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10 Best Silicone Night Lights & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Silicone night lights are often used to dimly lighten an environment, enabling us to see well enough at night, without disturbing others who are quite sensitive to night lights.

Night lights have gained increased demand in recent times due to their decorative quality, moreover, they also offer a comforting environment at night, especially to children and adults who prefer to sleep in an illuminated environment.

Many buildings also install night lights along corridors and dark basements to aid movements at night, also, small night light bulbs are installed on the wall light for decorative purposes in many classic homes.

The children sector offers children and baby gadgets equipped with night light devices, thus some also serve as illuminating toys for babies and toddlers.

It isn’t difficult to spot such lighting at recreation centers, however, to purchase a good silicone night light, you need to know the best ones available in the market, hence the purpose of this list.

These night lights come in different shapes, designs, colors, and even features, hence it can be quite overwhelming picking the right fit, but not when you narrow down your search.

Thus, why this list only highlights the 10 best silicone night lights currently available in the market.

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10 Best Silicone Night Lights Reviewed

Let’s take a look at these best ten products.

1. Color-Changing Nightlight

Mubarek Cute Night Light for Kids, 16 Color Changing Kids Night Light Lamp, Rechargeable Silicone...
  • 🐕100% Baby Safe Silicon Kids Night Light–Cute puppy night lights for kids room,the surface is made of BPA-free...
  • 🐕16 color Lights & Timer–Kids night light is controlled by touch to turn on/off and change color.Tap the puppy...
  • 🐕USB Rechargeable Kids Night Light--Kids night light is a USB rechargeable led night light.Kids night light with...
  • 🐕Portable Kids Night Light- Kids love carrying their cute night light through the hallway to the bedroom at...
  • 🐕AWESOME GIFTS for Kids Girls Boys Age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8--Perfect birthday gifts for kid girl boy nursery toddler...

This night light offers comfort to babies at night, and even to adults, its lighting system has a color-changing feature that creates a soothing and comforting environment.

If your baby fears the dark, then this will serve you well.

The material used for the light’s surface is pure silicone, it’s free of BPA and has a soft feel, however, the light is a perfect playtime or night time object for babies, and even dogs enjoy playing with it too.

You switch it on and off, and hit the night button to adjust the level of brightness, it provides low lighting to your bedtime times, and this rechargeable night light offers 10 hours of illumination, it’s especially useful at night during breastfeeding or diaper changing.

The cute baby night light also serves as a bathroom light, hence ensures that your baby has their bath in style.

It serves as a perfect gift to babies, adults, and pet lovers, especially to dog owners, because pets often find it amusing and useful to play with.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The night light has a beautiful design
  • The texture is soft and comfortable
  • It has perfect lighting for night time
  • The item serves as a gift for occasions like birthdays and sleepovers
  • Useful for times when you need lighting while changing baby at night

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2. Dinosaur Light for Babies

VSATEN Dinosaur Night Light for Kids, Cute Color Changing Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch...
  • ✅ Soothing Color Changing Night Lamp - Cute dinosaur night light with multicolors, offers a soft and calming glow...
  • ✅ Easy Tap Control - Switch the bottom ON/OFF button to “ON”, tap the silicone night light to switch color...
  • ✅ Baby Safe Night Light - Made from toy-grade, BPA-Free soft & washable silicone material, the led nursery night...
  • ✅ Portable USB Rechargeable - Built-in 1200mA rechargeable lithium battery supports more than 8 hours light up...
  • ✅ Perfect Gift & Room Decor - The dinosaur bedside lamp is not only a creative gifts to family, friends, kids on...

This product is satisfactory to those looking for something to help soothe their children to sleep, while also providing light for babies who might want to play.

Every parent knows their child and if your child requires something to help him/her sleep, then this dinosaur light for babies is what you need, the night light comes in the shape of a dinosaur, it serves as a toy, and its lighting has a soothing effect on children.

The multicolored lights produce beautiful glows that attract your baby and keeps your child company through the night, the night light is easy to use, and it has an on and off power button that allows children to easily switch it on and off.

The safety of your baby comes first when purchasing baby products, hence this product is made of high-grade silicone material, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety.

For breastfeeding moms, the dinosaur night light illuminates your baby’s room and helps make nighttime changing more convenient for you and your baby.

