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10 Best Silicone Pillows & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

There’s no doubt you’ve used a silicone pillow before.

Pillows have had used for some years back in the early 20th century; in fact, they were mostly used in palaces and the homes of the rich. 

Ordinary people could only make headrest pillows from old clothes and beddings.

As time moved, industrialization and modernism improved the quality of things as pillows are now commonly sold in shops and market places.

Nowadays, we have pillows made of different materials and for specific purposes; in fact, pillows made of fiber and silicone material occupy most of our bedrooms and sitting areas.

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10 Best Silicone Pillows Reviewed

Pillow designs have also improved to allow for unique and beautiful designs.

The following pillows are some of the best silicone pillows in the market.

1. Massage face silicone pillows

Salmue Silicone Pillow Soft Massage Face Relax Pillow Headrest, SPA Beauty Salon Skin Care Soft...
  • SOFT SILICONE LATER PILLOW: Close to body fat softness, close to natural body color, odorless, tasteless, soft,...
  • BEAUTY CUSHIONS: Beauty SPA massage pillow, keeping your face in a comfortable and relaxing position while you get...
  • PROTECTION: Protect your face from long-term face-down pain. Can be folded to hold your head.
  • COMFORTABLE FILLING: Can be placed on the hole of the beauty bed to provide a very gentle massage.
  • SUITABLE FOR: massage bed, massage bed, beauty bed, special pillows, and can also be used as a pillow when students...

This massage pillow is commonly used in spars, salons, and bathrooms.

When you visit a spar or a salon, you need a pillow that relaxes you and feels comfortable to your head.

The pillow material, made from silicone makes it appropriate for water use since it never gets soaked.

While your hair is being washed or cared for, you get to rest and support your head on the massage face pillow.

Massage rooms also use this type of pillow to support your head and various body areas during the massage session.

Silicone material offers a comforting feeling while the air inside contributes to the buoyancy of the pillow hence why the pillow feels soft and bouncy.

If you have a baby, this will also come in handy as it provides better support while washing and massaging your baby in the bathroom.

It has waterproof qualities so it dries quickly after use. 

You can use it while resting in the bathtub or the jacuzzi after a long day at work.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Water is unable to soak through due to the silicone material
  • The pillow can be used in different places
  • You get comfortable headrests during massages and beauty sessions
  • The massage pillows offer durability and help you save on your finances
  • Silicone face massage pillows protect your face and neck muscles from pain.

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2. Kitchen shelf silicone pillow

Kitchen shelf Silica Gel Pillow u-Pillow Latex Bed Head Pillow, U-line Silicone Pillow Meat Color
  • UNIQUE DESIGN prevents you from sleeping on your back or your stomach giving your body the support needed for your...
  • PAIN RELIEF for those that suffer from ear infections or general ear pain or for those that have fresh ear...
  • The innovative design will give you utmost comfort by providing a'Raised Neck Support' to hold your head upright...
  • A set of travel sleep companion no bulk feeling compare with traditional travel U-shaped pillow a perfect gift for...
  • Neck & Head Support Pillow also can be a back pillow to release your back pain reading pillow and a pillow for...

The kitchen shelf pillow provides a neck, head, and back support.

The pillow allows your head to stay raised and relaxed preventing you from painful neck muscles due to fatigue.

This pillow comes in handy while you are traveling.

The pillow supports your head so well that you may have to pay no attention to how long your journey is.

The pillow finds use in car seats, plane seats, and even train seats.

You can even use the pillows in your bathroom as a bathtub head support.

If you get painful earaches, the kitchen shelf pillow offers you support and raises your head to prevent you from pain.

The soft silicone material cuddles the ear and neck making you sleep in a comfortable and relaxing manner.

It also comes in handy when taking a nap or working on an office table as it will prevent back and neck pain.

The kitchen shelf pillow changes the scenario big time as you get to nap comfortably and wake feeling zero aches when using them.

You can as well also enjoy home massages using the kitchen shelf pillow.

If you find that looking for a gift for a colleague or friend becomes difficult, surprise them with this relaxing pillow for a change.

On another note, to enjoy your office naps during your free break times, the kitchen shelf pillow should become your trusted job companion.

