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10 Best Silicone Heating Pads & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Looking for the best silicone heating pad?

Since silicone provides only a thin barrier to the source of heat, silicone pads are efficient and fast working.

They provide robust protection against high temperatures while simultaneously drawing out heat quickly and effectively.

Silicone heating pads can be used for many different purposes due to their flexibility and proficiency.

Furthermore, they are available in different shapes and sizes and can be used for different purposes.

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10 Best Silicone Heating Pads Reviewed

Here’s our list of the 10 best silicone heating pads reviewed and rated. Below we’ve included a description of each one along with their pros and benefits.

1. ABN Silicone Heating Pad

ABN Silicone Heating Pad 120V - 2 x 5 Inch Universal Engine Heater Car Oil Pan Heater Pad, 50W...
  • [Warm your Engine Quickly] On cold winter days, ensure your engine and transmissions fluids are circulating...
  • [Improve Oil Flow] When plugged in, the engine block warmer oil pan heat pad continuously and evenly heats any...
  • [Fit Your Application] 2 by 5-inch (5.1 x 12.7cm) silicone car engine heater pad is rated at 120 volts and produces...
  • [Easy to Install] Designed to mount on your engine oil reservoir, fuel tank, transmission pan, and more; Clean...
  • [Built to Last] Silicone coating resists oil, acid, and water, and adds strength and longevity to these large under...

This silicone heating pad by Auto Body Now (ABN) is designed with cars in mind, and it will keep yours running smoothly, even when it’s so cold – with this pad, don’t ever bet on your car engine not to run. 

Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your car, reducing the circulation of both engine and transmission fluids and this can prematurely age your car’s engine.

For those frosty winter mornings when you’re worried your car won’t start and you’ll have to take the bus again, this heating pad will quickly warm up your car’s engine, ensuring its transmission fluids are circulating smoothly.

This electric heater pad also aids oil flow – when the heater pad is plugged in, it regulates metal temperature to keep things moving, and this increases the lifespan of your engine and transmission circuitry. 

The pad is 2 inches by 5 inches in size, it also comes with a 72 inch (183 cm) power cord, thus it is easy to reach for both in and out of the garage.

The ABN silicone heating pad is portably shaped and easy to install, and it is designed to be mounted on your fuel tank or engine oil reservoir, it is also made with durable material and thus, its silicone coating is resistant to oil, acid, and water, and able to withstand the fluids coming from your car’s engine.

This heating pad is also very affordable, and the 2 * 5 inches pad is sold at just $23.99.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Long extension cord for convenience
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes in three different sizes and prices

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2. BriskHeat SRL06121 SRL Silicone Rubber Heating Blanket

BriskHeat SRL06121 SRL Silicone Rubber Heating Blanket, Rectangular, 120V, W x L: 6 x 12-Inch
3 Reviews
BriskHeat SRL06121 SRL Silicone Rubber Heating Blanket, Rectangular, 120V, W x L: 6 x 12-Inch
  • Dimensions (W x L): 6 x 12in (152 x 305mm); voltage: 120V; wattage: 180
  • Heating element is laminated between two layers of 20mil fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber; grounded to meet...
  • Suitable for a large range of surfaces like tanks, hoppers, conveyors and silos
  • Standard power density: 2.5watts/sq. in (0.004watts/sq. mm); exposure temperature range: -60 degree F to 450 degree...
  • Standard 48in (1219mm) length silicone rubber power leads with a bare wire connection; requires temperature...

If you need a heating option that provides more coverage, such as for use on the surface of outdoor tanks, hoppers, conveyors, and more, then a silicone rubber heating blanket is a good choice.

The silicone rubber heating blanket is designed for the outdoors, great for use on farms during plummeting temperatures and in harsh outdoor conditions because it is a sturdy, reliable, and winter-proof heater.

This heating blanket by BriskHeat has all the benefits of a silicone heating pad, including temperature control and speedy application, and yet it can be used for larger surface areas.

The rubber heating blanket is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, chemicals, or radiation, and it can withstand temperatures between -60°F to 450°F (-51°C to 232°C).

