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10 Best Silicone Bibs & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

All moms want the perfect baby bib to keep their baby clean/dry while feeding, and a good silicone bib helps to do this.

A silicone bib helps to prevent foods or drinks from staining your baby, and it also makes cleaning up after feeding a whole lot easier.

Unlike many regular baby bibs available, those made of silicone are BPA-free, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, hence there’s no need to worry about if this bib is safe to use for your baby.

They are also quite trendy and they come in several designs and colors; as no two bibs have the same design.

Other advantages of these bibs are; their neck sizes are adjustable, they are flexible, and are also waterproof.

You can purchase a good bib on the internet, and this list mentions 10 of the best silicone bibs currently available on online shopping platforms.

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10 Best Silicone Bibs Reviewed

And the first on our list is:

1. Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

Silicone Baby Bibs Easily Wipe Clean - Comfortable Soft Waterproof Bib Keeps Stains Off, Set of 2...
  • Lifetime Warranty - If anything happens to your bibs, Happy Healthy Parent will replace your purchase!
  • Bibs Are Always Ready To Use - No more cloth bibs going into the washing machine. Cuts down on laundry and saves...
  • Easy Clean - 100% Food Grade Silicone resists discoloration and does not absorb water. Just Use Soapy Water To Wash...
  • Feeding Made Simpler - Happy Healthy Parent's philosophy is simple. Happy Kids, Happy Parents. Big, wide pocket...
  • Dollars Saved - No more buying packages of bibs Or ruining clothes from falling food!

Our top pick is easy to wash and waterproof bib by Happy Healthy Parent store, these bibs are an easy way to reduce food and liquid mess.

If you are shopping for baby bibs, then this is an excellent pack that you should definitely have, these bibs are made with a smooth silicone material, and it doesn’t irritate your child’s neck and skin.

This 100% food-grade silicone makes the bib stain-resistant, this cuts down on your laundry and help you save water.

It is easily washable, no need to have a new bib every time, and its 3D open pocket will catch all food bits and spills, saving your child’s clothes from stains and drips.

This product is available in multiple sizes, hence as your baby grows, you can easily replace it with another that properly fits your child, moreover, it is also available in different colors and fun crafted designs to brighten your child’s mood.

These bibs come in a pack of two so there will always be an extra one in your bag.

However, it has a tiny opening in the neck which can sometimes leak fruit juices and other liquids but very rarely, so this is not a big issue.

If you are not satisfied with this product, then the manufacturer will gladly refund your money.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of food-grade silicone
  • It is soft and flexible yet maintains its shape
  • Can be easily washed in the dishwasher

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2. Ava + Oliver Silicone Waterproof Bib Set

Ava + Oliver silicone waterproof bib set comes with 2 baby bibs.

The perch and purple colors of this brand make it equally good and perfect for boys and girls, these bibs are made with food-grade silicone which meets FDA standards, and they also do not contain BPA, phthalate, or lead.

Its center has a thick weight, which means that it will not lose its shape and will catch food bit, besides, they are adjustable and you can adjust them to properly fit your baby.

These bibs are very easy to clean, you can clean them using soap and water, and once cleaned, they are ready for use.

These are very budget-friendly and durable because of the quality material used in its making, they can also be gifted out, especially as a baby shower gift.

Sometimes, buttonholes look unfinished and might look like they are about to tear, but they won’t so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Its thick bottom holds the shape in place during feeding
  • It’s safer for babies since they are made of food-grade silicone
  • It’s long-lasting

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3. No products found.

This product is perfect for those who are searching for a soft, durable, and budget-friendly bib.

Its front pocket is wide enough to catch all food bits and liquid spills without spilling out.

This product is more suitable for babies between the age of 10 to 72 months, its thicker silicone material makes it more durable than other brands, and also, the shape of the bib remains the same.

Due to the thick and high-quality silicone material, these bibs are more rigid, durable, and comfortable for the baby.

It has four adjustable buttons so you can find a perfect fit around your baby’s neck, and because of these adjustable buttons, it’s difficult for toddlers to pull them off.

It’s made with 100% food-grade silicone which means that it’s safe for babies, however, at first, the buttons are difficult to attach, but they become easier to attach after a while.

This brand gives a lifetime warranty for its products to customers, and if you are unsatisfied with the product, then you can either ask for a replacement or a refund.

