers, however, this Swimtastic swim cap is not only odorless, but also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and allergy-free.

Save the planet with this swim cap!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fit for all head shapes
  • Come in 4 different colors
  • Thick 100% silicone material
  • Suitable for kids and adults

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6. Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap Silicone Elastomeric
  • Inner micro grid texture provides more comfort and stretchy silicone won't snag or pull hair
  • Contoured shape reduces drag for outstanding hydrodynamic performance
  • Soft, durable silicone for long lasting wear
  • Interior textured surface keeps cap in place
  • Snug fit for optimum performance

This latex-free Speedo unisex-adult swim cap is lightweight and very ideal for reduced hair pull, making it very easy and comfortable to wear.

The elastomeric cap is 100% durable silicone with a soft touch to it, and the presence of the elastomer makes it assume its original shape after being stretched, so one doesn’t have to worry about the cap being deformed.

This Speedo swim cap comes in 19 different colors, with amazing patterns, not everybody likes black, hence why the Speedo Unisex-adult swim cap gives you a lot of choices to select from, ranging from black and gold star to tie-dye grey.

The interior design and texture help in keeping the cap in place, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off as you swim.

Speedo has long been known for its quality products and these swim caps are no different, however, it might overstretch if you have long hair and this might cause it to rip.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elastomeric silicone to prevent hair snagging
  • Microgrid texture for comfort
  • Contoured shaped to reduce drag while swimming
  • Interior texture for keeping the swim cap in place

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BALNEAIRE Swim Cap Women Waterproof Swimming Cap for Long Hair with Cat Printed
  • BALNEARIE, STYLISH SWIMMING CAP, you can find more than 50 different kinds of stylish swimming caps in our store...
  • PRODUCT FEATURES - keeping hair dry and protect hair from the chlorine and bacteria, best choice for swimming and...
  • SAFETY MATERIAL - 100% high quality non-toxic silicone with extraordinary soft touch
  • STRONG STRETCHES - Bigger size then normal swim cap, suitable for long hair and short hair, fits comfortable and...
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE-PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION. If you are unsatisfied with this swimming cap for any...

Ladies this one’s for you!

First of all, how cute is that cat print?

If you love a classy cap or you are just a cat person, then this might be the cap for you, this BALNEAIRE silicone swim cap is a stylish swimming cap and it’s available in over 50 different designs, and it also has strong stretches making it difficult to rip.

With the BALNEAIRE cap, you don’t need to worry about your hair being soaked by the water, because it’s made of a waterproof material that also prevents bacteria from getting into your hair while you swim.

The cap is also anti-chlorine and protects you against harmful sun rays.

BALNEAIRE advises its buyers to clean the cap with cold water after every swim, avoid over-exposing it in the sun for a long period, and also to avoid sharp surfaces or objects which might rip the cap.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, BALNEAIRE has you covered with its big size that fits all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extra soft touch non-toxic silicone cap
  • Over 50 different designs to choose from
  • One size fits all
  • Waterproof material
  • Contoured shape

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8. Aegend Swim Caps

Aegend Swim Caps for Long Hair (2 Pack), Durable Silicone Swimming Caps for Women Men Adults Youths...
9,167 Reviews
Aegend Swim Caps for Long Hair (2 Pack), Durable Silicone Swimming Caps for Women Men Adults Youths...
  • 2 Pack- spacious designed for long hair- Created for swimmers with long hair, the swimming cap is built to...
  • Sturdy & thicker silicone material- Tear resistant, odorless, environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic,...
  • Comfortable fit- Ergonomic 3D shaping helps create a perfect fit, strategic cushion under ear contact points...
  • Good elasticity & no deformation- Featuring great elasticity, the cap can be stretched easily with no/without...
  • 12 Month replacement- The premium-quality silicone construction makes this swimmer’s cap very hardwearing and...

What’s better than having two swimming caps?

Each package from this brand has 2 swim caps of different colors, and there are seven different packs to pick from.

Its silicone material is thick and sturdy, thus it’s not only tear resistant but also non-toxic, eco-friendly, durable, and odorless.

Unlike other caps, the Aegend swim cap comes in a special design having more room at the back for all your hair to fit in, and a longer front to cover the forehead well so that it cannot come off while swimming.

Your ears can comfortably fit into this piece without exerting unnecessary pressure on them.

The elasticity of this swim cap makes it hard to deform and very suitable for different hairstyles and lengths, Aegend assures the buyers of the premium quality of the silicone and also guarantees a replacement, if your cap rips within 12 months.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic 3D shape for the perfect fit
  • No deformation
  • Great elasticity
  • Thick and sturdy silicone material
  • 12-month replacement in case of tear

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9. No products found.

The most unique feature about the Friendly Swede silicone swim cap is the ergonomic ear pockets that help in preventing overpressure, and also keeps water away from your ears.

Friendly Swede advises one to put on two caps to make your caps more waterproof because a single swimming cap isn’t fully waterproof, the swim cap comes as a 2-pack product, and this adds extra support and boosts the waterproof ability of the caps.