This product is available in several colors like blue, green, red, and a seven-colored stream of light, it comes with a charging cable for a USB port, and when fully charged, it can run for more than eight hours.

The products are convenient and easy to use, especially because it’s portable and can be moved around easily.

You can rest assured that this night light is a perfect gift for both baby and mother.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The product serves as a good birthday gift for young children and nursing mothers
  • The night light is an ideal solution for those who are scared of the dark
  • The lighting has a soothing effect on babies, makes them sleep faster
  • You are free to carry the night light anywhere because it’s portable
  • Comes in a variety of colors

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3. Red Cat Light

LumiPets Kitty Cat, Kids Night Light, Silicone Nursery Light for Baby and Toddler, Squishy Night...
  • Cute Kids Night Light Color Changing Lamp - Soothe your children and lull them to sleep with an adorable LumiPet!...
  • USB Charging For Kids Night Light - All LumiPet bedtime lamps come with a battery that will last about 12 hours of...
  • Squishy Night Light Lamp For Kids Room - These cute nightlights are made from a high quality silicone that won't...
  • Remote Control Operated Night Light For Kids - The included remote control lets your child choose colors remotely,...
  • Animal Night Lights For Boys and Girls - The LumiPet kids night light comes with a remote control, and USB cord....

This product is perfect for those in search of a night light for toddlers and infants, it has touch sensitivity and automatically illuminates when touched, and this night light is portable, hence babies can play with it anywhere, any time.

The cat light illuminates a glow that soothes and calms babies of all age groups, as well as adults, and you can also change the light’s colors with just a simple tap on the cat to illuminate in a different color.

The tap colors vary due to its touch censored feature, and if your child fears those night monsters, then this cat is sure to fight off those monsters, and the lighting device’s calming effect will turn your tense, uneasy child into the most peaceful relaxed child in the universe.

The battery is recharged through a cordless USB port to offer convenience.

When you need a gift for toddlers and babies, look no further beyond this night light that meets your needs, and will also serve as a traveling buddy for your baby.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The toy-like feature makes it a perfect lighting toy for your child
  • The cat light is portable, thus can be used anywhere in the house
  • Don’t worry about the safety of your baby while working, because this night light provides safe and warm illumination with no adverse effect
  • The product offers adequate light during baby feeding and changing at night
  • The cat light doubles as a gift at any special occasion

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4. The ANGTUO Wooden Light Lamp

ANGTUO Nursery Nightlight Wooden Baby Night Light for Kids with 16 Color Changing and Dimmable...
  • KIDS NIGHT LIGHT -- ANGTUO night lamp is made of BPA-Free silicone lampshade, soft to touch with natural hard...
  • NEW UPGRADE -- As an atmosphere nightlight, 16 RBG color change, 4 modes (flash, fade, strobe, smooth), and 4...
  • INDIRECTLY PROTECTS THE EYES: 4 brightness settings for eyes caring. It can be used for reading or ambient...
  • REMOTE CONTROL NIGHT LIGHT -- Easy to control switch lighting modes, colors and brightness, because of the remote...
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY SCENES WELL -- It can be used for beside lamp, table lamp, atmosphere light, LED night light,...

The product is for those in search of a night light that offers both baby and adult comfort, the modern design allows it to serve as a table night light, and it has a wooden base that provides stability when placed on a bedside table.

It comes with a remote control to make its operation easier, thus offering maximum comfort at all times, when needed.

The ANGTUO night light is a perfect lamp shade with a top part that’s made of pure, soft, and smooth silicone material, this top part is then mounted on a wooden base to make it a stylish and safe lampshade.

The product is suitable for parties, family dinners, or even as a light for a recreational area, you can also change the lighting colors to suit your environment or occasion.

The light serves different purposes, it can be used as a brightly lit studying lamp or as a dimly lit nursery light, and the product offers four different lightings, hence this helps to prevent eye strain.

The ANGTUO LED light is a perfect gift to people of all age groups.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The night light serves as a good lampshade
  • Useful in lighting various indoor and outdoor events
  • The product has different lighting intensities
  • The silicone material makes the night light durable and classy
  • The wooden base gives the night light a modern look, thus enhancing its gifting capacity

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5. No products found.

This product is one of the best gifts available for young children aged 2 to 8, these children are thrilled with the night light, especially because of its unique chick inserted in a tumbler design.

The model is appealing to young children and when dimly lit, the device can stay for two hundred hours, however, if brightly lit, the night light can stay for eight hours.