This product is the ultimate value pack and a pack has 2 unisex baby bibs at half the price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The wider front pouch can catch food and prevents your baby’s clothing and skin from being stained
  • Its silicone material does not harm your baby
  • Can be tied around your baby’s neck

No products found.

4. No products found.

This is the perfect bib for those parents who are looking for a hygienic, easy to clean, and eco-friendly product for their baby.

It’s made with 100% food-grade silicone material and is manufactured under extremely high-quality industry standards to ensure maximal safety.

This bib takes away all your troubles and worries, however, due to the thin layer of silicone, the pocket does not catch every food particle.

These bibs are waterproof and this will make sure that your baby is dry from drool, liquid, and food particles.

They are super easy to clean, you can easily wash them in running water or soapy water, the bib has six adjustable neckband buttons.

Thus, the bib can still be used as your baby grows older, and this unique feature makes Cos2be bib a good choice for parents as they can use these bibs for a longer time and save their money.

Moreover, the buttons are not easy for your child to take off, and lastly, you can ask for a replacement or a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to clean and it dries fast as well
  • Anti-microbial and odorless
  • Bibs are easy to fold which makes it easy to carry around

No products found.

5. Bella Tunno Wonder Silicone Bib

Bella Tunno Wonder Bib - Adjustable Silicone Baby Bibs for Girls & Boys, Durable and Waterproof BPA...
1,069 Reviews
Bella Tunno Wonder Bib - Adjustable Silicone Baby Bibs for Girls & Boys, Durable and Waterproof BPA...
  • MAKE MEALTIME EASY: Bella Tunno’s silicone bibs with food catcher will make mealtime fun and easy for parents and...
  • 100% SAFE MATERIAL: Our baby girl and baby boy bibs are made of food grade silicone that is safe for your little...
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK: These silicone bibs for babies feature an adjustable neck to comfortably grow with your baby for...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The soft, food-grade silicone material is easy to clean and foldable for travel. Simply wipe your...
  • GIVING BACK: At Bella Tunno, we want to make the world better and we choose to do this by feeding hungry children....

Bella Tunno bib is a perfect choice once your kids start chomping on solids, this bib is made of an extremely flexible, washable, and food-grade silicone material.

It has four adjustable sizes, thus it will grow with your child through and beyond the first year.

The bib isn’t made of materials like PVC and BPA, and this makes it safe for kids.

Bella Tunno Wonder bib also contributes towards a noble cause through its B1G Initiative, Bella Tunno donates 1 meal to 1 hungry American for every product sold.

This bib is, however, not so easy to put on because it takes a little effort to get the button through the hole.

The designs of these bibs are very cute and quite fashionable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible silicone material makes the bib durable
  • Improved catch pocket maintains its shape and catches the food bits
  • These bibs are PVC and BPA-free

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6. Bonim Baby Bibs Waterproof Silicone Bib

Bonim Baby Bibs for Boys Girls Waterproof Silicone Bib with Pocket Toddler, Set of 3 Colors
  • FEEDING WITHOUT MAKING A MESS - In order to invoid the feeding time to be a total mess, Bonim designed these...
  • 100% SAFE AND HYGIENIC- We make a point of using nothing but 100% safe and hygienic soft food grade silicone, as...
  • FOODCATCHER POCKET DESIGN - Unlike conventional baby drool bibs, waterproof baby bibs feature a handy food catcher...
  • ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO USE - We designed our silicone baby bibs with snaps which is easy to adjust and fit the bibs...
  • ABSOLUTELY RISK-FREE PURCHASE - We take our silicone baby bibs quality very seriously. After all, they're what we...

Bonim bib is a perfect choice for those looking for a quality bib for their little ones, it’s 100% safe and hygienic, and they are made in a hygienic environment.

If you are tired of food staining your baby’s clothes, then you should buy this baby bib.

It comes with a food catcher pocket pouch which is designed to capture any food particle or liquid that slips from your baby’s mouth.

This bib is available in 3 gorgeous colors that you can choose from, it’s also easy to clean when messy, and it can be readily adjusted around your baby’s neck because it has an adjustable and the snap button is easy to use.

Besides, the round buttonhole is easy to buckle and your baby won’t be able to pull out the button.

Bonim offers 100% replacement or refunds if you are not satisfied with the product, and though they are cheap, its pouch is too small to catch every food particle.