Nap, sleep, and travel in comfort with the kitchen shelf silicone pillow.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pillow provides comfort during traveling times
  • You get relief from ear pains when you use the pillow
  • Napping experiences become relaxing and refreshing
  • The pillow provides the best gifting experience
  • Kitchen shelf pillows come waterproof and increase the diversity of use

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3. King silicone pillows with fiberfill

37" x 21" King Silicone Fiber Fill Pillow, White - pack of 5
  • Item - Pillow
  • Size - King
  • Width - 21"
  • Length - 37"
  • Color - White

This product proves ideal for those people who enjoy a comforting sleep or nap time.

The king pillows are a total game-changer to ordinary fiber pillows.

The outside material is made of silicone while the inside is made of fiber.

This pillow provides a new look to the pillow industry as the two materials merge to offer the best material in the industry and at the same time bring out a unique product. 

Most fiber pillows get dirty, washing, and drying takes time and the cloth material can wear out quickly within a few months of use.

These king silicone pillows change are quite the opposite of fiber pillows as the outer soft silicone material, being waterproof enables quick washing.

A towel can then effortlessly dry out the water. 

Wear and tear slowly becomes a thing of the past since the silicone material durability supersedes any other pillow material.

That’s not all though as the king pillow offers the best sleep time experience.

The fiber within the pillow allows your head to sink in the pillow easily giving you a relaxing feeling. 

Due to the pillow’s material, it gets used in spars and salons during massages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The king pillows offer the best design in pillow making
  • Silicone material allows for easy washing and drying of the pillow
  • Your sleep is more comfortable with the king pillow.
  • The pillow can serve as a perfect present for a friend.
  • The material and design of the pillow allow for its diverse use in homes, spas, and salons.

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4. Leinggg memory silicone pillow

Are you looking for the perfect pillow for neck care and support?

Leinggg offers the perfect neck supporting experience.

The pillow contains silicone and gel, serving as a comforting neck rest and supporter.

The material allows for use in wet conditions like in spas and salons.

This is one of the best pillows to support your client’s neck during hair washing and massaging sessions.

This pillow prevents neck fatigue and painful muscle cramps as it allows the neck to rest at an angle.

A pillow that doesn’t curve in leaves the client with a painful and stiff neck and you most definitely do not want your client to suffer from a stiff-neck after a massage or hairdressing session.

The Leinggg memory pillow saves you such experiences by offering your client a relaxing and exciting time in your spa or salon.

 If clients enjoy a good time in your workplace where they go home feeling much relaxed than they came in, it’s a guarantee for continued patronage.

Also, washing and drying the pillows require little effort.

They come in white color and some different colored covers.

You get the chance to match the top covers with your salon’s or spa’s theme.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pillows offer the best neck-resting services
  • You get to clean and wash the pillows with ease
  • The pillow material ensures durability
  • It’s a great gift option
  • Leinggg pillows are multipurpose

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5. The O type of silicone pillow

Black Temptation O Type Head Shape Silicone Pillow SPA Pillow Massage Face Pillow [Green]
  • Material: Silicone. Which is comfortable, durable, healthy and also eco-friendly.
  • Can be placed on the hole of the beauty bed to offer a very soft and comfortable feeling, your respiratory and...
  • It makes any common flat surface into a first-rate therapy table Gives you a full access to your back and neck....
  • Please allow little color difference due to different camera or light environment.
  • Dimensions: 29x29cm/ 11.4x11.4inch. Package includes 1 massage face pillow.

The O type of silicone head pillow is ideal for people seeking to enhance their sleep and breathing.

The pillow has a hole for your face to rest on during massage and body therapy and you get to feel relaxed as you receive your massage.

If you have to purchase this pillow for your spa or salon, feel free to request different colors.

The colors come in different varieties to suit customer needs.

The silicone material ensures that the pillow stays waterproof all through.

Using a non-waterproof pillow would be chaotic since spas and salons use water in most of their services.

Durable pillows come in silicone material, and the O-type pillow offers no difference.

The quality meets your needs saving you money and time.

With a weight of 0.9 kilograms, the pillow proves to be light and portable.

If your friend owns a spa or a salon, the O-type pillow will serve as a perfect gift during their special occasions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pillow offers comfortable sleep and rests time
  • This O type pillow ensures that your neck and back get the best exposure for a massage session
  • It is made of good quality material and so durable
  • The pillow is a great gift option

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6. CHENYING gel silicone pillow

BROOKLUX Home & Hotel Collection Gel Pillows for Sleeping - Set of 2 - Luxury Soft Plush Bed Pillow...
  • ✔️100% COTTON FABRIC MATERIAL: We make our sleep pillows using 100% quality cotton fabric material which feels...
  • ✔️DIRT AND STAIN RESISTANT: The high-quality cotton fabric has excellent dirt resistant properties. They pose...
  • ✔️EXTREME COMFORT: Our bed pillows have superior soft textures that help increase comfort when sleeping. The...
  • ✔️HYPOALLERGENIC AND CHEMICAL-FREE: The pillow is allergens and chemicals free. It's particularly significant...
  • ✔️MACHINE WASHABLE: Washing our pillows is not a complicated process. The pillows are machine washable and can...