Your child’s sleeping pattern will change for the better with this night light because Tecboss night light gently soothes your child to sleep, a more restful sleep.

The product is made of food-grade silicone, hence it’s safe to use for children, and it also has a touch sensor that is used to adjust the intensity of the light.

It can be used as lighting for festivals, birthdays, or parties, and the Tecboss night light serves as a birthday present for a baby, an adult, and even for a pet.

This product offers enough light during baby breastfeeding time and baby changing, thus mothers find it very comforting to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The night light has portable features, making it easy to move about
  • The product is easy to use
  • It’s made of food-grade silicone material, thus it’s safe to use
  • Best gift to people of all ages
  • The touch sensor makes kids find it easier and fun to use

No products found.

6. Jack and Rose Lighting Device

Jack and Rose’s night light is an ideal product for those who enjoy listening to music with their lighting system.

The music feature makes this product a unique item in any house, the device is shaped to look like a snowman, an obvious favorite choice for many kids.

It’s made of silicone material, hence the toy can be washed, and this will increase the durability of the product.

The product provides eye-safe light and has rays that appear in seven different colors, however, you can always select the color that fits your current mood and environment.

It comes in 3 distinct modes: breathing mode, music mode, and standby mode, with this night light, you and your child get to listen to soothing music and this helps you and your child to fall asleep faster.

The light, because of its music mode feature is also a nice product for older children as well, especially those who love to listen to songs right before bed.

Its batteries are long-lasting and it also comes with a charging USB port, thus maintenance and servicing are easier, compared to other regular night lights.

It’s the perfect Christmas present for your kids, so stop overthinking what you should get your child for Christmas and order for this night light already.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The product is portable
  • The night light offers seven light streams
  • You enjoy perfect music that makes you and your little ones sleep more peacefully
  • The product provides comfort and a relaxing illumination all night long
  • The product serves as a perfect gift since it has a gift box

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7. Tubeshine Sleeping Light

Tubeshine Sleeping Orange-Red Pat Night Light, Safe Silicone Bedside Lamp 2 Light Color/Timable/USB...
  • ⭐ 【 Soft Light with Sleep 】 This product is designed for two types of light, each with two strengths. One is...
  • ⭐ 【 Double Function 】It is not only a very practical and refined bedside lamp, but also a very interesting...
  • ⭐ 【 Awesome Design 】 Stylish and Elegant design create a contemporary look, let the unique night light become...
  • ⭐ 【 Safe and Practical 】 Water-Resistance & Drop-Resistance. The silicone design allows you to feel at ease,...
  • ⭐ 【 90 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee From Tubeshine】 We promises to you that the profit of all our...

This night light comes in handy for people comfortable with few color light shades, its orange and yellow illumination has a calming and relaxing effect on you.

The warm yellow light is an ideal lighting option for studying and for carrying out other duties in the room, while its orange lighting creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to help you or anyone else in the room fall asleep faster.

It has a tap feature that allows you to switch easily from one light to another, its soft silicone allows kneading, hence the night light is resistant to shape deformity.

The soothing and therapeutic lighting can help calm your nerves., especially when you feel stressed out, also, this light serves as aunique interior decor item and it can complement any house’s internal beauty.

Dropping the night light in water or to the floor does not affect it, because it’s made with a waterproof material that’s also quite sturdy, hence it’s not easily damaged after a fall.

This product also comes with a timer that allows you to set an automated shut down if you do not intend to leave it on all through the night, however you can also leave it on throughout the night, without reducing its lifespan.

You also get a 90-day guarantee in case of a malfunction, and your money is also fully refunded.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Tubeshine night light will properly illuminate any room
  • The light device can’t get damaged by the water or from falling
  • The silicone material provides durability
  • Tubeshine is a perfect birthday and party gift
  • Easy to use, it’s used by simply tapping on it

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8. XINGBAO Lunar Night Lamp

XINGBAO Lunar Silicone Lamp Creative USB Charging Colorful Night Light Children's Bedroom Bedside...
  • 【Lovely moon ball night light】The moon-shaped BPA-free silicone night light gives a soft and comfortable touch...
  • 【USB rechargeable lamp】If fully charged (5V/1A) for 3 hours, the built-in 800mAH battery can support up to 10...
  • 【Adjustable brightness light】7 colors are suitable for different scenes, and the soft light is suitable for...
  • 【Durable and baby safe】Made of toy-grade materials, ABS base and silicone, it is a 100% safe night light.
  • 【Gifts and decorations】The night light can be used as a kindergarten decoration, cute children's night light,...