Its soft bucket bib rolls up nicely and can be used at restaurants or on the go.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Colorful and durable
  • No toxic chemicals are used so, they are very safe for the toddlers
  • Soft and flexible silicone prevents the baby from getting rashes

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7. Tommee Tippee Easi-Roll Up Bibs

Tommee Tippee Easi-Roll Up Bib, BPA-free Crumb & Drip Catcher, Blue & Green, 2 Count
4,178 Reviews
Tommee Tippee Easi-Roll Up Bib, BPA-free Crumb & Drip Catcher, Blue & Green, 2 Count
  • One blue and one green bib, suitable for babies 7+ months old
  • Convenient crumb-catcher keeps mealtimes clean
  • Dimpled reverse backing encourages air flow and prevents irritation of baby's delicate skin
  • Baby bib rolls up neatly for storage and travel
  • BPA Free

This globally known and trusted manufacturer, Tommee Tippee, only produces high-quality baby items, and this bib is made with silicone which has no potential skin irritants or harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates.

Tommee Tippee bibs are super-soft, extra-absorbent, and they can safely protect your kid’s clothes and skin, moreover, the bib has a pocket at its bottom to catch food particles or liquid.

For washing, you can place the bib in the dishwasher, or you can wash it with a warm cloth and soap.

To prevent your child from irritation and rashes, Tommee Tippee introduced the idea of dimpled reverse backing, the backing keeps the strap directly off of your child’s neck, while the dimple provides enough air space even if the bib is tight.

Because of its convenient neck fastening, it’s easier to put on and take off the bib, and though the Tommee Tippee bib is safe to use, it stains easily.

Pros & Benefits:

  • BPA-free silicone material
  • It’s waterproof
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Adjustable
  • Can be used on-the-go

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8. OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib

OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib- Gray
825 Reviews
OXO Tot Roll-Up Bib- Gray
  • Convenient, easy-to-clean Bib combines comfortable fabric with durable silicone
  • Wide, soft, food-safe silicone pocket effectively catches crumbs
  • Soft fabric conforms to the body and is comfortable around the neck
  • Bib provides ample coverage and is shaped for comfort during mealtime
  • Fabric neatly rolls into pocket and secures closed for portability

If you are looking for a unique combination of comfortable fabric and durability, then this is the best product to go for.

Oxo Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll-up Bib is economically affordable for parents, and due to its unique combination, this bib is very easy to clean by hand or you can even wash them in the dishwasher.

This bib is made with soft fabric which provides extra comfort when worn around the baby’s neck and it also leaves no rashes on your baby’s neck.

This bib is adjustable and has a strong neck closure which keeps the bib firmly in place, it’s perfect for babies who are over six months old.

With its wide silicone pocket, it catches food particles, spills, and does not interfere with your baby’s high chair tray or table.

This bib can also e rolled up, thus it’s portable and can be used when you’re out with your baby, however, with time, the bib’s color fades off and it leaves its marks on other clothes

Its fabric cloth provides enough coverage that protects your baby’s clothes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to clean – no constant laundry of food-stained clothes
  • Very lightweight and easily foldable which means it’s easy to carry around
  • A very soft fabric which does not cause rashes

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9. KIDDO FEEDO Silicone Bibs

Kiddo Feedo Silicone Weaning Bib for Baby Boys and Girls - 6 Designs with Fun and Cute Sayings...
  • 100% SAFE - Designed with love in Sweden, our fun and trendy bucket bibs are made of premium quality food-grade...
  • HASSLE FREE - Waterproof, fast-drying, naturally odor free and sterilized. Easily cleaned in warm soapy water or...
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - With an easy to adjust and soft strap, the bibs are suitable for children aged 6 month to 4...
  • WIDE BIB POCKET - The deep and wide pocket stays open to catch falling food and drink spills, keeping its shape at...
  • EASY ROLL UP AND GO - Can be quickly folded or rolled up to save space and put into any bag for travel, restaurant...

It’s made of high-quality food-grade silicone material and it’s free from toxic materials, thus it will cause no harm whatsoever to your baby.

Unlike plastic bibs, these bibs is safe from scratches and scuffs.

Parents find it attractive and useful because it can be washed in hot soapy water, it’s fast-drying as well, and it also comes with a wide crumb catcher that is deep enough to catch food particles and even spills.