This pillow offers ideal comfort to patients receiving cervical curvature restoration.

The pillow allows the patient to rest their heads during the procedure.

It comes with a soft gel top that feels as soft as a baby’s skin.

The gel and foam allow the pillow to curve based on the patient’s head weight.

If you visit hospitals where this is available, be keen to use this pillow for assured comfort and good health.

 If you were to receive a cervical restoration, you would require utmost comfort to allow the doctors to help you without the worry of your discomfort.

The CHENYING pillow gives you the most comforting posture leaving you and the doctors happy.

The pillow makes the procedure the most comfortable operation there is; you may even get the chance to nap during the procedure.

The pillow comes in white color and offers a mesh cover to fit in the pillow when in use.

The cover improves the comfortability of the pillow as your neck muscles and head feel curdled and massaged by the cut-out mesh cover.

Washing, drying, and general pillow maintenance get done quickly and effectively. 

It also serves as a great gift option for a friend or colleague.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pillow offers maximum comfort
  • Due to the high-quality silicone material, the pillow is durable
  • Washing and general pillow maintenance gets done effectively
  • The pillow offers smooth cervical procedures ensuring your treatment takes the required time without discomfort

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7. Yosoo silicone pillow

This pillow is an affordable and great choice for people looking for the right face pillow.

It is made with natural emulsion on the inside and silicone on the outside.

In spas and beauty salons, the pillow offers comfort and relaxation to its users.

The Yosoo silicone pillow grants you that Spa experience in a comfortable way.

For you to get that Spa feeling, you need to be in the most comfortable position; it keeps your head and back raised during the spa massages.

Your head sinks in the pillow, supporting your head weight while maintaining an upward posture for you.

This posture enables your massage therapist to perform the massage procedure on you without getting tired.

A tired massage therapist offers low-quality services, and you end up leave feeling worse than you went.

The Yosoo pillow material allows for quick washing and drying, keeping the spa clean and lovely.

Any place that takes care of your body should radiate hygiene and a healthy environment.

The pillow’s ability to be kept clean easily ensures that you receive massages in a clean environment.

The pillow has diverse uses, and when relaxing on your bed, you can place it on top of your standard headrest. 

Its cooling nature lets you enjoy a good relaxing sleep in the comfort of your home.

Napping offers your mind a relaxing treat to reload and be fresher, especially if your work involves many brain demanding activities.

Does your office desk not allow you to nap peacefully during lunch break?

Get the Yosoo pillow, and let those naps be transformed into the most refreshing naps you’ve ever had.

Its lightweight enables you to carry it with you when traveling, on vacations, and anywhere you intend to use it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Yosoo pillows guarantee comfort and relaxation
  • The pillow gets cleaned easily without any difficulties
  • When traveling, the pillow offers you great neck and back support
  • Due to the pillow’s lightweight, it is portable and a great traveling companion
  • The pillow’s silicone material ensures it lasts long

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8. Salon hairdressing silicone pillow

FILFEEL Silicone Neck Pillow, Salon Silicone Hairdressing Hair Washing Neck Pillow Shampoo Bowl...
  • The silicone neck pillow can provide a sense of rest and comfort for neck while washing hair.
  • Made of silicone material, long service life, reusable and durable.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Suitable for salon use or home use.
  • Fine workmanship, not easy to damage, ensuring no need to repair.

One of the worst things in the world is visiting the salon to get your hair done and leaving with neck pain.

If your neck doesn’t get the best neck support, you get tired quickly.

The added strain to your back can also cause you discomfort.

The salon hairdressing pillow is designed to relieve such constraints.

You can also buy one for use at home.

Because of the silicone material, it cannot be soaked in water.

This quality enables easy maintenance and use.

Silicone doesn’t wear out quickly, offering you long-lasting service and quality for your money.

You get to keep your salon clean at all times when you clean the silicone neck rest pillow.

Having easy to clean pillows adds to the hygiene standards of the salon as nobody wants to wash their hair while resting on a dirty and soaked pillow.