The product is priced at $70.30, and it requires a temperature controller which can be purchased separately.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Can be used on many surfaces
  • Great for outdoor use due to its sturdiness
  • Suitable for a wide temperature range

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3. Duda Diesel PHS Small Silicone Pail Heater Adjustable Thermostat

Duda Diesel PHS Small Silicone Pail Heater Adjustable Thermostat 450W 110V/120V 790 mm x 102 mm, 4"...
  • Length: 790mm (68.5"), Width: 102mm (4"), Thickness: 1.5mm (0.06")
  • Input Voltage: 110v/120v AC 60 Hz, Power: 450 Watts
  • Thermostat Range: 30°C-150°C (86°F-302°F)
  • Fits Most Standard 5 Gallon Pails, Plastic And Metal
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Produced by Duda Diesel, this silicone heater is a pail heater that is designed to fit standard sized five-gallon pails, both plastic, and metal.

It is designed like a belt and is adjustable, so it can be made to easily fit most buckets or pails of standard sizes, it comes with an adjustable thermostat, with a range between 86°F to 302°F (30°C to 150°C).

The thermostat is easily controlled to any specific temperature you require, so you can turn up the heat as quickly or slowly as required, depending on the purpose.

It is designed with flexible springs, which allows the silicone heater to be attached around drums or pails of different diameters.

This heater is available as either an insulated or non-insulated heater – the insulated version comes with an added benefit, the insulation prevents heat from dissipating out of the heater and helps it to heat up faster, and this helps prevents excess electricity from being used and thus, it cuts down on your power bill.

The pail heater can be purchased in a small or large size, starting at $61.24 for the small size, and the insulated version is also available in both sizes as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readily adjustable thermostat – adjust to meet your temperature need
  • Ideal for heating pails, buckets, or drums of various sizes
  • Its insulated version helps to cut back on energy use and power bill

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4. Facon Silicone Battery Heater Pad

Facon 8-1/2'' x 5-1/2'' Silicone Battery Heater Pad with Thermostatically Controlled, Automotive...
  • [Heating Technology] Facon’s Heater Pads provide consistent & efficient protection as the first signs of freezing...
  • [Thermostat Controlled] Just plug into 120V AC power for 10-30 mins, this pad starts to works. Built-in Thermostat...
  • [Specification] Size: 8-1/2’’ x 5-1/2’’. 120V AC, 60Watt, with Plug: 72-inch (183cm) 2-prong power cord....
  • [Usage] Silicone pad battery heaters are designed to sit under the battery in the battery box or tray and are...
  • [1 Year Warranty] We take full Responsibility for our products and customer dissatisfaction. One Year Warranty...

Another common winter woe is a dead car battery, as temperatures plummet, your car’s battery has to work a whole lot harder, and its battery power is reduced significantly more quickly than usual.

Using a heater is a good way to maintain your car’s battery no matter how cold it is outside, it will keep the battery warm and help maintain the cold-cranking amps, so your car’s battery can continue running smoothly and efficiently, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your car’s engine not starting. 

Designed by Facon, this silicone battery heater pad is controlled by a thermostat, and you only need to plug it in your car’s battery for about ten to thirty minutes – unplug it once the battery is sufficiently warmed up.

The thermostat is user friendly for those who might not be too confident at knowing how long their car needs to be heated because it will turn itself off once it reaches 80°F.

The silicone coat covering provides protection and resistance against oil and acid, and this prolongs the durability of the heater, the heater is a battery heater pad designed to sit beneath the battery in the battery tray of your car, and it is also resistant to battery acid.

The battery heater pad is available for purchase on Amazon for $45.99 and comes with a warranty guarantee.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The silicone coating provides durability, resistance, and makes the product long-lasting
  • The thermostat is conveniently designed to turn itself off once it hits 80°F
  • The heater pad comes with a one-year full warranty guarantee

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5. Silicone Pad Heater Mat for 3D Printer or Engine Oil Reservoir

This silicone pad heater mat is highly versatile, designed to heat fluids in a variety of metal surfaces, such as fuel tanks, reservoirs, engine oil pans, transmission pans, and many more.

This heater is designed to work with metal surfaces only, so it is not suitable to be used with anything plastic, that is, if the surface is plastic, then you shouldn’t use this pad on it.

The thermostat pad heater can be used to help your car get through the cold days – it can be used to warm up the engine and keep both the oil circulating and your car running, even when you don’t expect it to.

The heater pad is user-friendly and is easily installed by peeling off the paper on the back and then attaching it to any adhesive metal surface, and it can be switched on just by plugging it into the nearest power outlet.

It is universally applicable, able to heat any liquids contained within metal surfaces, so it can be used for multiple purposes if needed.