Also, this catcher stays open without losing its shape while you’re feeding your baby, the catcher base is slightly heavy, and can be rolled up and kept in your baby bag.

This flexible bib can be used when you’re out with your babies, and its comfortable neck design will help your baby feel relaxed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • They are tied at the back of the neck
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free, thus it’s an eco-friendly bib

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10. Nature Bond Waterproof Silicone Baby and Toddlers Bibs

NatureBond Quirky Penguin Baby Bibs, Silicone Bibs for Babies, Set of 2 w/ Carry Pouch (Yellow &...
  • ★ 3-In-1 Bundle Pack: 2 Silicone Bibs in different vibrant colors, and 1 complimentary clear pouch. No more messy...
  • ★ Hassle Free: Our Baby Bib is super easy to clean with a quick wipe, it’s dishwasher safe too for deep...
  • ★ 4 tightening buttons to secure the bib and harder for babies to pull it apart.
  • ★ Best Quality for Babies: Food grade silicone and BPA-free. Suitable for ages 4 months ++ and above
  • ★ Adorable Food Catcher: Wide angles and big pouch to catch any crumbs or food.

If you are looking for a bib with 4 tightening buttons that helps to keep the bib in place but is difficult for toddlers to pull apart, then this bib is perfect for you.

This gorgeous and gender-neutral colored bibs are perfectly suitable for boys and girls, it has a wide-open pocket which helps to catch falling foods and spills, thus preventing your baby from getting messy.

Its appetizing colors might stimulate your toddler’s appetite and it might also influence the baby’s ability to absorb nutrients, after being fed.

It also comes with a waterproof pouch which makes it convenient for parents to use the bib outdoors and store in a bag/diaper bag.

Being made with high-quality food-grade silicone material, this bib is not a bad choice for parents who are concerned about the safety of their child.

However, it has a slight smell when unpacked, this smell is probably as a result of its plastic bag, so it’s better to use it after washing with soap.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to wash as well, just give it a quick scrub in the sink with any soap and let it dry for a few minutes, or you can wash it in a machine.

These bibs are very comfortable and easy to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hassle-free cleaning and drying
  • Its gorgeous colors are appetizing and appealing
  • It’s adjustable around the neck

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bib


Material is the most important factor to consider while choosing a baby bib, it should be made of a soft material that will not irritate your child’s neck and skin.

Some of these bibs have Velcro which causes rashes around the infant’s neck and this makes your baby uncomfortable.

Before purchasing, ensure that the fabric is soft, absorbing, and not scratchy, however, the highly recommended materials are flannel, muslin, cherry cloth chenille, and mink fleece.


Your chosen baby bib should be washable and durable enough to stand everyday cleaning, and if it’s embroidered, then make sure the embroidered material can withstand several washes.

Also, a bib can be washed by hand, dishwasher, or in a machine.


The size of the baby bib is also an important factor to consider before purchasing, if your baby makes a nigger mess during feeding, then you should purchase a bigger bib that will cover the whole of your baby torso.

It should also be easily foldable, especially if you travel quite frequently or move around with your baby.

A bib that can be folded or rolled is always the best option because it can be conveniently kept in your diaper bag.

Best Fit

Your choice bib should be one that makes your child feel comfortable, if it’s too tight, then it can be annoying for your baby, and it can also cause discomfort and irritation around your baby’s neck.

A loose-fitting bib is also not the answer to your problem as well, the best fit is always one that isn’t too tight or loose, also, the armholes and sleeves should have the right fit if you are looking for bibs with sleeves.

It should be soft to touch and it shouldn’t trap your baby’s hair either.

Additional Features

Other features to consider are affordability and durability, however, a brand that has more than one bib in a package will always almost be preferred.

Final Thoughts

Bibs are very important and every mom should have one especially when they want to go out with their baby, or when they are home feeding their child.

They come with snaps and closures to hold them in place, and babies can also wear them because they are attractive and colorful.

Silicone bibs are perfect for babies with sensitive skin because they prevent rashes.

However, there are a lot of options available in the market, and finding the right silicone bib can be a little bit difficult, and that’s why this list was made to help you make a choice.

Don’t be too quick to consider just the price tag alone, check for other more important features.

Cheers to a safer and less messy feeding time!

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