Also, silicone material does not absorb hair oil.

The silicone pillow gets back its glow by wiping with warm soapy water after oil involving procedures.

If you gift a friend with such a pillow, they will indeed value your friendship more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The pillow allows you to wash and dry it without difficulties.
  • Salon hairdressing pillow offers good neck support when hair washing.
  • The pillow contributes to your salon’s general hygiene.
  • By purchasing the pillow, you get to have a good travel companion during long-distance traveling.
  • A salon hairdressing pillow may pose as a perfect gift to a colleague in the salon business.

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9. Ucelvar silicone and memory pillow

ucelvar Memory Sleeping Pillow Silicone Pain Relief Pillow Cervical and Neck Support Bed Pillow with...
  • Removable cover: the pillow cover is removable and washable,very convenient for customers
  • High breathability:high breathability&high comfortability can give you a good sleep and keep healty
  • Washable: flexible synthetic texture can reduce the sweat from permeating into the pillow

This pillow offers unique neck and back support to its users.

The pillow has a unique design to fit into your bedroom, providing you with the most comforting sleep.

Silicone pillows rarely fit into a bedroom design.

Most of the silicone pillows are mostly used in spas and salons and if used in the bedroom, must be combined with other items.

The pillow can be used to rest the head, neck, and cervical region. 

While supporting the head and neck, it contributes to a more relaxed back posture.

Pregnant women may find the pillow helpful in supporting their back and cervical region during their second and third trimesters.

The pillow allows the back to feel comforted as the head stays raised.

You require an excellent supporting pillow as well to breathe correctly and the Ucelvar pillow grants you the best support making your sleep divine.

The material also prevents sweat from permeating into the pillow during sleep.

The pillow cover isn’t difficult to wash and dry, leaving your bedroom always clean and fresh.

The pillow may serve you for several years without wearing or tearing off.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The Ucelvar pillows offer general body support to suit various body positions
  • Sweat doesn’t spoil the pillows as they offer a non-permeable silicone surface
  • The pillows guarantee easy cleaning
  • When using the Ucelvar pillow, your respiratory system gets support and boosting

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10. Zyne silicone pillow

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for...
  • Most Comfortable Gel Memory Foam Cushion On The Market - ComfiLife's all-in-one features are unrivaled: Non-slip...
  • Supports Tailbone and Relieves Pressure - Ergonomically designed seat cushion provides maximum support and comfort...
  • Provides Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Relief, Great for Office Use, Driving & Traveling - Supports recovery from...
  • Our Customers Love ComfiLife Cushion - "I have already recommended this to all my office mates that sit all day, as...

Zyne silicone pillows are perfect for bedroom use.

The product comes in a set of two in color white.

You can find pillow covers of your choice to complement your bedroom theme.

Silicone offers the best material to allow you clean and wash the pillows.

The pillow material prevents sweat from permeating as a sweaty pillow may not guarantee you the perfect sleeping experience.

The pillows come in a pair to suit a bed shared by two people.

If you use the bed alone, it gives you the pleasure of using one pillow to support your head and the other as feet rest.

The pillows offer ideal positions for sleep and movie bed watching.

Nothing stops you from having a good night’s sleep when you have the Zyne pillows.

The shape mimics the familiar pillow shapes.

Zyne pillows are made with the best and durable material in the market.

Silicone does not wear or tear easily.

The pillow offers you full service and pleasure for an extended period.

The small-sized Zyne pillows serve as throw pillows for your sofa.

While resting in the seating areas, you may also use them to rest your head and have support while watching or eating.

The Zyne pillows provide a good travel companion for camping.

You get to enjoy perfect sleep no matter where you are using these pillows.

While considering the perfect gift to a friend or family, consider Zyne pillows.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Zyne pillows offer comfort and neck support
  • The pillows can serve as a gift option for friends and colleagues
  • You get to have a perfect travel companion with Zyne pillows
  • Improved sleeping experience

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Final Thoughts

Pillows offer comfort while sleeping however, silicone pillows are the best.

They offer support for sleeping, resting, and even for use in the salon or the workplace.

For maximum comfort, ensure that you purchase a silicone pillow for your personal or business use.

Your neck and back, and lower back will get the necessary support it needs by making use of any of the diverse silicone pillows.

the best part is that sweat cannot permeate through any of them as they are all waterproof in nature.

Instead of sticking to ordinary cotton or fiber pillows, go for silicone pillows and enjoy a beautiful experience.

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