This heater is also cost-effective and it is available for purchase on Amazon at just $16.99.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The silicone pad heater mat is easy to use and quick to install
  • It is highly versatile, able to be used on most metal surfaces
  • Heats up quickly and prevents the wear and tear on car engines induced by the cold

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6. BCZAMD Silicone Rubber Heater Mat/Pad

BCZAMD 3D Printer Heating Plate Adhesive Silicone Heated Mat 120V 750W with NTC 100K Thermistor No...
  • Don't drill the holes by youslfe, heater mat has no holes for the bed screws, which suitable for universal printer...
  • The heating pad is durable and effective in heating. When you feel the print bed is not hot enough, suggest you to...
  • Suggest working temperature: -62~200℃ ( Note: the silicone mat's temperature will heats up quickly, please take...
  • Please Size: 300X300mm/ 12 X 12 inch, Power: AC 120V 750W.Surface mount NTC 100K thermistor, the backing comes with...
  • Please note you'll need soldering gear and basic electrical skills to do this upgrade, as well as a solid-state...

This product is great for those interested in 3D printing, as it is specifically designed to work with 3D printer parts, the silicone rubber heater mat is compatible with 3D printer parts, and it can be used for your 3D printer heat bed.

The rubber silicone ensures that heat is distributed evenly across a whole surface, it ensures that the heat that’s circulated is consistent, and this uniform heat transfer allows it to work effectively at even very high temperatures, and also allows it to be used for a long while.

It is priced at $39.86 and comes with an after-sales guarantee, in case of a defective item.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed for compatibility with 3D printers
  • The silicone surface allows for heat distribution
  • It is effective at high temperatures, and for long periods of heating

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7. Signswise Silicone Rubber Heating Heater

Signswise 200x200mm 12v 150w Silicone Rubber Heating Heater for 3D Printer Heated Beds
24 Reviews
Signswise 200x200mm 12v 150w Silicone Rubber Heating Heater for 3D Printer Heated Beds
  • The silicone rubber heater can prevent condensation in motors or instrument cabinets
  • Applications for food service equipment, airplane engine heaters, aerospace industry, drums and other
  • Material Type:cuprum; Color :orange; Thermistor: 100K "3950"

Designed to suit 3D printers, this silicone rubber heating pad by Signswise can help prevent condensation in motors, or instrument cabinets.

This heater is meant specifically for industrial use, it is applicable for use on food-service equipment, airplane engine heaters, on drums and tanks, and other industrial purposes.

This heating pad is quick to heat, it comes equipped with long and cloth-covered leads, and it has a convenient sticky adhesive for easy application, and due to how fast it works even at high temperatures, this heater helps to conserve energy while not compromising on providing maximum heating services.

It can withstand very low temperatures and with it, your equipment or engine can work in ice and snow, thus it is well suited to outdoor conditions.

The heater is moisture-proof and resistant to chemicals, and because it works efficiently and quickly, it has a long lifespan.

The silicone rubber heater pad is priced very reasonably on Amazon at $19.99. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • This heater is a fast working heater, and it generates heat within minutes of switching it on
  • Comes with sticky adhesive to easily bond to most surfaces
  • Reasonably priced and suited for industrial purposes

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8. Zerostart Silicone Pad Heater

Zerostart 3400063 Silicone Pad Heater Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Reservoir and Hydraulic Fluid...
  • Warms internal engine components for quick starts in cold weather and reduces engine wear by improving the flow of...
  • Install on smooth metal surfaces
  • 3½" (9. 5 cm) x 4½" (11 cm)
  • Oil pan capacity: 5-13 qtrs. (4. 7-12. 3 L) | Hydraulic fluid capacity: 6-16 gal (22. 7-60. 5 L)
  • Volts: 120 | Watts: 250 | Amps: 2. 1 | Plug Type: 120 Volt, 15 Amp (Type A)

Another good choice for cold engine trouble, this silicone pad heater by Zerostart is designed to heat engine oils, thus providing quick starts in winter while it helps to keep your engine running smoothly.

For those winter mornings when it seems like the Grinch is out to get both Christmas and your car’s ability to start, you will need this high-quality heating pad that will get you on the road as soon as possible.

These pad heaters are designed to be installed on surfaces whose fluids are more susceptible to freezing or thickening in cold weather, such as your car’s oil, which is often the culprit when your car is shuddering and refusing to start at the first turn of the key in the ignition.

The heater is applied directly to the source, and so works quickly and efficiently to keep the warmth circulating and thus, it ensures a free flow of fluids.

The pad heater is designed to be attached only to a smooth metal surface, with no bumps or ridges, the heater is of low wattage, and so, it is an energy-efficient choice to make – your power bill will definitely not shoot up.