XINGBAO moon-shaped silicone night light is a unique, portable, and classy night lamp, it provides a soothing, as well as a romantic experience for its user.

When fully charged, the night light can lit up a room for 10 hours, however, it comes in seven different streams of lights, with the softest stream creating a peaceful sleeping environment.

It’s made of soft silicone material hence, it’s safe to use in your children’s room, and its use cuts across kindergarten lighting, romantic dinner light as moon lamps, bedside light, and baby’s room decorative items.

The moonlight appearance is very eye-catching, and this makes the night light an excellent present for your children, romantic partner, or a dear friend.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The night light offers the most fantastic night view
  • It provides a soothing atmosphere to make your baby fall asleep faster
  • It’s a beautiful night light
  • The silicone material is a baby-friendly and food-grade material, thus it’s safe for toddlers and infants
  • Makes for a nice present

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9. Silicone Waterdrop Night Light

Night Light for Kids, Cute Lamp Dumpling Light Birthday Gifts for Girls Boys, Kawaii Waterdrop...
  • SLEEP SOOTH LIGHT: Our cute waterdrop night lights offer a gentle and calming glow, soft and never too warm, kids...
  • COLORFUL NIGHT LIGHT: Switch among warm white mode and 7 color breathing modes, just gently tap the soft silicone...
  • PORTABLE: Compact size desigen and powered by battery, we can take it anywhere - bedroom, living room, playroom,...
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Tested by FDA BPA-free washable silicone as material, no sharp edge, soft and harmless, great for...
  • PERFECT GIFTS: This cute night light will be a best gift for children and adult. Also a ideal gift for birthday,...

The shape mimics a water droplet, and yet, it’s a good product for those in search of a soothing, calming, and warm night light for their babies.

It provides one bright mode lighting and seven different breathing modes, all of which work harmoniously to induce a soothing effect on you and your child that makes you sleep peacefully.

It has a tap sensor thus it’s easy to switch on, off, or even to change your light mode.

The item can be used as a baby toy in the crib to keep your baby occupied, while you get some alone time.

And with this waterdrop-shaped product, you never need to worry about the safety of your baby, because it’s made of soft silicone that doesn’t pose any physical harm to the baby.

The material used in making this product has food-grade qualities, thus this further doubles the item’s safety and durability – it’s a long-lasting material.

It serves as a perfect present for babies and adults during various events and festivals.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The shape and design is unique
  • The night light offers comfort and relaxation during the night
  • It serves as a perfect present or gift
  • The product serves as a decorative item, especially at night
  • With this waterdrop night light, you can get some rest while your baby plays with the light

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10. No products found.

The Cactus silicone night light is useful to those who want to illuminate their room or home with a night light that has an artistic feeling.

The cactus shape makes the room glow in style at night while improving the interior decor of the room, moreover, it also creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, while also protecting your eyes.

The light rays are safe and produce only radiation-free beams, thus your eyes are not affected in any way.

The light serves people of all ages well and it uniquely lights up your house.

If you value saving on energy, then the Cactus night light is perfect for you because it’s a low-power night light, also this lighting material fits well in all settings like the bedroom, the kitchen, living room, hallways, bathroom, and other home spaces.

It’s loved by all because of its unique and delicate touch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The night light offers safe lighting in your home
  • The product provides an artistic and unique glow
  • It provides satisfaction to all people and can be used by both babies and adults
  • The product serves as a nice present during birthdays and other special occasions
  • The item improves your house interior decoration

No products found.

Final Thoughts

You certainly do not need to be scared of the dark before you get a night lamp.

Night lamps are essential bedroom items that come real handy when we wake up at night, and they come in different designs, features, shapes, colors, and lighting modes.

However, silicone night lights are most especially useful in that they are soothing and calming and helps you sleep peacefully.

Also, these lights are made with safe material, hence you do not have to worry about radiation beams causing harm to your eyes, and this material is also baby-friendly and eco-friendly.

You can purchase your perfect silicone night light online, and watch as your child’s nights become more restful and less troubling.

Purchase yours online today and have it delivered to you.

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