This is the best option unless you have long and thick hair because the water might seep into the cap and make your hair wet.

The hydrodynamic and wrinkle-free cap helps in reducing resistance and drag, and this allows you to swim even faster, Friendly Swede, however, does not recommend this swim cap for babies.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic ear pockets to protect your ears
  • Package has 2 swim caps with different colors
  • Reduces resistance making you swim faster
  • Fits both adults and children

No products found.

10. No products found.

It’s known that the Dsane extra-large swim caps are large enough to create room and comfort for your bulky hairstyles, braids, hair extensions, weaves, and dreadlocks.

If you are hair conscious and don’t have an idea of the best way to protect your hair, then the Dsane swim cap is here to your rescue, and of course, men are also catered for with the Dsane cap.

This cap comes in 8 colors to choose from and it’s a unisex cap.

Dsane extra-large swim cap has a strong silicone that stretches twice its normal size so that all your hair can fit in, it also has a secure fit to protect you against pool chemicals, chlorine, and harmful sunrays, because of its UV protection.

Dsane assures the buyers of a 100% premium-silicone material, this material is BPA-free, flexible, and durable.

Dsane also guarantees its buyers a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee, with free earplugs and a nose clip, if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

That is a great deal!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% money guarantee
  • Unisex cap with various colors
  • Very suitable for people with long hair and different hairstyles
  • Eco-friendly

No products found.

11. S&H Unisex Swimming Cap

S&H Swimming Cap Swim Caps Waterproof Unisex Premium Earmuffs Silicone No-Slip Swimming Hat for...
  • Silicone Material: Tear resistant, odorless, environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic, this amazing...
  • Ergonomic Design: Prevent over-pressure & keep water away from your ears with our comfortable ergonomic ear...
  • Suitable for Most People: Thicker than latex, this silicone swim cap is flexible to fit any sized head,Featuring...
  • Fashionable Designed: Stylish colors can perfectly match your swimming suit.
  • No Deformation: Featuring great elasticity can be stretched easily and not deformation after stretching. Fit for...

S&H waterproof unisex swimming cap is 100% premium-quality silicone, it’s a heat-resistant, eco-friendly, durable, and non-toxic material.

This S&H swim cap has an ergonomic design that comes with ear pockets preventing overpressure and keeping water away from your hair.

S&H states that the cap is most suitable for all hair lengths, because of the thick silicone that makes it flexible around any head shape and size, moreover, it’s also very elastic.

The silicone has an overlapping seam with a high-tech swim cap line pressing, thus it pulls closer to the head while closely wrapping the ears to prevent leaking effectively.

The swim cap has inner exquisite grid lines that make the cap anti-slip, this keeps your hair dry and prevents the cap from falling off, it’s also lightweight and you can barely feel it on your head.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes in a 3-pack
  • No deformation
  • Very fashionable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Odorless
  • Color matches with your swimsuit

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Picking Out Your Swimming Gear

Other than ensuring you have a swimming cap to keep your hair dry and give it extra protection and defense, you aren’t fully ready yet to dive in that pool, there are other essential swimming gears such as swimming goggles, kickboards, and the basic and most important of them all, a swimsuit unless you intend on skinny-dipping.

Getting a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and a fabric that is friendly to your skin is key, because if you are uncomfortable, then you will most likely lose the confidence to swim.

Swimming goggles are also very handy, especially for people who get irritated by pool water, get eye infections, or even blurry vision, due to the chlorine and bacteria present in the water.

Swimming goggles offer a protective feature for your eyes enabling you to see underwater because unlike penguins, our eyes can’t comfortably do that, they also help you swim faster, once you get comfortable with them, thus they enhance your performance.

Some goggles have UV protection that protects your eyes from the harmful sun rays.

Kickboards help you navigate faster in the water and also helps with the feet coordination by helping you stay afloat, and for a beginner, this can help when you want to learn how to move your feet in the water.

There are other amazing swimming gears such as fins, hand paddles, arm sleeves, bathing caps, snorkels, and water dumbbells.

All this equipment help in ensuring that you make the most of your time while swimming, and they also make swimming easier, comfortable, and fun.

Even if you aren’t a professional swimmer, with swimming gear you almost feel like one.

Final Thoughts

If you are a competitive swimmer, professional swimmer, fitness swimmer or you are just a recreational swimmer, then silicone caps might be the best option for you.

They come in very many different designs, some with print patterns and a variety of colors to suit your taste.

However, when purchasing a cap, you should consider several factors such as water temperature, which will help you analyze what swim cap will suit you best, neoprene, and silicone are good for holding in the heat in your cap, because of their thick and sturdy material.

Also, always go with a swim cap that covers your hair, reduces snagging and pulling of hair, and of course, it’s easy to put on and take off.

This is why swim caps made of rubber are highly recommended by experts to make sure that your hair sits comfortably in the cap with the least drag.

The next time you go shopping for a swim cap, do consider getting one of the listed products above.

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