It is easily installed with a peel and stick application, including an additional silicone sealer, and this heater is available for purchase on Amazon at $69.48

Pros & Benefits:

  • Applicable to most engines as an easy solution to the dreaded frozen engine problem 
  • This heater is of low wattage, and it helps to save energy
  • Zerostart also offers custom solutions to your unique problems, outside of their standard stock of products

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9. Dia KEENOVO Circular Silicone Heater Mat

Dia 10" 120V 250W, KEENOVO Circular Silicone Heater Mat, Kettle Vacuum Chamber Heating Element Pad,...
  • Wonderful silicone heater pad to turn your kettle chamber into a home vacuum oven.
  • Integrated with digital thermostat of large capacity for precise temperature control.
  • Controller capable of providing Display in Fahrenheit and Timer function after configuration.
  • A simple " plug & play" solution with plug readily fitted, a latest upgrade with no extra cost.
  • Item Location: Shanghai, China

This silicone heater pad comes with a digital thermostat controller, and it’s perfectly able to turn your kettle chamber into a home vacuum oven.

Its circular shape is designed to fit a kettle or drum, and it comes in larger sizes and wattage if needed.

It is made by KEENOVO, and the heater pad comes with an adhesive backing, this makes it easy to transfer onto a kettle bottom, and it is easy to set up straight out of the box without too much fuss.

Its ‘plug and play’ solution, with a readily fitted plug, is a new industry feature – this update has been added recently to ensure the product is up to date, and at no extra cost.

The digital thermostat of the heater mat comes with a large capacity, ideal for precise temperature control.

KEENOVO also carries a range of custom-designed heaters alongside its standard range, useful if you require a specialized heater for an application, and this kettle chamber heating pad costs $89.90 on Amazon.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The ‘plug and play’ feature has been added as a recent upgrade, at no extra cost
  • The digital thermostat allows for maximum control over exact temperatures
  • Ideally shaped to suit a kettle chamber

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10. Brisk Heat Heating Blanket

Highly versatile for several industries, the Brisk Heat silicone heating blanket is ideal for use on tanks, vats, hoppers, silos, conveyors, and many other large surfaces.

The heating blanket is available in two varieties, suitable either for use with metal surfaces or plastic surfaces, depending on what you need.

The blanket is a “plug and play” heater, easily installed straight out of the box, with inbuilt temperature control that makes it easy to operate.

The silicone coating increases the lifespan of this product and provides resistance against moisture, chemicals, and radiation, thus this heating blanket is designed to work for you, and it can cope with the outdoors during harsh winter days – it can withstand and work through a wide range of temperatures.

These heating blankets are designed to operate in temperatures as low as 50°F (10°C) and temperatures as high as 425°F (218°C).

The heating blanket is available for purchase on Amazon for $135.00

Pros & Benefits:

  • The blanket’s size and shape means it can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • It comes with two different options, depending on if you need it for a metal or plastic surface
  • The blanket is easy to install and use after purchase

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Choosing The Best Silicone Heating Pad

Regardless of the price tag, this list is provided to help you find your ideal silicone heating pad that meets your budget, and of course, doesn’t compromise on quality.

Silicone-based heating products can resolve a wide range of winter induced problems, whether you’re looking for something suited for industrial purposes or just to keep your car running through the cold, this list has got you covered.

A quick scan through the list can help you find what you’re looking for, and if you’re looking for something a little more specific or tailored to meet your needs, then be reminded that some of these brands offer customizable solutions in addition to their standard product range, such as Zerostart.

Final Thoughts

This list covers some of the best silicone-based heating products currently available on the market, all available for purchase on Amazon.

Your car freezing up is the last thing you need on a cold morning, not after you’ve slipped on the ice on your way out of your front door and realized you really need a new coat, plus you are already running late for work – that’ll be a pretty frustrating morning.

A good silicone heating pad is highly effective as an industry-standard heating solution, and their use varies from industrial purposes to keeping car batteries warm and toasty.

The silicone rubber coating of these pads provides a thin layer of protection against moisture, chemicals, or radiation, it also makes the product durable and can withstand high temperatures, whilst remaining thin enough to not diminish its heating ability.

Whichever you think is the best fit for you from this list, they all share the same basic qualities of keeping fluids warm and circulating through your car’s engine, preserving battery life, and promoting the longevity of your car’s battery and engine health.

Whichever you choose, your winter is sure to be a little bit warmer with the help of a silicone heating pad.

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